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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Produce Overload

 As fortunate as I feel to have so much fresh produce
at my disposal, I also feel the ' Over-load ' !
It's a constant chore, keeping up with all of the picking, drying, pickling, canning, freezing, for a winter's meal.  
Did I mention I am seriously thinking of giving this up?
There is so much 'work' to providing.  
The basil is coming out of my ears, 
the lettuce is heading, the onions swelling, 
chard, green beans and zucchini galore. 
 Squash blossoms are finally throwing flavors to their end result~
 so many bright yellow summer squash, 
too many to eat fresh, so I grate, chop and freeze 
for the dead of winter treats.
 We remain anxious for red cabbage and apples
with pork cutlets and sour cream.
 I regret admitting that I am not looking forward
to the potato harvest.  It will have to be a job for the guys.
There are going to be soooo many potatoes, 
red ones, yellow, purple and white.
 At least the green and white of the Hydrangea
are wonderful for the eye right now.
The blooms are small this summer, but 
will still make a beautiful bouquet.
 With the evening air, especially now that it has
been dampened by the rains, 
smells absolutely intoxicating.
No wonder the bees, butterflies and hummingbird moths
have been so busy doing their jobs of pollinating.
 I'm so happy for the change in the weather.
Temps have dropped into comfort,
the air has lifted it's pollen, making it so much 
easier to breathe, and we gardeners have had
a few hours to rest our backs.
 Hello, now where did you come from?
And, where do you think you're headed~~~
right for the garden.  And here I thought it
was the bunny that's been nibbling here and there.
Shooo~ off to your Mama!
Thanks for stopping

Have a restful afternoon while I blanch and freeze and pickle so many more veggies.
4th crop of lettuces, or is this the 5th?
more zucchini to shred and bake into breads
and Yard Long Beans, similar to green beans in flavor, but
sooooooo long next to my size 8 1/2 shoe~~~
and our first taste of fresh off the vine tomatoes.  
Supper tonight will be a tomato, a cucumber and ' a ' bean, 
Just for the two of us.


imac said...

Beautiful Deer,
Wonderful Flowers,
Munching Veg, why not sell the overload from a stall
Fresh Veg is always a winner.

Shug said...

This certainly has been a year of abundance around here as well...People around here are trying to GIVE produce away....Just think, in the middle of cold, cold winter...you will be so thankful for all that tasty squash and other veggies...
love the deer and crow picture..
Get some rest...

Paula said...

I don't know your age but I know at mine (76) I couldn't with my health problems. It all looks wonderful but there does come a time when we can't do what we once could.

Muffy's Marks said...

you have your work cut out for you. But you will be so thankful this winter when you can just go to your freezer, instead of putting on boots, heavy coat, hats, mittens, getting in a cold car, slipping down the road to the grocery store, pay high prices, and lug it home and back into the house. You are blessed your bounty is plenty!

jack69 said...

WOW, yes I am tired just thinking of all the work, but it all is beautiful and looks delicious. I am most impressed with the colors of the potatoes, I have only seen the red and brown ones. They are beautiful.

I can imagine that one would be tired of all the washing looking and cleaning. Then the canning. I used to watch mama do it, but to a little boy she made it look easy, now I know she was fooling me.

Love from New York.

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I have been visiting several gardening blogs this summer and am amazed at how much work all of you do growing and storing your veggies. We used to have a large garden so I know there is a lot of work to be done but you guys are like a mini food factory. I admire the work ethic and I know there will be some good " eatin" come winter time. ---

Fred Alton said...

WoW, Dar! You do know how to work, from the looks of the pictures. I love the harvest, but discovered something long ago - Harvest Time is the most demanding time of all for a farmer. I've applied that (via sermon) to the work we do in God's Kingdom. There's so much to do to get all of the harvest gathered in.

BTW - Thanks for the comment on by blog about reading the Bible Through. It's something I first started doing by using the Living Bible translation, in 1985, if I remember right. I've read it through as many as 5 times in one year. It became fun for me then...believe it or not.

Too, I want to say many thanks for your prayers for me. I can feel the results, I promise. God Bless You for caring.

~mel said...

Call me when you're ready to get rid of some of those potatoes!!

Yes, we're busy; but it's a GOOD BUSY as Mom would say:)

quiltmom said...

There is nothing like vegetables from the garden- they have so much more flavor than what you buy in the store.
You have some beautiful looking produce in your garden.. Makes me wish you lived a little closer so that I could taste some of those yummy looking vegetables. Don't worry though DAR
My parents will share some of their garden. I am afraid I just don't have a green thumb when it comes to growing vegetables..

Sunny said...

Hi Dar, you are so blessed with all that produce, but if it is becoming too much work why not plan on cutting back your garden next year? I did 3 raised beds this year, down form 2 good sized gardens a couple years ago. I intend on adding 2-3 more raised beds this fall so they will sit over winter and be ready to plant early spring, even though there is just myself to "fix" for. I sure like home-grown better anyday! Sending wishes for blessings and rest your way!