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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heat Effects, Corn, Corn, Corn

Mornings have been very foggy. We can thank the extreme heat, still days, wet ground and let's not forget the dreaded humidity. It only takes a few minutes outside to feel as saturated as the ground. It was so foggy this morning at 5, that I could not see our flag. Now at 7:30 , it is finally visible.
If you must be on the roads this early in your day, be careful out there. Visibility is obviously ' zilch.'
I had a surprise knock on my door yesterday morning. Here was a gunny sack of corn on the cob in my cousins dear hubbys hands. He says, " Can you use these?"
"Absolutely" was my answer.
One of the venders uses their cooler and leaves the unsold items behind for their use for themselves and their animals. This time, we were part of the happy stock.
A couple of my GrandLoves were so excited to peel corn. We just got done peeling this batch and here comes ' Cous' with another gunny full. There was no way we needed this much for just us, so I started making some calls and gladly shared a total of 6 dozen ears. We had a hefty kettle of corn on the cob for supper, and the rest was processed for the freezer. There is nothing like fresh corn in the dead of winter.
Peeled, blanched in boiling water for just one minute, cooled in ice water, drained and cooled more on a rack., Then the trusty electric knife comes out. I used to use one of those cob cutters, but way too much work and splash for me. Besides, the electric knife is so much faster. When you have a half dozen ears of corn to do, you want the 'fast' method.
My largest bowl full of corn, and I'm ready to mix up a concoction that was given to me by a dear friend many, many years ago. You would swear you just fixed a bag of store-bought Jolly Green Giant Corn. It's the best.

Since I'm into short-cuts at any opportunity, the only thing I do different with this recipe, is, I only simmer the sugar, salt, water and butter. THEN, I pour the hot liquid onto the corn and stir til covered. By the time you have your freezer bags or freezer containers ready, it has cooled plenty for bagging. Then, directly to the freezer it goes.End result this time was 21 qt. bags of Jolly Corn fully loaded with ' yum.'
Give this recipe a try. I guarantee you will love it as much as corn-on-the-cob dripping off your chin.

Have a wonderful day. I have broccoli to do today and hopefully by the end of the day it will have dried enough that I can pick another 8 qts. of green beans.

We have another surprise due late today and we are so darned excited we can hardly contain ourselves.

So, what are you harvesting today?



crochet lady said...

Our corn is just about ready. Corn is my hubbies favorite vegetable so we always put a lot in the freezer. But for today...I am just harvesting some rest, it was a busy week last week and I need a bit of a break.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than fresh shucked corn, brings back memories.

Whitetail Woods Blog / Muzzleloader Testing

~mel said...

Thanks for thinking of me and sending over the 2 dozen ears with Mom AND a huge HUGE thank you to Syrus and Ben for shucking them clean. Love it!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for tips about the electric knife to get those kernels to where you can eat corn even if hubby's dentures are wore down to where he can't chew it off.

imac said...

Wonderful post my friend,I still like it on the cob tho, with butter.lol.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Dar, How I LOVE fresh corn ---on the cob or OFF.... I can almost taste yours... I hope I can find some fresh corn on the cob down here this summer... So far, there hasn't been much (or I've just missed it).

You know that we southerners say that the number of FOGS in August determine how much snow we have in winter..... So far, no fog here (I don't think).


Paula said...

I love that corn and we call it shucking corn down here.lol Corn salad is good.

Leedra said...

Making me wish I had corn to put in the freezer for this winter. Or just to eat right now. :)

Paula said...

Dar in answer to your question I don't have a recipe and it is just something simple we like. I like the shoepeg corn which I had never heard of until the last few years (crazy I know). Just corn, chopped onions, pemenito (sp), black pepper and Miracle Whip to hold it all together. I like to use green onions if I have them and put tops in too.

jack69 said...

Oh, the corn looks delicious. The entry is much better seeing Sy there shucking corn. It is nice to see someone we actually know now.

It was such a treat fo us to meet you and Bill and especially Syrus. What an evening. Hope all goes well at the doctors tomorrow.
Love from next door at PArk FAlls, WI.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: I had a great fishing trip on a foggy morning. I was the only boat on the lake and caught a lot of fish.