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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Great GRATE etc.

The moon rising behind the trees reminded me of a day 31 yrs. ago on the 13th of Sept.
It was the same moon that shone itself large and orange
as we drove the night of our wedding.
I cannot believe it's been that long ago~
sometimes it seems like yesterday!
Check out this great GRATE that my brother gifted us with last night in celebration of our upcoming fireplace.
That, my friends, will come later because, as Bill always says,
" Don't rush me."
He always keeps his promises tho, so we will see how long this project takes this time. I will thank him in advance.
Do you think that will nudge him along?
Thanks Eric, the grate is awesome ;)
I looked all over for my blankets that I use to cover my tomatoes~
they belong in the old dresser in the barn~
not there!
Maybe they were used and moved to the garage~
not there!

On checking in the loft of the barn~

I was reminded of all the ' projects' waiting for my attention~

Does anyone have a need for lights that used to shine over the high school football field? I still remember the day the boys brought them home saying they were going to use them at the cabin~
NOT on our dime~
There are six of these waiting for you~

I love old iron, like the center of an old wagon wheel~
how about a horse~
all he needs is one more spring to hold him back on his
bouncing rack~
the sample spring is still in the truck, but
Don't rush me, he says.
One of these days, the old wooden pulley will hold
hanging planters. I have two of them.
Bill needs to get them down for me, but
Don't rush me, he says.

I love the look of the loft ceiling complete with it's
hay hook pulley. The hooks are around here~
I say the same thing lately~
Don't rush me~
these two tables, one oak, one not,
wait to be refinished~
The oak leg is in my potting cabinet~
it's been awhile since I've climbed the wall ladder to the loft~
I'd forgotten about this trunk~
and this old enamel painted chair~
let's not forget the old ice chest~
the missing caster is still on the counter~
~I know exactly where~
~sooner than later~
there is so much to do~
see ya~
I have so much to do~

Have a warm day~


Dar said...

oh yes, the blankets~
a phone call to our son found them in his ice fishing shack from last winter~~~they were promptly delivered to cover the tomatoes.
I woke to 35F this morning...brrr

~mel said...

Yeah... it was a chilly one this morning. So when are you going to do all that furniture refinishing?? I know... don't rush you. Happy Anniversary! Where does that time fly? You had a fun wedding ~ Colleen and I singing Slim's song because he tipped too many at the old MP Bar before the ceremony... and dancing the night away at the Sugar Bush with Ronda. Ahhhh... the memories.

Jill said...

Chilly here too!

Happy Anniversary. LOVE your photo!

Oh my gosh. I would give my eye tooth to be up in your loft. It's full of wonderful treasures! :)

Clint said...

That's a great moon and a great grate. But don't worry about that other stuff that's waiting for your attention. Believe me---it'll still be there for ya tomorrow......

Cher' Shots said...

Happy Anniversary ~ Happy Anniversary ~ Happy .... .... ....
You know the song!
I would turn that loft into a studio! Get a huge fan for the warm summer days and open the loft doors and let the air flow ~ ~ ~
You might ask Bill to build you a stairs in place of the ladder, I know - he'll get to it later.
'love & hugs from afar'

Suz said...

oh I love your stuff
and that bear...would love to see one...from a distance
happy anniversary...you're just a young chic
and a happily married one!
and I love "don't rush me"...give him a hug from me

imac said...

Great shots my friend.

A Primitive Homestead said...

Happy Anniversary! That ice chest would have to come out right away rather than later. It is a wonderful treasure. Blessings!

Paula said...

We would call that an ice box down here. I love it. I can remember the ice man coming and leaving the number of pounds on the sign Mama put in the window. Happy anniversary!

jack69 said...

Smart folks get married in Sept. So you have been married 9 more days than we have. We were married on Sept 22. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LATE.

Love the entry, so much to do. That is the problem with having space to store stuff, huh?

Love the projects 'to do' though, Yeah, I have no doubt youwill get to them.

Wow at the harvest coming of tomatoes. WOW!
Love from Florida, man is it hot here! I was soaking wet by the time I got our home set and the LOVE bugs washed off the picture window.
From Florida,\\
Sherry & Jack

Mike said...

Pretty nice stuff you have stored up there.

I was going to suggest the blankets were with the hay hooks. But, you cleared that up.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!
You have a lot of treasures there and your tomatoes look fabulous!!

Kay said...

Love the photo of the moon. Kind of looks like a jack-o-lantern.


Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

It was a fun tour! Loved the ice chest the best!

Darla said...

Happy Anniversary! In the 30's already? Use the old lampshades as flower containers, you could paint them or leave them like they are. Love looking in your barn...glad your blankets were returned, gotta love those kids. This is me Darla, changed my blog so now my name doesn't show up...sigh

Darla said...

I'll be jiminy cricket! Figured it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred Alton said...

Happy Anniversary to you, Dar and Bill, and congratulations on sticking together for all these years. You're a wonderful couple and family. I especially loved that picture of the full moon behind the trees!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary for the 13th Dar! I'm roaming through your posts and I loved the romantic start to this one.

You've got a lot of cool things in your barn - and I have enjoyed looking at your pictures of them too.