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Sunday, May 27, 2012

All 4 Gardens In

Why, yes, we Have been busy.  For those of you who have followed for awhile, you know that a seed company from across the country stopped here in the early spring to see if we would be interested in them using our field for a ' test field ' for growing potatoes acclimated to our climate.  Of course it got our curiosity up, and besides, we love the most healthy potato...you know that vegetable.

You would not believe the number of pieces of equipment they unloaded out of the white truck and off the bed of the yellow truck on the flatbed.  There was a disc, a rake, plow, a row maker, a potato picker, a sprayer, a fertilizer, a drag, a brush hog and two tractors.  Then they went out and bought a brand-spankin' new John Deere tractor with forks and a bucket plus a new disc.  Personally, I fell in love with The Old Timer, and I'm not talking about a man, either.  
Here's a peek.  Click on any photo to enlarge.
 There are 4 varieties of potatoes.  The Red Northlands and the Viking Purple, (come on guys, this is Packer Country), are early crops.  The two mid-season potatoes are all yellow varieties of German Butterball and Yukon Jems.  I cannot wait to try them all.   All of them are claimed to do well in our northern climes.  I have no doubt.
 Here's a hint of the old equipment that arrived, each with a job to do.
 There's my Old Timer,....hello Honey.  I just love, Love, LOVE this tractor.  It's older than I am, by the look of him.  Just check out those cool tires in the next photo.
 He proudly sits in the row of his co-workers., waiting their turn at the wheel.
Apparently this little guy is just the right size to straddle the rows while cultivating.
 His big brother gets to do the spraying when and if the potato bugs become aggressive.  That's inevitable, as soon as the blossoms arrive, so will the orange black speckled leaf eaters arrive, laying their orange eggs beneath as many leaves as possible before they are spotted....and destroyed, ahaaaa!
 The New tractor was busy right away, fertilizing with chicken manure pellets which were then disced into the soil to feed the spuds with their super powers.   All organic in this plot.  They say it takes 4-5 years to prepare the soil for certification.  I am so excited about this entire operation.
 The yellow Ford that carried so many pieces of equipment on it's flatbed, was like a guard dog nearby.  This ol boy will be hauling potatoes in the fall, but for now, he waits.
 Another kind of plow-boy was busy working a much smaller plot for his pumpkins~~~pumpkins for his GrandPunkin's!  What a good Grandpa G.
We planted all three gardens while the potato test field was going in.  What a busy time for us.  
 While My Main Man tilled, I finished filling a couple planters for the deck....Going Green, this year, and just a bit of white and pink.

 Just as the hoes, rakes, tillers, seed packs, etc, were put away, it warned of rain., four days of it.  So far, this is all we got.  We will be needing much more, so never complaining about the wet stuff.
 The fields and gardens are in, so............
 In My Man's anticipation of a good season, he was out walking the edge of the field just to double check and see if his calculations added up.......to the acreage he thinks we have to offer for another spud season.....always thinking ahead.
 Unless you have great sight, you will have to click on this field picture to see him, but there he is walking his counter....just on the left curve about half way out.
Oh, wait til you see what he saw on his journey around the field.  He reached down to pick up a rag, and 
 This lil guy or gal, is who he saw....hiding smack-dab in the middle of the 4-wheel trail...He said he sure was glad he did not have the 4-wheeler or he would have hit him.   He doesn't have too good sight with that one eye anymore...
Yuppers, spring is here...and there lays the proof.  Perfectly, beautiful proof.
It sure has been a busy time.  The weekend was filled with good times, graduations, two cookouts, a picnic, a few garage sales in the rain, a little work along with the play, time with family and friends.  Most of all, the weekend included teaching more GrandLoves the true meaning of Memorial Day.  The little ones are first learning of how many men and women, in our family, who have served our country through the armed forces.  We are honored and proud.  God Bless America, always.

Have a safe Memorial Day, each of you.  God keep us safe.


Paula said...

Wow and I am excited because a gas pipe line is going across the ranch. Potatoes are sooo good and so many ways to fix them. When we were growing up my sister always said she was going to marry a man who liked fried potatoes and she did. In fact he likes to eat. lol He also is a retired police officer.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love the old equipment. My hubby is a Farmall guy. He has his Father's tractor. I will show him your photos.
We are eating our potatoes now. Get this, 2nd year in a row we got a nice crop of potatoes and nay a bloom!

imac said...

Love the over the hill tractor, and all the work thats going on here.

jack69 said...

I like the old guy for memories, but I want that new Deere!!! Hold it for me!
What a beautiful sight, the fawn.
You guys have so much activity after being locked in by all the snow and ice, you guys hit the ground RUNNING!
Thanks for taking us along.
Love you! and Love to Bill.

Suz said...

I just love your good life
Wow.. can't wait to see the potatoes
this is all so exciting!