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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Reads, Good Folks, Good Memories

Who just gives their hearts away these days? Jack and his sweet bride and best friend do . These are a couple of the most giving, gracious, interesting folks this side of the Appalachians, and they came to visit lil ol' us.
We relaxed into visits as if we had known one another since childhood. We showed them our cabin and how it was built, the boys shop and Archery Range, and shared a good home cooked meal with them before they had to pack to head south.
What surprised me most, was how interested they were in our lives. We are simple folks, living a simpler life than most. Our time is totally devoted to our families and friends, as we found was true for them also. As interesting as Jack and Sherry are, they found our lives of interest.
We have been blessed with some true gems in our North Carolina friends. They have been God-sends. It has been a very long time since Bill has been so open and welcoming to new friends. He wasn't so sure of meeting my blog friends, but is so glad that he did, thanks to their genuine kindness.
And how many kids, these days, will pick up a toad and examine it like a new toy. I think they were a bit surprised at the way his Dad taught him on the spot, how to put the toad to sleep by gently rubbing its tummy. And even more so,
that he would try it himself. I'm proud of the way our lives have turned out thus far. Our families are living day to day struggles and triumphs, that make us appreciate the little things such as a sleeping toad in the palm of a young boy's hand.
Sherry and Jack's visit was perfectly orchestrated by the Big Guy upstairs. I don't think they realize how they have touched both mine and Bill's hearts.
They truly are the BEST and will remain in our prayers the rest of our days.

Some of you may think this is a bunch of ' bull,' but it isn't. It's the truth. You cannot ever tell me that this short visit was not intended for more purpose than ' just meeting ' our blog friends. There is a greater plan out there. We are not meant to have all the answers, but this friendship is going to last. Sometimes, a person just gets a ' feeling!'

God Surprise You All.


Sunny said...

Beautiful post, Dar. I know what you mean by "more than just meetimg". I believe God has a deep interest in all of our daily lives.

April said...

These are such special memories. Thank you for this uplifting post and for sharing your wonderful photos of summer.

LivingInAurora.ca said...

Special memories and moments, and thanks for sharing. Anna.

jack69 said...

You write a good blog, friend. You all will never know how much you enriched our lives. We will talk about this for years to come. I have so many friends to tell about you guys and your exploits. I love the picture you caught of the sleeping toad in Sy's hand. He is a jewel himself and such a joy to play with.
Thanks for the meal, the tours, the cake, the sourkraut, Relish, and applesauce. You guys are the givers!
We ate pancakes at jack's this morning, said hello and good by to Sam (Jack's dog) and pulled out of Park Falls. Bringing with us some great memories. We knew You and Mel would be great folks, If you were topped it was by your hubbies. I said IF you were topped!!!!!! Hope Bill's eye is doing better. Tell him if he needs to borrow a shooting eye I'll come back up!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: It is always so neat to meet blog friends. I have never been disappointed.

Farm Chick Paula said...

That sounds like quite an experience for everyone involved! I'm so glad you all had the chance to meet in person... sounds like you've made some wonderful lifetime friends!

Cher' Shots said...

It's always great hearing when people just 'click.' I'm happy for all of you.

chubskulit said...

Now I learned something new.. putting a frog to sleep lol. My kids are like that too Dar, they are not afraid of critters.. They even play with caterpillars which I am scared of lol..

Lucy said...

I just wrote on Jack and Sherry's blog that if they did not leave soon they would get fat. The food all sounded wonderful and I can only imagine how much fun you all had.

imac said...

Memories from the Heart.

Debbie said...

It's wonderful that you've all had this chance to get together for a lifetime of memories to cherish. Jack & Sherry are very friendly and have a way of making you feel at ease and comfortable when you're with them. Heck, Jack even talks to concrete elk's and here in KY he was talking to the burning bushes. LOL.