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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dealing With the Unexpected

We have had some miserable hot weather for northern WI.  Oh, we do expect to have to run the air conditioner for a few days a year but not weeks on end.  
Our small wading pool, you know, the kind that holds about a foot and a half of water, finally gave out after 4 years or so.
Of course it had to be replaced, just for fun and cooling off.
 Last fall, we had to also dig a new well due to the 7 yr. drought we had been experiencing...
but what we did NOT expect, was the excess iron in our water.
Though we have controlled the problem for the immediate use within the house, drinking water, showers, dishes, etc, was solved with a filter system and water softener.  Hooray!~
BUT, what we did not expect, was the miserable brown stuff coming out of our faucets Outside.  It's like chocolate in large quantity, at least it looked that way.
 NOT wanting to load our pool with dangerous chemicals found in things like Iron Out or OxiClean, (we have tender skin and eyes with our little GrandLoves), we had to find another way.
Research, ( I love Googling for help ), we found the safest way to try was to attach a towel to the ladder of the pool where the filtered water returns into the pool.   It seems to be working!!!!
Many times the towel system that collected the iron, had to be sprayed off, rehung, and done over and over again until, finally,
 Two days later, we finally had 5,300 gallons of pristine water to swim in.  We can see the bottom of our 48" deep, 16' pool.  We are finally ' happy feet ' splashing away to keep on the cooler side of a day.  
 We live close to the highway, we don't care.
Our fun resides downhill just enough that, unless you know the pool is there, no one can see the water rise as we enter.  Besides, next year, it sounds like we will have the pool on a platform with a deck and a changing room.  ( I love that Bill is so handy to do these things, and we have all of our own supplies. )
All that really matters, is comfort!
Also, did you know how therapeutic swimming is or 
like I do, just walking in water?  It's wonderful!

Don't peek now, I'm going in!
The sun is trying to work it's way through the clouds.
It's a good day for a swim.

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TexWisGirl said...

the towel filtration is very smart! glad it worked!

jack69 said...

Yeah the over abundance of the iron can ruin your day. Glad you guys found the answer and also Glad you have ole'Bill, you go Bill the man gonna fixit (Next year!)

Glad you are going to enjoy the pool for a wile longer.

Best to you guys from down here in Pennsylvania...

Jill said...

What a clever way to solve that problem! Your water looks fantastic!

Michelle said...

I always Google for help! I see it has helped you out as well! Great idea and so easy!

Muffy's Marks said...

Great idea!! Enjoy that pool, now that it is clear. So refreshing. Have a great week, and try to take a little time for yourself.

Paula said...

So many houses in our county have iron on the siding from watering the grass. Glad you found the answer to that problem.

Buttons said...

Oh this looks so refreshing and what a great idea with the towel. I hope it cools down for you soon.
Nice to see you have been doing just fine while I have not been watching:) B

Cicero Sings said...

Your water sure IS iron laden! What an interesting solution . Who would have thought? Glad you have a cooling off spot. We are still in a bit of a drought here too as our lake keeps dropping - even though we've had a wee bit more rain this year.

Shug said...

Who would every have thought of a using a towel...INTERESTING! We had a terribly HOT and DRY summer last year, but thankfully, we are just now hitting 104 temps this week...The heat can really take a toll on you and a good clean pool sure makes it easier to take...
Blessings sweet friend..