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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, come one, come all!
Let us take you on the road to avoid!
Let us introduce you to another kind of pure frustration!
It's bad enough to end up here, but wait until we give you your bill!
We hope to drain you financially and send you home groaning.
Just check out our extravagant prices.
We promise that this will be presented to you only after
injection. We feel these prices are fair and reasonable. You only pay what your insurance will not. Stop sulking for you have only had 5 injections so far and 4 laser treatments.

So come one, come all! We look forward to giving you every available test, whether you need it or not.
We are pleased to empty your pockets so retirement is purely a
" hahaha!"
We are looking forward to seeing you return in 6-8 weeks so we can take this ride all over again.
Thank you SO much for coming.


Enough of the sarcasm. We know ending up here and in this mood, has been of our own demise. None the less, it has been important for treatments to keep what sight is left. Retinal surgery is as expensive as any other medical care, and we are grateful it is still available.

For those of you who have offered your best and prayers for Bill with all of these treatments, we thank you sincerely for your love and concern.

His appointment yesterday, was actually a very promising one. He hates to get his hopes too high. The last round saw considerable loss of sight in his ' shootin'eye,' so he didn't want to continue treatments.

This time, however, the same eye went from 80% loss to 60%. That's huge! He told them he does not see an improvement. They reminded him that his good eye is compensating for his losses and improvements, so it's understandable. He knows he will never regain all of his sight, but at least he gained enough to get his drivers license signed by the Dr. as a go! He was happy about that~

The greatest news was that he now is 20/20 in his good eye, so the laser helped the last time.
He is getting used to the 3 1/2 hr. waits in-between the tech visit, dilation, tests, Dr. visit, decisions, prep, surgeries, and rests.

It sure makes for a long day, especially when he gets up at 4 a.m. to get an 8 hr. work day in before driving an hour and a half to the clinic. Then we wait and wait and wait. It's all part of retinal repair. All total, our day starts at 4 in the morning, ending at 7 in the evening before we get home. We had company when we got home last night, so of course, we played cards too. It was a good ' down time,' even tho I lost again.

I hope I haven't put you to sleep yet, but it was important to me to thank you for hanging in there with us. I usually do not post much about our health issues, but this is an important one for anyone with vision issues as the result of diabetes.
Now that the damage is done, there is only promise of stabilizing improvement. It's a slow process but we are still hopeful.

Have a wonderful day. My grandson and I are spending it in the pool and a picnic. We finally found a replacement pump and filter system, so the rest of this hot weather will be fought off with fun in the sun.

Thanks for stopping and riding along with us for a bit.
Have a great day and


texwisgirl said...

oh, i'm glad there is some improvement. this must be completely frustrating for both of you...

jack69 said...

Yes! the imporvement is something to hang your hat on. COSTS? for anything medical is astronomical to the ridiculous.

A lot could be said about that, but for now we are so glad Bill's report shows some improvement whether he 'sees' it or not.

Glad you can relax in the cool pool.
Toooo bad about the card playing, maybe a trip to Vegas, taking the winner along and backing them!

Love you girl, sorry for the frustration, but sure understand the reason behind it.
Jack & Sherry down in CArolina

Louise said...

The stress and strain of watching someone you love go through a horrible experience like this is beyond words. My thoughts and prayers will be with you both as you continue. I hope that Bill sees improvement after every visit.

Fred Alton said...

Sorry I missed the last three posts - but loved reading all of them this morning.

Frances is diabetic and has had laser eye surgery...which turned out with her not having to wear glasses after having worn them most of her life. It was like a miracle for her. She was about 54years of age when she had the first work done. Only recently (now 74) have her eyes begun to fail again. She now needs those cheap (less than $5) reading glasses at times. I pray that Bill's eyesight will improve with every doctor's visit!

madcobug said...

Sending up prayers for Bill's eyesight and for the procedures to work as they should. My hubby has macular degeneration and has to get a shot in one eye every five weeks. I have glaucoma and have to use three different kinds of drops each day. I have had the laser surgery for it once. It didn't seem to help the pressure any. Good luck to Bill. That waiting in a doc's office makes for a tiring day. Helen

jack69 said...

For my man Sy:


IF that doesn't work let me know!!

That is one great guy!!!
Love ya

Cher' Shots said...

Happy to hear that they are finding good results from Bills treatments! Believe me, it could be worse!
'love & hugs from afar'

Suz said...

it's only money
now..vision..that's something

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hallelujah, Dar... 80% to 60% is HUGE... I'm so happy for him. Any amount of money you have to pay to save eyesight is worth every penny...

God Bless...

Lucy said...

Many years ago my brother was diagnosed with diabetes. He lived with it pretty good for about 15 years but hated the fact that he was so limited on food and he cheated. He was diagnosed at age 23. When he died he was 43 and could only see faint images. There was nothing to be done in those days, so be grateful that there is something and you can afford it. You have no idea how happy I am for both of you. I had a sister and another brother that got it late in life. I did not know until I read your entry that there was anything like that treatment. Again, I am so happy for you 2. You were born at the right time...

Jill said...

Your opening would be so very funny if it weren't so darn true. I love the opening photo with the shadow of the pick-up. I am so HAPPY you got some better news this time.

Clint said...

Sarcasm is good. I have employed it at times with good results. It does alleviate some frustration and anger.

My prayers are with you guys.

imac said...

Glad to hear that its good news for your DH Dar.

We moan about our health service, but at least we get free treatment, if our local deem its ok.

quiltmom said...

It is so nice to hear of Bill's improvement.
Time in the pool with your grand babies would be excellent during your heat wave.
Hope that you continue to see progress in your husband's eye.

Paula said...

The things we go through to see a doctor but what would we do without them? So glad the news was better for Bill. Glad you had some relaxing time when you got home.

John said...

I am putting Bill in my prayers. I hadn't checked your blog in a while, so this post caught me by surprise. Hope everything works out.