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Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello Rains, Goodbye Loves

If you recall months ago, I was noting that we had not had rain for 8 years and were in a terrible drought. That statement can now be retracted. We have had rains every week and at times, every day for the past several months. It has been a huge reprieve for the forests, grounds and waters and the hope of a returned fish and fowl supply to our own trout streams and fun in the waterways.
Below is a picture of my brothers pond, which though, manmade, had never held water, until now. In fact, it is overflowing all 10 ft. deep of it.
Our own swamps and creek are also overflowing. Soon there will be water over our road to the cabin and the only way in will be by 4-wheeler or tractor from across the neighbors property. What a ' splash ' that will be.
I'm not complaining, tho I am beginning to be concerned. The gardens are a waste land right now, with flooding, rotting produce, and mud everywhere too deep to get at the crops. If it ever dries up enough this fall yet, we at least will till it all under and hope for a better gardening year next year.
If we had had half the amount of rains last year, we would not have had to dig our new well last fall, but I guess you can call that ' water over the dam.' And good water. We have been blessed and are grateful, in spite of yet, another 2 inches so far tonight. We prayed for it and we got it. Thanks God! We loveya!

This has been a long couple of weeks and lots of company has come and gone. A few weeks ago, we were blessed with a visit from a magic man and his wonderful bride who just happened to be passing through. Jack and Sherry were a true delight for us all to meet and love every second with.
Then came a ton of folks that drifted in and out during the week of my nieces wedding. Family company is always such fun to have around, especially when we don't see them often.
My baby sister Colleen and her hubby Mike were here for the past couple of weeks. We had a blast with them as usual and cannot wait to get to TX in just under a month from now for a couple of weeks in their stomping grounds. They had to hit the road a couple of days ago. After talking to them tonight, they advise we take an extra driving day just for all of the construction. I think we will just take detours and enjoy the countryside instead of the interstate this time. We will see you guys in a few weeks.
Another couple of gals that had to leave today, were our gorgeous granddaughters Hannah and Chloe, who were also here for the past couple of weeks. They don't begin to know how much we will miss their pleasant personalities popping in and out of the house. While up north, as they say, they went on a 5 day retreat with their Dad to the U.P. of Michigan, touring and staying in Bed and Breakfast's, walking the sandy beaches of Copper Harbor, visiting a lighthouse, that they said was a bit eery! They had a great time with their cousins not only here, but while rafting down their Uncle Eric's water slide on the creek in his back acres. As the girls were saying their goodbyes, we realized how quickly the summer has slipped by. We won't see them again for at least a month, nor their cousins. As exhausting as it all gets sometimes, we wouldn't give up any of our time with any of our family or friends, for anything in this world. Time, family, friends, are all so precious. Treasure every moment.
Take time to hug your family and loved ones. Life on this earth is a gift. A short gift.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I saw all of the pictures of the wedding --and it looked so incredible... I know you enjoyed having family there --and getting to spend some time with Colleen and Mike --along with others including the grandloves....

You may have a let-down this week ---after all of the joy and busyness of the past couple of weeks... I think that is sorta normal. At least that usually happens to me.

Sorry about all of the rain. We got a little rain this week--but only about 2 inches... SO--we are still 'low'.... You can now send some of yours OUR way!!!!!!

Hope you have a good and restful weekend.

jack69 said...

Yes you will be lonely a bit, but it is like after Christmas you still have the gifts, they are the memories of these last few weeks. Wonderful the rain held off for the outdoor wedding. You guys were able to enjoy the family without crowding away from the rain.

Good entry, easy to tell you girls love family. Please give mama our love.
Take care we head accross Kansas tomorrow. we will take three days to cross at a leisure pace. Stop in the afternoon early enough to scout the area out. We will try to stup places we have not stopped in our other trips across the state.
Love you guys and still talk about the time there.
Sherry * jack

Paula said...

Glad you are getting some rain. After all we had now we are starting to need again. Your family all sound like so much fun.

Fred Alton said...

Good Morning Dar, So glad you are getting the needed rains! In Africa we learned to thank God for the mud and other inconveniences that go with heavy rains because we knew it might be a long time before we had rain again. Your Grandloves are beautiful girls. You and your family sound like sound very loving indeed. I know Jack and Sherry sure loved their visit with you!

Bloodhound said...

Lovely post! How caring and fun loving your family are. Glad to here that the rains have come to you at long last.

Anonymous said...

It is always nice to get company and visit with family and friends, at least I think so. Nobody ever stops at our house, I guess they are busy or something but anyway it is nice.

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imac said...

The weather seems topsy turvy at the moment, nice shots.

Cher' Shots said...

Great pics! the good thing about our family is that we still feel the love across the miles :)

Lucy said...

You have a full wonderful life. Enjoy every minute of it. Time flies.