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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Velvet, Roadtrip to Campground

Our weekend has started out with an illusive surprise.On our way through a winding dirt road, as we rounded a corner, there stood a beautiful 8 pt. buck in the velvet, right in the middle of the road. As he jumped into the swamp beside us, Bill stopped so I could capture the moment for all of you to enjoy. I love his stance. Instead of quickly disappearing, he stopped, looking over his shoulder long enough for me to memorize his features and count the points on his antlers. The deer are so red right now, and velvet continue to protect his sensitive antlers as they grow to their extent by fall. Antlers grown, then the velvet is rubbed off during the rut to aid in establishing territory. It sure was a treat to see him just stand there and show himself as long as he did.
The purpose of this road trip, was to travel to Black Lake where my son and his family, his wife's parents and Bill's brother and wife, were camping. We sure had a relaxing afternoon, watching them do what we used to do when Dusty was a kid. Our camping days are over, at least for now. I'd LOVE to do it all over again. There is something about the fresh air, the smell of a campfire, cooking and eating your meals outside, learning about your woodland surroundings, plants, wildlife, fishing, swimming, reading a good book in the hammock and falling asleep. I do miss it all.
This is Hailey. She is spending her first night and days camping with her grandparents, Bill's brother and wife., and of course, her Mom and Dad. She jabbered and drooled throughout our entire visit.
While Dusty's wife Steph helps Ryele hold Hailey, baby girl Hailey pulls her hair and seems to be saying, "Hi, Ryele, I'm your cousin."
In all my years, I had never been in the boat on Black Lake, so Captain Dusty took us for a tool around the lake a few times, with an agenda.
Skipper Josh, assisted in keeping the boat slow and straight while his Captain straightened the rope to give his sister Ry and Mom Steph, a pull around the lake.
Ryele kept signaling ' faster, faster ', while she and her Mom hung on tight. After about 10 rounds, they tired and had to warm up. Ryele likes to make mudpies by the shoreline to warm her hands, she says. What a cutie.
Here we have an artful drawing in the sand of sticks and stones to write my Grandson's name. Hey JOSH....
Ya got a light? Chester, the family pooch, loves to chew. It looks like he's lighting-up with that chew stick ... hey, get out of the smoke-free zone!
I don't know of any young camper, especially the boys, who don't LOVE to build their own fire, with guidance, of course. Josh had the hardest time keeping this one going with the damp wood and the breeze. He reminds me of the many times his Dad did the exact same thing to entertain himself while camping.
This is Bill and his brother Pat. Pat has been trying to talk Bill into getting another camper and spending some retirement together. Bill is still not budging. I think I have to help his brother out on this matter.
Sitting around the campfire after a good outdoor cooked meal is all part of the relaxation. Even Rudy, Dusty's in-laws dog, gets into it. Of course, he has to have his bed along.
One of my favorite times of the day on the lake was watching the sunset over the water. The mosquitoes were horrible, but that's what bug spray with deet is for. A branch of leaves is just as effective when you leave the spray in the truck or home. Most folks retire to their campers then but, the mosquitoes last only until dark and are gone. That's when the campfire brightens and the s'mores are made.
That ended our day at the lake. It was a hot, humid, very breezy day. The water felt great on my aching legs, the food was fantastic with seasoned chicken strips, steamed potatoes and carrots, and salsa burgers, all grilled. There was also blue and yellow corn chips with spicy salsa, grilled steak potato chips, BBQ baby back rib potato chips...(awesome flavored chips) all washed down with ice cold flavored waters or Corona...um...the Corona was refreshing.
Who could ask for more.? Good company, food and fun. Fantastic weather. That's what a good camping picnic day is made of. Bugs and all!
I hope your summer weekend started the same way, with family, friends, and little dogs.


imac said...

What a fun packed time, cute little-un,lol.
Love the deer too.

jack69 said...

Beautiful camp site and a beautiful sight of the family camping. I always remembwer the childhood days in rough campsites. This is great for families I think.

All the shots are great but you can't beat the one of Hailey looking at the camera. Kids make such honest pictures.

She won't remember this but everyone else will. Of course she will see pictures for the rest of her life of the first camping trip.

Love from Tennessee!

Wanda..... said...

The grandchildren camp here on the property with their tents and sometimes they travel to Lake Cumberland with the parents. One time they had 5 tents up! I prefer sleeping in my comfortable room though, but I love a campfire in the fall!

Dee said...

Magnificent! The precious grandbabes and the scenery, awww those memories are so precious. Thanks for sharing these delightful smiles and natural beauty with us. :)

Dimple said...

What a fun day! Hailey is darling, and your buck is handsome, too. Thanks for coming by!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: What a neat camping trip, what a neat deer. I have said the same thing about fawns, they always look back.

Paula said...

That deer knows how to pose. So glad you all had such a nice time of food and fellowship.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---what a fabulous day your had... From seeing the deer --to taking a boat ride, and just smelling the campfire to seeing the sunset.... It couldn't have been better.... You and hubby should retire so that you can do more things like this...


Suz said...

Now don't take this to heart Dar,but this post kind of made me sad...all the things I have missed
and wished I hadn't
But it is wonderful to know that YOU have and had them...such beautiful kids and that lake looks fabulous and of course who doesn't love mosquitoes and a campfire
and I appreciate your narration..always!

Cher' Shots said...

Boy did that ever bring back the memories of OUR camping trips with you and yours. What fun we had, and good food too! Our family sure made some good memories for our kids on those trips, mine still talk about camping. Thanks for sharing.

Kellie said...

Great pictures Dar! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Love spending time like that with friends and family.

chubskulit said...

Hi Dar, this is a great family bonding and pretty Hailey is enjoying her share of fun lol.

I added your link to my Nostalgic Marveling. Thank you so much for your visits and comments.