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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jack and Sherry from NC

Look who showed up in our neck of the woods., but Jack and Sherry, all the way from Blemont, North Carolina. What a thrill to meet these fine fellow bloggers.
Jack and Sherry are the ' cream of the crop.' We had the most wonderful visit with them last night. They didn't seem to mind our having our GrandLove Sy, with us. In fact, Jack and he really were the best of pals. We thank you Jack, for taking personal time with our grandson, to show him the bag of tricks you had. He's calling you ' Magic Jack.' He told me Sherry was sweet and that he loves her. I'm glad he, too, was able to meet them.
I do believe this is ' tractor talk ' going on here. The guys sure hit it off.
Jack shared a ton of magic with Sy. He was quite amazed at how Jack could turn a dime into nickels and back again.
Jack turned and says, He did it. Sy was pretty excited to see how it all worked.
There was even a Magic Coloring Book that went from colored pages, to outlines to empty pages. Oh, that ' Magic Jack ' sure is quite the magician.

We ended the evening with a few memory shots of everyone., Bill, Jack, Mel, me, Sy, and Sherry.
We are astounded as to how blogging brings folks together as if meeting friends we just had not seen in awhile. Our visit with Jack and Sherry was wonderful. It will continue for as long as they are still around. They have made arrangements to pick up there mail here, so we will have an opportunity to show them our homes and the cabin, have a meal or two yet and more great conversation. Bill and Jack laugh a lot because, unless left alone, neither hear so good, so a lot of lip-reading is going on. They sure hit it off tho., like old friends. Sherry and I also, it's like old times. We sure love these folks that took the time to include all of us on their trip throughout the states. What a great evening we had.
There will be more pictures and stories later in the week. For now, Bill has an eye appt. to see if there is more they will be doing with his loss of vision in his ' shootin' eye.'
Thanks for stopping and taking time out of your day to visit.



Fred Alton said...

Heyyyyyy! How 'bout that? Jack and Sherry sure do add lots of joy wherever they go. You have now met some of our closest friends. As you have discovered they are real quality people too. Thanks for sharing the pictures of you all.

Dianna said...

How special for you, Dar...and for Mel, also, that you could meet these fine folks. Isn't it just awesome how Bill and Jack "hit it off"! Love the way the Lord works those things out for us!

Enjoy your week!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I'm so glad you got to meet some blog friends. They look like neat, neat people. Loved seeing the picture of all of you---including Mel....

Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Hi Dar, I came over from Jack's blog after reading his entry about meeting more blogging friends. We had the pleasure of meeting Jack & Sherry last year and you described them to a tee when you said "they are the cream of the crop". I'm so happy for all of you and the memories you will all cherish from meeting each other in person.

jack69 said...

Dar, you definitely have the best, nicest, and best in Bill!!! LOL Oh we were over joyed to just get to see you guys. Sy was a trip and made the meeting even sweeter.

Today we were hosted by Mel and Slim. Southern hospitality has nothing on this place. The cake is delicious. thanks.
Hope all went well for Bill today. This has been one of the best trips we have taken so far.

Oh today I met your beautiful Mom. Wow what a lady!

Love from down town Park Falls.

quiltmom said...

Hi Dar,
What a great time you had with the blogging friends. You write in such a welcoming warm manner that makes your home sound so inviting. It is no wonder you all had a great time together. It must have been so fun for your grandson to learn all those magic tricks. I bet you will have lots more fun when they come again.

Paula said...

So glad you all were able to have so much fun.

Dogwood said...

Wow, that looks like so so much fun. Yipee for friends!

Enjoy your days... Dogwood

Lucy said...

Such a great time. I can see the wonder of the visit in their pictures as well as yours.