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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

" Weather " or Not, Here We Come

Click on any picture to enlarge the image. It will be so worth your time. Look at what all early risers got to enjoy this morning. What a treat to see the rays of sunlight through the clouds over our field. My grandsons were in complete awe. Syrus said that Grandpa O and God must be painting again.
Last night we had yet, another thunder storm with plenty of lightening going every which direction, one bolt hitting the house. It froze the movie we were watching via satellite and put an end to my blogging.
After the worse of it and while it was still raining, the sky was turning all kinds of fall colors, from threatening yellows to orange again.
I do love the sky, no matter what causes it's glow.
With it looking like it would rain all night as forecast, and the power staying on, there was no better way to finish the evening out, than to have popcorn at the movies, a cold drink and snuggling with the GrandLoves, in the comfort of our own home.
How was your evening?

Have a wonderful day. Ours is going to be long hours sitting in waiting rooms while Bill gets his eyes injected and laser treatments for the 5th time. It doesn't look too hopeful for my guy, so he continues to live every second to the fullest. His diabetes has gotten the best of him. If any of you have diabetes, do not take it lightly or let it go too long before you heed the warnings of failing eyesight. Bill waited and now most of his eyesight loss in one eye is irreversible. Please see your optometrist the moment you see changes, wavy lines where there should be straight ones, trouble reading or watching your favorite western, etc. Don't let it be too late to save your sight. And DO NOT wait because you know you have an appointment in a month or so. Just ask my guy. It was too late for him. It does not have to be too late for help, for you.
Enough advise, or as ' me Pappy ' used to say, ' Nuff Said. '



Jill said...

Prayers and good luck wishes for your Bill. I'm sorry he's having to face this yet again. Bless your hearts. Your sky pictures are amazing!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

The images of the sky are truly wonderful and are, as you suggest, well worth enlarging to appreciate fully.

We were very distressed to hear of the situation with Bill where his diabetes is concerned. We do so hope that all will be well.

Clint said...

God bless you two.

Louise said...

Thinking good thoughts for your Bill.

imac said...

Bless you Dar, and thinking of your DH.

Wonderful post my friend.

texwisgirl said...

appreciate the advice/warning. truly. i hope his surgery goes well.

those are GLORIOUS sky shots. magnificent! glad you weren't hurt in any of the storms!

Suz said...

what a challenge this is...
God be with you and the doctor
and may all go well
will say a prayer

jack69 said...

Great entry of Dar's Stuffings. Beautiful pictures and great advice from someone who knows.

Bless his heart. Bill is sure easy to like. Just couldn't take the time, to busy. But life is like that. We think of you guys often.

Love from here in NOrth Carolina
Sherry & Jack

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great sky pictures and I'll bet that popcorn was delicious...

Sorry about the Diabetes. It is truly a killer disease---and the sad thing, Type II is totally preventable. Keeping the weight under control and exercising is the answer. BUT--if you let it get out-of-control, it can win the battle. As you said, the damage is done. God Bless Your hubby..


Farmchick said...

Prayers for Bill....

Paula said...

Sorry about Bill's problem. John has macular degeneration and has had Bell's Palsy so the air bothers him so much from the a/c at times. I think he strains his eyes too much watching TV too but what do I know?

Fred Alton said...

Your creativity shows through here with the popcorn and movie - while the stormclouds hang outside the window. You inspire the confidence of your family.