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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Perfect Weekend and then............

My hope is that I can post this.
It was a perfect weekend of family activities. I want to share the pictures but my computer keeps going down.....again and again~
I will keep this short. I want to let you know that I am so bummed. I have missed so many of your entries and want to get back to all of the wonderful reading, photos and stories you all share.
Please bear with me. I will return when my PC problems are resolved, or replaced.
Until then, grrrrrrr on this old jalopy of mine.

I'll fly in whenever I get the chance,
until then,



jack69 said...

If you fly too high the NAB board will fine you!
Come on down to earth and land when you can. WE all understand the GRRRRRRRR (^*%& at times with these wonderful machines.

Love from Colorado!
Sherry & Jack.

Darla said...

Computers can be a pain sometimes...relax it will all work out...

Suz said...

oh that's too bad
I'll wait

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, So sorry about your internet problems... I certainly miss you when you are not here...

Take care --and hurry back (when you can).

Lucy said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. I have problems like that all the time but I am computer illiterate. so I always blame me.

~mel said...

Hey... I know where that picture was taken ~ that's my neighbor in Lugerville ... taking a fly over the Solberg Lake Campground at Sandy's surprise birthday party. Wasn't that party just the best! It was so much fun catching up with that group of cousins once again.

Fred Alton said...

Dar, my computer is fine - but my life has been full of turns and twists lately that leave little time for blogging. Or maybe it's just that the events are things I don't feel like talking about. It will change in time. ☺ Can I hitch a ride on that parachute?

Cher' Shots said...

I will have to give you lessons on maintanence to keep the old thing running... after all I was very very very PATIENT with my old computer up until my birthday when Thom bought me a NEW laptop. LOVING IT!!! Tell Willie to dig deeper into that pocket of his and pull out the funds for a NEW ONE! :) love ya

crochet lady said...

Computer problems are sure frustrating. Hope you find some answers.

imac said...

I still got a few probs here too.
Grand shot as well.

lil sis said...

Hope your pc starts behaving pretty soon.
We'll all be waiting patiently for your entries.
Maybe Mel and Cher can fiqure it out, or
Was awesome seeing and chatting with
you and yours. Andy and the three sons,
Stac, Hannah and Chloe, Darcie, are such
sweethearts. Sorry I missed Dusty and fam -
hello to all of you. Mike enjoyed seeing ya'll.
I'll call you tomorrow after Mikes Dr. appt.
Til then, love ya, me