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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ya Got Cake?, Newlyweds, Day After Siblings

The weekend was gorgeous for a wedding in the back yard. My sisters lil' girl got married to a wonderful southern gentleman. We embrace them.
The wedding cake was delicious, as I was told many times, and so beautiful with all of the sugar flowers that Mel, the Mother of the Bride from UpNorthWithMel, lovingly made the same week her daughter announced that she was getting married to the man that was crazy about her.
Meet the newlyweds, Sara and Don, as they relaxed into one last picture before loading their gifts, hugging our necks one last time and heading to their home.
The day ' of ' was wonderful, but the day ' after ', always seems so much more relaxed, lazy and just giddy.
Left to right in the back are my sisters and husbands, Cher&Thom, Lin&Jim, myself&Bill, Mel&Slim, and Colleen&Mike. In front of us are Mom, who started all of this craziness, our brother Eric, the baby of the family, and missing is Randy and Doug. Randy managed to sneak out without getting his pretty face taken at all and below is my twin, Doug, who also disappeared when family pictures were taken.
Us gals, and
Our best friends! Ha!
I tried posting this early this morning, but I lost the whole thing....
keeping the faith...
I have a ton of other pictures but will let Mel post the actual wedding. Maybe I will throw a few others out there for you to enjoy later...we are a crazy bunch of gigglers, so be forewarned.



Dogwood said...

So sweet. Family and friends are the best. Will enjoy seeing some photos of the big day. That cake is over the top beautiful!

Darla said...

fun, fun, fun!!

Kellie said...

That is a fantastic cake! Having family around is the best. Glad you all had a great time.

Fred Alton said...

What creative folks you are! Beautiful cake - and enjoyable blog about the great event in your nieces life. I'm blessed to be one of your readers.

Dar said...

Thanks for the cake compliments! You are all too kind. I was proud to do it for Sara. She is very special to both me and Bill.

Suz said...

everyone looks like they had a great time
and those cakes..wow
what flavor?
now slow down
the season is a changing

Lucy said...

Those cakes are beautiful and make me hungry. I even like the frosting. Of course I am already over weight so no need to worry about that. I am glad everything turmed out so well. Be glad you have your sisters and brothers. I miss mine . Kind of kicks in unexpectedly.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Beautiful cakes!! What a happy bunch!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what a neat family, Dar... I have missed you--but knew that you had been busy.

I can't wait to go to Mel's blog to see more pictures... Love seeing your sisters and one of the brothers. Your Mom can be so proud of ALL of you... What a fabulous family... I really missed out by being in a small family.

Congrats to the happy couple.

jack69 said...

Wow Dar! I knew you were pretty smart and talented. I know Bill helped with the cakes, but they still came out beautiful! I'd bet my hat that the cake was also GOOD! Normally at these affairs the cakes are usually made for show by someone who is just making a living.
We know love went into these, and that, that made all the difference.

We know you guys are all still a little worn out, What a big event. LOve the pictures Y'all have a great family, of the which, WE KNOW you are proud!!!
Love from St. Joe, on the Missouri river.

Friko said...

congratulations to the newly-weds, may they have a happy and contented life with each other.

You have a jolly nice family.

Dar said...

About the cake~~~it was a white layer on top, raspberry filling, chocolate layer on bottom and all smothered in Buttercream frosting with Almond flavoring. It was so moist you could easily hold it in your hand to eat it but we used a fork and plate, Ha!, and so delish, they say. I never did have a piece the day of.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that cake is gorgeous! I married into a bakery...so the cakes are always taken care of. :)

imac said...

All sitting there - waiting for their supper,lol.
Brill post and luv that cake.

April said...

What a nice, friendly group. Just read your description of the cake ingredients. It sounds wonderfully delicious. Beautifully decorated, too, and those flowers are simply gorgeous. All the best to the newlyweds.

Deb H said...

Wow that cae is beautiful! Now I want something sweet! Thanks a lot!

& thanks for dropping a line at my blog! Bless you too!

Paula said...

The cake is sooo pretty and I've been over to see the lovely wedding. I say you're a fun loving bunch and thats wonderful.

Cher' Shots said...

The cake was beautiful and delicious :) The wedding was wonderful in every way. We are so blessed to have such a loving and fun-loving family. 'Hugs' sis ~ Love you lots.

~mel said...

You hit it right on the head ~ FUN! It was so much fun seeing so many friends and family again. Only next time... it has to be at someone elses house ~ because I'm exhausted!!