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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Days Coming

First, Bill says,
" Thank You for all the Birthday Wishes and Kind Words "

He had another eye appt. yesterday, another injection,
good news and bad.
The good first~his good eye has stabilized-no more loss since the laser.
The bad news~his shootin' eye has some permanent loss that the injections and laser were unable to correct. There is still hope for what is not lost. Keep your appt.s and do your best to maintain and control diabetes. Better yet, do what you can to avoid it at all costs. Loss of your vision is horrifying, to say the least. I think I'd rather not hear.

Most of all, keep your spirits high`
I see daily, this attitude, it is what has kept Bill going~
doing all he can while he can.
There is promise!

For today, the Morning Glories are ' looking ' gorgeous this morning.
They are not going to last long, as the weatherman says it's going to freeze and freeze hard in our area the rest of the week.
I will cover a few things, as the weekend promises the 70's after the
deep freeze. Maybe it's best to carry in the rest of the tomatoes.
The sky, tho beautiful with the sun touching the top of the clouds
one minute, suddenly looked~
Menacing and Mean the next~
I cannot say I like waking to this~
Harvesting in the wind and rain does not make a happy me~
oh, but look, the sun just came out!
Having to travel an hour and more to get special care for eyes,
means an opportunity to also look for things we need that
our lil town does not carry~
(that is just about everything unless you want to give up
your last dime)~

Our search this trip, was for Mom.
Sorry to report~
we did not find gaskets for her pressure cooker and canner~
so we will search the wild, wide web~
We did, however, find the instructions of how to get her
screen out of her new door~
Now she can wash the window and see out, clearly,
once again.
Oh, she will be so happy!
We took another route home, a beautiful ride between lakes.
When we go back in Oct.
maybe the leaves will still be colored throughout those
winding roads. What a pretty drive.

So much for this morning.
I have plants to bring inside~
gardens to empty~
and more bedding to wash and dry in the fresh air~
for there is nothing more tranquil to sleep under~
than freshly aired linens.

Fill many busy-bee hours~
preparing for cooler days!


Jill said...

Pretty morning glories. The changes in the sky were amazing!

Cicero Sings said...

Eyes are SO important! My Mom lost her vision to macular degeneration so I'm taking special eye vitamins to try to avoid same! They think it is hereditary. Anyway, what one can do when they go blind late in life is limited. Mom can still peek, as she calls it, out of the edges but all is pretty blurry. Glad you caught it when you did!! So easy to ignore symptoms.

Darla said...

Eyes are very important..I also posted morning glories on my new blog.. http://hundredsofideas.wordpress.com I do hope you will visit.

TexWisGirl said...

wow. hard freeze weather! we're going to hit 107 today - 70th day over 100 this summer...

TexWisGirl said...

Gem is the dappled gray mare. :)

Anonymous said...

Having a positive attitude works wonders, to bad I can't listen to myself sometimes. All kidding aside I hope he will even get a better report the next time he goes.

Clint said...

What a terrible affliction. God bless you both.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Enjoying the fresh-air smell on our laundry, too!
Your morning glories are magnificent.

Cher' Shots said...

I hope Bill's vision doesn't get any worse. Worst case senerio the Ole' Willy will have to use you for his seeig eye dog. Gotta love morning glories, for some reason they remind me of Granny B.
'love & hugs from afar'

imac said...

Tell DH to be good and and keep his spirits high.

Nice post my friend.

Suz said...

a freeze!!!!!!!!!

say it isn't so

love me my pressure cooker

Paula said...

I'm glad your Bill has such a good attitude with his eye problem. John gets so frustrated. We are still triple digits as Texwis girl said so It is hard to imagine a hard freeze.

jack69 said...

Love the entry. I think of Bill's 'shootin eye' often. Pray that it will stabilize. thoughts of losing sight are disheartening. I had much more not hear. I have met folks who feel losing the sight is not as much a handicap as losing their hearing. However they have lost thier sight and have no other choice. I have lost my hearing and still KNOW i would rather be deaf than lose my sight. Maybe we accept what comes our way.

Love you lady and our best to Bill!
Sherry & Jack over night in South Carolina headed for Florida.

Farmchick said...

Stay positive and hope that things will stabilize!

Leontien said...

oh my oh my!

Hope your next week is a bit better and not to crazy!