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Monday, August 13, 2012

Zinnias 101 & The Color Parade

Zinnias, so many colors, 
a feast for the eyes seen from a distance
like a spilled box of crayons at the gardens edge.
 If I had a few bucks in my shallow pockets,
I'd get serious about these deer deterrents of
so many shapes, sizes and colors. 
 My packet of seeds came from a discount shelf
at the local discount merchandise store.
Oh, but they still put on quite a show.
 They come in every shade of coral to orange, red and pink.
Even the brightest of yellows and winter whites.
The petals are ruffled,
 some tattered, skirts that twirl,
faces that smile with tiny golden singular centers,
 angelic skirts flipped up in the wind,
 reds, bright as the ripest apple,
kissed by the sun.
 Some of the petals are pointing straight outward,
 others round their tips, inviting the bee to look-see.
 The lemony yellows are a favorite of mine.
They remind me that summer is not yet over, 
but just beginning to wane, 
inviting the colors of fall to ' be still my heart.'
The grasshopper takes a sip of nectar,  
perhaps his last before resting awhile.  Oh,
it seems fall is coming too early this year,
we already see leaves on the maples turning.
 Just enjoy the last couple of months of summer
and all the color and scent she provides.
Winter could come as early as Oct. for us northerners.
Let's hope not, let's really hope not!
 The zinnia fall color parade
is but a reminder,
of the richest soil Mother Earth has provided.

But then, a few bright pink seeds have germinated
just to keep us in the warmth of summer.
 I was fooled, thinking summer was over,
when, it was only a color show 
provided by my zinnia patch. 
This last zinnia seems to be waving a goodbye~~~
or is it 'hello'
Not meaning to get all poetic and mushy,
sometimes these things just cannot be helped.
I hope you enjoyed the variations of a sad little
packet of cheap seeds.  I rather have enjoyed
their prolific blooms and their ' color parade '
dressing up my disfigured garden, all torn to bits
from so much trampling, gathering, cutting and keeping.

Have as wonderful a week as I have had a day.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by.


jack69 said...

I ran thru it three times two fast and one to savor an appreciate the color, and as I have always said since reading you, I am amazed at the knowledge of Flora and Fauna you and your Sisters possess. Maybe Bill knows as much, I know he knows trees.
Anyway, it is a pleasant site. I appreciate it when you post and name them.

Love from New Hampshire.

Paula said...

So pretty! I used to grow Zinnias. I wonder why I quit.

eileeninmd said...

I love zinnias, gorgeous colors and photos.

TexWisGirl said...

they're beautiful!

imac said...

Such an array of Beauty and colour my friend.

ain't for city gals said...

Zinnias are my fav...if we lived closer I would trade you a trailer for all those yummy looking home-grown veggies!!

Suz said...

Oh I agree...that are queens of late summer....love them

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I never realized how many different colors they came in. Very beautiful!