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Friday, July 22, 2011

Take Time

Take time. Take a moment to slow down and smell the flowers, even if they have no scent.
Be amazed at the heights the Common Mullein can grow.
Take time for rewarding pleasure.
Pick some wild berries for your cereal and ice cream.
Enjoy the simple scents of nature and your gardens.
Be blown away with the wind.
Love resting at your Home Sweet Home
Be the Queen of the Prairie
Bask like the Lilies
Take an evening walk with me, if you wish.
I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and thanking God for all we have. Our children and theirs, our brothers and sisters we don't see enough of, our friends.
Life is so full of detours, isn't it?
Enjoy the rest of your stroll through our yard. I know you must tire of the entries sometimes, and you can take it or leave it as you see fit. It is 'me'
Loving my Sweet Williams
Monks Hood and Bee Balm
Black-Eyed Susans with Bee and Inch Worm

Golden Lily (not recalling the names of any of my lilies), but they are all showing off this nearly end of July.
White Hollyhock with pollen collecting bee
Daisy Fleabane
Daisy Fleabane cluster
Creeping Jenny everwhere
Coral Lily
tons of Honeysuckle Berries (enlarge by clicking on any photo)
Loaded Honeysuckle Berry branches
There are patches of Ditch Lilies lining the driveway, surrounding the south and west of the house. They are everywhere but I love them.
Another Busy Bee on the Black-Eyed Susans
Orange Asiatic Lily
Lemon Lilies which actually smell of lemons.
Take Time to daydream. It's as healthy as swinging on the tire swing.
And JUMP, jump for the Joy of the Day!
We are off to play.
Have a wonderful weekend and


Boho Farm and Home said...

It all looks beautiful! I just want to eat all those yummy berries!

Jill said...

Love all of your photos but most of all your reminder to slow down to enjoy whatever life presents. Thank you.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

A lovely reminder of a summer garden. A beautiful, restful post.

Have a happy and relaxing weekend with, we hope, time to enjoy just being in your garden.

Louise said...

With that attitude, Dar, you will be able to face anything that life throws at you. There is always beauty and peace on this good Earth. You just have to slow down and look for it.

texwisgirl said...

your place is so lush and beautiful. thanks for sharing your joy with us.

jack69 said...

I always love the colors, if I wasn't too old I would try to learn the names of the Flora around, but I am toooo old. I did recognaze the black eyed Susan. Sherry taught me that one ont he trail. The daisy with a million pedals, I would have never learned if she loved me or loved me not! (She always loved me I made sure the last pedal pulled said yes.

Love your strolls and it seems that Sy is always a big part. Wonderful guy!
Love from North Carolina
Sherry & jack

Paula said...

Never get tired of walking through your garden. I can sure rest at my home sweet home too. Like this entry lots.

madcobug said...

Loved the walk around your place. First time I have ever heard of honey suckle berries. Helen

Darla said...

It is very important that we slow down sometimes and just enjoy the moment(s).

Fred Alton said...

I for one never tire of reading about and seeing pictures of your stuff in and around your home. Keep up the wonderful reflective posts!

debio said...

Hi Dar! Thanks for the lovely message on my blog! It is really cool to get to meet new people like that. Who knew such things would happen. :) I love your flower photography and your berries look marvelous. If you read my blog you will find that I am all about being a joy giver, and can totally appreciate the little guy jumping for the joy of the day.
Thanks again and I am glad you are such a joy giver- I can tell!

quiltmom said...

Hi Dar,
I love your flowers, fruit and family pictures. There is so much beauty in the world around us- so it is important to take the time to smell the flowers and appreciate life's gifts.
Thanks for sharing.
Warmest regards,

Suz said...

loved the stroll
your flowers are so beautiful
I love lilies
and black eyed susans
and queen of the prairie...oh heck what flower do I not love
thanks for sharing
nothing wrong with counting your blessings

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

I love it! Thank you so much! I had a rough day and you made me smile and appreciate life. Thank you.

Lucy said...

I never get enough of your wonderful strolls. I feel like it is a stroll through life. Maybe at 81 I often wonder how many chances I will get to take that stroll. I will hang in there as long as god lets me and as long as you take me with your wonderful pictures of things you have canned , cooked, or planted or the wild flowers that mother nature provides.

imac said...

What a wonderful post full of colour and thoughts, a great pick-me-up to all.

Cher' Shots said...

Now this was a pretty picture packed post - Say that ten times real fast! I do love the fact that I can walk around your yard via the net as I dont' get home often enough.
'love & hugs from afar dear Sis'