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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Imagine the possibilities, even with the diverse weather we have been having, 
 from ' sailor's delight ' sunsets,
to cold, low-lying cloud cover overhead,  what will be next?
 We are thrilled to see the brilliance of the Ruby Throated Humming Bird perched above his feeder,
 as the Allium burst wide open.
 Varied moths and butterflies have returned, 
showing off their new silks.
 Raindrops dangle from each plant as they soak up what they can in the chilly air of the day, 
 while Mr. Robin takes shelter from the cold droplets still falling.
 There is more spring work to complete, like fixing roof edging...
 and ' spoils ' of the north.  Part of the roof is still in dire need of replacing, being far beyond just ' repair.'
 Plenty of orders still need to be filled, one at a time.
 But for now, I will watch Mama doe as she feed her babe of the woods~~~
 She trusts enough to show her off-spring to me before she beds him down for the morning.
 Mid-week, there was a graduation to attend of the 
Class of 2025.
 Congratulations, dear GrandLove Ben!

Class of 2025, that would make me.....oh, Dear, oh dear, that will just make me....Older but wiser!

 There is always time to go to the farm to visit Mom.
I do love the farm, even tho it is only home to chickens and wildlife  these days.  Of course, that includes Mom.  She is one of the ' wild life.'  She will never age beyond ' graceful.'
 While there, taking time to smell the roses, and the zillion buds about to pop, is a must.  She sure loves her wild roses.
 And, at the moment, her paper poppies are so beautiful and transparent in their orange array under the apple tree.
 All the fussing with spring duties and lists a mile long, 
there is always time to just ' lay around ' and
enjoy the day, rain or shine.
Have a restful weeks end and


Shug said...

I've been having myself a great time, right here, reading your post...
love all the pictures, but there was one thing that really caught my eye...the big red barn! Awesome!!

Suz said...

loved every bit

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That butterfly on the pink flower is a gorgeous photo. Our yard is so full of life right now--I'm loving it!

jack69 said...

I enjoy stuffing my self at Dar's Stuffings.
What great pictures. I have never seen a hummingbird at rest, I think I thought they lived in the air. haha

Love the old water kettle planter, took me back to one that sat continually on mama's wood stove.
You have a way of bringing things back into perspective and live.
Thanks, and yep, you will be older and I know....... wiser.

Love from down here!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Love the little guy who graduated - he looked so happy. Loved the barn. And that last picture - so cute. sandie

Anonymous said...

your pictures are great...so much fun things to look at!!
and congrats to the graduate..of 2025.
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
have a great weekend!

imac said...

All is beautiful in your garden my friend