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Monday, August 13, 2012

Gifts, Garden Gifts

I apologize if you are tiring of looking at my veggies,
but they are growing out my ears...
and I just have to share.
These twin Buttercup Squash, a winter squash,
is by far, our family favorite.  In one week, they have grown
twice what you see here.  I can hardly wait!
 Lil Ben, (sorry for the blur), 
could hardly believe how heavy this
11 lb. cabbage felt.
 " I can get it, Grandma," he says, 
and he did it!  My, oh my, it's bigger than his head 
and a foot across.
An entire gaggle of geese, um, summer squash well over it's limit in size, laugh in the dappled sun as they have overgrown without my noticing in just a couple of days.
 They should be the size of the few on the table with the few tomatoes and the bunch of cucs that need tending.
 If you recall the Yard Long Beans lying next to my shoe in a few entries back, I said they taste similar to green beans.
I did not lie.  As a foot long, they do.  BUT
as mature yard long beans, only the bean itself, without it's jacket, are good eating.  AND, I mean good.
They are well worth the effort of picking, shucking and boiling.
OMG, what immense flavor.  Next time however, they will have to be grown on a 10 ft. fence.
 Some of the many cucumbers were turned into relish.
We use this for everything from adding to homemade tartar sauce, on brats, burgers, and hots, on roast beef, it's so delicious.   It's a wonderful condiment.  I know I could go to the store and buy the ready made stuff, but it's just not as good as homemade.
 I did not have the red peppers that add so much eye candy to these ' Fridg Pics ' as we call them, (Refrigerator Pickles) but they remain just as crunchy, iced cold and delicious.
 That'll be it for today.  Tomorrow I promise a page of a rainbow of colors.  But, for now, there are beans to blanch and freeze, and berries to pick.
Have a wonderful day.
Live each hour to the fullest., 
for you never know.
Thanks so much for stopping by.



Shug said...

Wow...you are really bringing in some produce. Not sure I have ever seen a cabbage head that big before, but you sure did have a handsome fella helping you. God has provided an abundance to feed your family this year...what a great blessing.
See ya tomorrow..

Paula said...

Wow Dar you not only have a green thumb you're green all over. Never get tired of looking at your beautiful produce. I see a lot of slaw in that cabbage head and the little boy is a cute one.

Michelle said...

I like your collection of pickles! They look so good to me!

jack69 said...

OHHHH, love Ben and the Cabbage. All those veggies look delectable. I know the pickles are delish for sure. You are a real worker BEE, amazing where the energy comes from, and being a 'star' Grandma too! Love to Bro. Bill and the rest from New Hampshire.

Cher' Shots said...

My squash overtook my cucumber plants and I haven't seen a single cuke yet.
But squash ... now that's another story! Tomatoes are just beginning to ripen here. We've been munching the cherry tomatoes but the others are just starting to turn at a consistent rate. Should be canning them soon.
'love & hugs from afar'

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What beautiful produce! You've had a good harvest this year! That cabbage is amazing!