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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Join Me at the Cabin

We have a retreat! A simple retreat that we built from scratch.
For you faithful followers who have not become bored to death of my entries, and have been with me for awhile, some of this may be repeated, so bear with me as I share with newcomers. Every time we go to the cabin, I want to move there.
Our little cabin in the woods is not far from our home. When asked why we built it so close, we always answer with, " So we can use it often." We visit in one capacity or another weekly, and it's always hard to walk away. We could R&R forever.
As we walk past the welcome signs, of which there are 3, we usually go directly to the south glass door, open it wide, to listen to and smell our piece of Murray Creek. It runs all the way through our property, being most beautiful just below where the cabin sits. We sit on the deck or by the campfire for hours, watching the deer , birds, rabbits, partridge come and go while the rush of water soothes our souls.
We do have some issues to resolve, however. Most important are the stairs to the loft, which are a bit too steep and narrow-footed. These are the steps that took me out when we first built. Bill's line has always been, " Don't rush me." " Hmmm, it's been years, Babe."
I thought I'd share another glimpse of the creek looking to the west, as it meanders it's way around an island when the water is high, like now.
I've added some interest around each of the windows, rather than curtains. Mr. Moose just happens to be my favorite with his knobby knees. The bottom of each window also has their footprints. Other woodburnings include the Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Chickadees, a Mouse and a Chipmunk, all with their tracks to follow.
There are several European Mounts that have paintings on them, also done by myself.
The cabin and the creek mean finding yourself again. One way to do that besides sitting in the Adorandack chairs with a good book, or making S'Mores by the fire, is to Wet a Line and catch a trout or two for breakfast. I really need to change that sign tho, and put a trout on the end of a cane pole on the shoreline instead of a boat with a bass. Oh well, I'll put it on my TaDo list. Good R&R project, eh?
The dinner bell gets rung when the card playing gets too intense and no one hears the " Supper's On" call. I haven't had to ring that thing for quite some time. Usually the smell of fresh bread brings them to their feet to dish up buffet style.
The picture under the Gruber sign is of my 6'6" son still thinking he can sit on Mom's lap. LOL.
Things are going to change this fall. The guys have taken over my domain with all of their mounts on the walls. A few, maybe, but good grief, they are everywhere.
I love the loft, but only go there to clean once in awhile. The boys own that space with their hunting stuff during season, and their bedding is not my department. I'm grateful for that. Ewww! Each of them takes care of their own. There are 6 beds in the loft, as well as two chairs and two coffee tables. They usually leave their clothes in their duffles.
The full log and ship-lapped ceiling is well insulated and covered with metal roofing. Once warmed with the pot-bellied stove, fan going, the cabin stays warm enough to keep us cozy til morning on chilly fall and winter nights without firing up more than once. The window in the loft stays open a couple inches, even in winter, to keep the loft from getting too warm to sleep. It works well for heating with wood, electrical needs provided by the generator, but the water gets hauled in. Bill keeps saying he's going to drill a point for water. That hasn't happened yet. Remember his saying? " Don't rush me."
Lighting is selective. If the generator is going, it's electric, otherwise, there are gas lights, or battery operated lights , lit with a marine battery.
I won't retire back here without electric and water, however, no matter how much I love this place. Until then, I will just have to be happy to visit.
We have a little kitchen with a counter that doubles as a buffet center or a bar. Two tables provide plenty of room for our large family gatherings, and card games, checkers, backgammon, puzzles, coloring, of course.
That was last winter when we spent a weekend. It was cold out, snowy, but the fire kept us very comfortable once the logs warmed and we were able to shed the layers of winter clothing.
Resting and relaxing here has become a part of our lives. We don't get here as often as we'd like, but those days are coming soon. Until then, we will appreciate every second we get. These logs already have stories to tell, of many good times by family and friends. Many times, the boys and their friends have used the cabin as a retreat during their 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, fishing, kayaking, camping, hunting weeks and weekends. Many family outings and even several Thanksgivings and a Christmas have taken place here. Memories have been made.
With all of the summer heat we have been having, my Modified Bearpaws hang waiting for me to strap them on at the first measurable snowfall. I'm not wanting the snow to fall just yet, but early this fall, I will soften the leather, hang my gaiters, and wait. For now, maybe the mention of snow, has cooled you down.
Oh, there is so much more to show you. Maybe this winter, with a hot cocoa in one hand and a photo book in the other, I will show you how we built our Creekside Retreat. Until then...

Have a most memorable week.


Lucy said...

I loved the trip to the cabin and the wonderful cabin. That is so cool.

Suz said...

holy moly a cabin too! why would you ever leave
But Dar the most wonderful thing is you and your husband together!
Me and hubby love our Galena home...he is different when he's there..so relaxed..and young again

Fred Alton said...

Dar, thank you for sharing your cabin with us. If it was not a sin - I would ENVY your cabin and the hunting woods!! Reading your comments and seeing the pictures is next best thing to being there. Your writings are so full of description and it obvious that you love the place. It's FANTABULOUS!

We've had Jack and Sherry here for a few days and what wonderful times we have had!!!

Dogwood said...

oh, i love your log cabin! i am on my way for a stay with you! such sweet detail....dogwood

jack69 said...

Okay Dar that is enough. I am known as the guy who see something and says, "Hey let's do that!"

Then Sherry reminds me of the last time we set roots, and I pulled them up. With my Shotgun in hand, she looked at me and said, "This is the last time!!!"

That is a great place you have. I love the Moose, did you say you burned it? It is great!

It is easy for us to see that Bill and the 'boys' love this place especially in hunting season!!!
Thanks for the tour, what a great place!
Love from the Tennessee mountains.
ehrry & Jack

jack69 said...

That is Sherry & Jack at the end of my comment.
Bill has a great tractor, a great retreat and no doubt (relunctantly LOL) a great woman by his side! What a pair.
God bless you two!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Dar, I LOVE it... I've been waiting so long to see pictures of your cabin. I love it.... Even without water--I'd probably want to stay there forever....

Did your hubby build it himself --or did you all hire someone to build it??? I can only imagine your kids and their friends staying there --to do their fun things together... That is just so neat... I'm truly jealous...

I don't blame you for building it on your property... It's in the woods --where you want it, and you can get to it easily... LOVE it....

Thanks for sharing... Wish I lived closer... I'd come and visit and drink some cocoa with you.

~mel said...

One of my memories of your cabin was the day we came over to help during construction. Bill and I are carrying a log through the doorway to get to the scaffolding to send it top side. Because of the width of the log I had to hold it on the end ... anyhooooo.... here I am following Bill through the doorway with the log and he jams his end right into the wall beside the doorway causing the log to STOP!! Ramming me in the guts and knocking the wind out of me... also leaving a pretty good sized bruise on my stomach. Oh yeah... those were some fun times!
Now seriously... you and Bill aren't getting any younger ~ sell the house and move across the road already! The money from the sale of the house will be more than enough to put in your water and electricity. MOVE ON IT!!! ahhh... I love telling my big sister what to do!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: I remember how I loved this cabin the last time I saw it, wonderful decorations.

crochet lady said...

What a great place you have there, love all your artwork around the place.

Paula said...

Loved seeing it again. I think it is so nice that it is close enough you can go there often.

Shelley said...

I just love your cabin! Love getting a peek - it is so cozy and perfect! Love your decorations and also the scenery surrounding it looks beautiful. Like you, I never want to leave my cabin either. You definitely have a piece of paradise there!

vintage girl at heart said...

Love your cabin and what a great idea to make it so close to Home!!!
You are so right...so much easier to get away!!!
I would love it!!!

Jacquelyn Stager said...

Wow Dar, that is fabulous! I so love reading about your life! It is SO different from mine. I feel like I'm escaping into another world when I read your blog! I'd come just for the s'mores!

holdingmoments said...

I really enjoyed that tour of your cabin Dar. What a great place to just relax, and be with nature.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

I hadn't seen the cabin before, and this is just stunning - what a retreat - wowza!! I wouldn't want to leave either.