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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Doesn't Love A Parade

Who doesn't love a parade.? Well, now that's a debatable question these days. Parades, at least in our neck of the woods, are not at all what they used to be. Todays parade was 90% police and firetrucks, and Politicians....gads!
Today was the Flambeau Rama Parade, of sorts. Some of the family gathered on the hillside in front of my sisters house to watch it's annual 'there abouts.' This parade 'used' to be the parade to enter and see for it's length, variety and shear enjoyment.
There used to be bands from all over the country that marched and played this parade, at least dozens or more, which was good for our small community. Today, however, there was one. The Chequamegon High School marching band from our high school, was the only one. They sounded good but sure lacked enthusiasm. The weather was cool today and overcast and we were at the beginning of the parade so, perhaps they were just getting the bugs out.
Horses also used to dance the streets, many, many of them. Today there were 5 pulling 2 carriages and a wagon and only 3 horseback riders. When my daughter was in 4-H, mercy there were so many horses in the parades and just as many ' apple pickers ' behind them with their wheelborrows and shovels on clean-up duty. The horses and the bands made up half of the entertainment, and the rest consisted of so many floats, they could not be kept up with.
I loved the way this fella stood at attention each time he had to wait his turn behind the noisy horns and sirens of the rescue, fire and police vehicles ahead of them.
There were a couple of fun floats. This one was advertising an upcoming corn roast in the neighboring community. This pair of bagpipe players had to have some aching arms after holding them up for the mile and a half long parade. Everytime they moved their hips, they were playing bagpipe tunes,( so it appeared,) from their navels. It was a pretty comical way to advertise.
This was by far, one of my favorite floats. It is an exact replica of The Ol' Town Hall Museum in Fifield, Wi., the little town just south of us. Isn't it the coolest?
The Northern Archery float was put together by a few hunters, guys with no sense of a straight sign. I can criticize cause it belongs to my sons and one of the archery clubs. It's hard to see without clicking to enlarge the picture, but there are wild animal targets on the float, including a mosquito in the tree on the right. That's how big the 'skeeters' have been here lately, with all the rain. The coolest part of this float is on the other side, where there was a wolf, with a sign that says, 'Save the deer.' Way to go boys.

You cannot have a parade without a few clowns, and that's what we had. It was sad to see that the Shriners did not have the clowns riding their little mopeds this year. They rode in the bus this year, as most of the founders are getting too old to walk the entire parade route. That saddened lots of folks hearts.
A few of the other floats included the tots riding for the Ice Skaters, the Dancers, and only one scout group. After the parade, the Drum and Bugle Corps performed. This too used to be a 'big' deal. Not today.
Times sure have changed. I'm sure the economy has not helped but there just does not seem to be near the enthusiasm anymore.
And get this, NO Throwing Candy or other items this year. They had to be ' handed ' to the kids. Good grief. Thus it goes, I guess. I suppose some Chamber members kid or grandkid got hit by a Tootsie Roll. It just isn't as fun anymore.
Sure the kids had fun, but come on, Throw them some treats. That's what they came for, right....like these little darling grand nieces.
I know I griped a bit about the parades being more of a joke than a jolly, so I guess I must have been spoiled with the fantastic parades we ' used ' to have. Have the parades changed considerably in Your town?


This festivity started on Thur. with tons of stuff to do such as games for the kids, a carnival, arts and crafts, antique show, vintage car show, BMX bike show, tons of music for everyone, food and drink that cost a small fortune, ending with the parade. The fireworks used to be at least an hour and was less than 20 minutes last night. It still was spectacular, however and worth taking the kids into town.

I usually take more of the festivities in, but this time there were priorities. There was a funeral on Sat. so that took care of the better part of the day, and afterwards, we really didn't feel like taking in the sights.

So it went for our weekend of thrills and chills.
Hope You All Had A Good One


jack69 said...

Hi Dar,

Whoever did that to the horses tail was mean, how is he gonna swat them big mosquitoes and flies y'all got. They declared no candy throwing at our parade too, but Shirl and lots more, did it anyway.

BTW. We will be in your neck of the woods, Tues. eve, Wed, Thurs and depart Friday. WE are going to pick up our mail in Park Falls.
We would love to buy you guys a cup of coffee and meet you during that time if you have time. We plan to stay at Smith Lake Campground for those days; it looks like the closest to Park Falls.
We were going on to Iowa but were reminded by a friend that we needed to see the House On the Rock in Spring Green. So seeing Park Falls that close, thought about calling for our mail to be sent there.
Love From Marquette
Sherry & jack

sherry will answer 704 616 3186

Paula said...

The clowns that was what I was waiting for. I haven't been to my hometown where I grew up in several years but the one here where I live now was good last year. We are near enough to San Antonio that they send lots of Shrieners (sp) on their different vehicles. As you said not as many bands participate. Nice entry.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Dar.... what a neat parade for a fairly small town..... I love parades. They always make me smile... But PUH-LEASE---throw the candy... Good Gosh!!!!!

Reminds me of a local restaurant where we ate recently. The crutons in the salad were SOFT... SO--I asked the waitress --who then got the manager. The manager said that someone had complained about them being too hard --so they now use soft crutons... They tasted stale to me!!!!! Gads!

Looks like your parade had a bit of everything (band, horses, clowns, floats, etc.)... That is so neat.

Thanks for sharing.

The White Farmhouse said...

We only went to the Thanksgiving Parade when it was butt nugget cold in Detroit when I was young. I love the parade here though. Not too short and not too long. Looks like everyone was having a good time though. I do agree with you, why do they have to change things?

Cher' Shots said...

Good thing the 'kiddies' still love a parade! Thanks for posting the pics of my Grandloves with their goodie bags. But I have to agree, when we were young the parades were outstanding!!! And the drum corp competitions afterwards were fantastic as well. It's sad but it seems like another old fashioned American tradition is falling to the wayside. P.S. Enjoy your visit with Jack and Sherry ... bet they'll be driving right past my place.

Dogwood said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures of the parade. I love to go to parades. Makes me feel like a kid. In the small town in CA where we lived when I was young, the town had the most fun and festive Christmas Parade. It was the weekend after Thanksgiving. Such fun memories. Dogwood

Fred Alton said...

Great pictures! Good parade. I haven't been to a parade since I was just a boy living in the city of New Orleans. Those were the days for sure. I suppose Mardi Gras can never be the same again either after the flooding of the city. But you stirred some wonderful memories for me. Thanks!