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Friday, July 27, 2012

Done, Phew!

Phew!  Finally!
A week later of 8-10 hr. days and I'm done.
Our son is restoring a mid-70's camper, The Old Timer.  Needless to say, the fabric on the cushions was rotted, worn and in great need of repair.  He informed me ahead of time that he may not have this camper for too long, so not to put much expense into the recovering.  OK.~~~
 He had already removed all of the old fabric, cleaned the cushions and dried them in the sun.   They actually were in good shape, just needed cleaning and a face-lift.  That's where good ol' Mom comes in.
 Having not yet seen the Old Timer, I imagined the cushions to be the standard middle of the line in size.  Was I in for a shock.
The shortest were 28x16 inches up to 86x17wide, all except 2 were 5-6 inches thick.  They were only 2inches thick.  There also were 2 round pillows.  I hate round pillows.
 For the most part, all of the fabric was what I had in my stash or what was found at garage sales.  Total number of cushions was 17, yes, Seventeen.  (Am I nuts?)   No wonder it took me a whole week's worth of time.  That's also a whole lot of sitting at a sewing machine....geez, I understand the lack of opportunity to be where I really wanted to be....in our new toy.  (Another entry, another time)
 The cushions do not all match but they carry the same color scheme, blues, beige, burgundy and green.   Each was sewn into long sleeves that were then rolled on from inside out, until they unfurled into covers, much like a pillow slip, but tight.  Below is the orange they once were.
 The section which is orange above, is the pieced back to the table surround.  This piece is actually padded and screwed to the wall with decorative buttons.  You will see the table next.  
 The table seating is of a nice size in this Old Timer.  The table drops down and the cushions lay flat to make extra sleeping space, as
 the back bed cushions also lie flat.  There  are two sections that lay between the benches to make them into a king sized bed that actually sleeps four 6 ft. teenage girls very comfortably.  I'm still amazed at the room in The Old Timer.
Above the king bed, you can see a glimpse of blue cushions that lay out in the bunk above that sleeps another couple kids.
Our son and his girlfriend have 3 girls (who always have friends with them) and a little boy to pester them, when they camp. 
The guys (Bill and son)  put a lot of hours into getting the stove, water lines,  gas lines, wiring, etc. going on the camper  while I did the sewing.
There is still a lot of cosmetics to work on but everything works, the kids have already tried it out with a camping weekend in an actual campground and made it there and home again without incident.  The tires do need replacing, as well as the awning but for now, it's all they need for an adventure. 
As for me, I'm very happy to have completed my part of the 
' project.' 
I had forgotten how much I love sewing but hate finishing work with a needle and thread.

That's it for now.
You may not see or hear from me for the rest of the weekend, for
I have ' another ' project to enjoy.  (that other entry)

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Paula said...

What a good Mom you are and you did a wonderful job. Now they better take you camping and give you breakfast in bed.

Muffy's Marks said...

So that's where you've been.... Great job, but boy o boy, what a challenge! The cushions look fabulous, you should be proud of yourself!! Can't wait to hear what is going to keep you 'out of trouble' next week~

TexWisGirl said...

looks like you did a GREAT job! nice!

Shug said...

wow...I am very impressed....You really did a GREAT job here...
take a little time now for yourself and enjoy a big glass of lemonade!

jack69 said...

WOW, I just finished one of those comments, now here is another. You are amazing, I now someone is VERY proud of your talents. What a fantastic job, yeah, I do know how much work that is. We tried on the last camper and finally had to take the (only) 4 cushions to have them done at the upholstery shop, where they pay folks like you to do things for folks like us who CANNOT do it. LOL
Great job, you deserve much more than an: ATTA BOY, GIRL! But that is all I can muster. haha

Cicero Sings said...

You are amazing. They are SOOOO fortunate to have you for a Mum. What a lot of work! Well done. Yes, they should treat you up royal for that.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I am most impressed that you could get 17 cushions done in a week!! Great job!! Looks like an awesome spot for lots of family fun. blessings ~ tanna

Buttons said...

Wow those cushions are awesome what a great job. I agree you are one awesome Mom. B