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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yesterdays Treasures

What a fun day, digging through the vintage treasures, which are now mine to love and care for. The ol fella cross the road is not a 'picker' of the old items, but his daddy was. Look what I own. Ok, so I didn't get this wonderful McCormickDeering tractor...a bit much for my squeaky pocket. Not sure on the homemade covered wagon yet...he's thinking about it. But, the rest has a new home., like this,
trunk, that was already on the junk pile,
this wooden wringer washer,
wooden barrel, he thought used for churning butter,
this Huge bellows, not sure what it was used for, research is in order,
treadle sewing machine, red goblets,
wagon wheel and rocker, maybe a washtub,
the white flower cart, maybe the red wheels,
old office chair,
old childs wheeled riding horse,
a wooden brewery barrel, also on the junk pile,
axle grease bucket full of grease, (Bill liked this one),
kerosene lanterns,
vintage ice chest from the junk pile,
oops, how'd that get here twice, but isn't it amazing?,
The day had come when the young man next door of late 70 something, decided to clean house...or pole shed. He literally was pushing stuff out of the shed with his skidder. My heart sunk, to see what had gotten broken in the process. Everything needs a good cleaning, but still has lots of life, if given back to it. I will be busy cleaning up all of these fine treasures. There is also a bucket of green and clear insulators, some ceramic ones also, enamelware, celluloid toy animals, atomizers, baskets....too much to mention. There will be more pictures later, of the items that he is selling, hopefully., like buckboards, a stagecoach, lots of horse drawn carts and wagons, tons of horse related items, etc. The list is huge.
I sure wish he would have had an auction but he just does not want to deal with it. We offered to help and even do all of it for him, but he chose not to auction. He knows several folks that would be interested so that's where he is starting.

That's how yesterday went...my grandson thought he was on a treasure hunt. He even told the ol' fella that these things can be used over again in other ways to help save the world from waste. What a smart kid.

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Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You are a true American Picker! Do you watch that show on the history channel?

I love, love, love that axel grease bucket.

The bellow . . any blacksmith can tell you what it is. Any anvils in there?

I can't wait to see more treasures.

Suz said...

oh what a day you had!
I love looking through old stuff
even if I don't ake anything home
Mostly I look for stuff for the garden..to stash here and there among the flowers..sort of hidden
I love that pickers show too

jack69 said...

This is too much. Ahhhhhh the McC-deering tractor. Where and what has it seen??? I want it all!!!! That is my problem. Great post. Love the pictures.
This is great!!!! It is a good thing we cannot store ANYTHING! when I see something like thsi I want to go treasure hunting!!
Love from NC

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I love all of that old stuff, Dar... Where are you going to put all of that stuff though???? As much as I would love to have it, I just don't have room for it anymore... I'll just enjoy yours --through your pictures...

So many of those things could have been in my parents and grandparents homes....


GardenofDaisies said...

OH what wonderful finds! And there are the wheels you mentioned in your comments on my post!! Love those!

Paula said...

I like it all but the old trunk could be so pretty if re-done. Thanks for posting the pictures. Priceless!

holdingmoments said...

So much history there Dar. Amazing collection of treasures.

Cher' Shots said...


Dogwood said...

Hi~I found you through Suz's wonderful blog and I am pretty sure you have visited my blog.

What a great blog post you did today. I am lusting over all those great treasures. I especially like the old ice chest and child's riding pony.

I will be back as you have a very fun blog.

Have a fun weekend...Dogwood

Kellie said...

Wow! What wonderful items your neighbor has.

Good luck restoring your treasures. What fun!

Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely green with envy...what a treasure store you visited...I think I would have taken the broken stuff too LOLOL...oh and to be right across the street???? ahh..my broken heart...you are blessed for sure...hope you have lotsa fun...as I am sure you will...my my my!!!! love and hugs from Ora in KY

crochet lady said...

Wow those are some great old treasures. Thanks for sharing them!

Dee said...

It's ashame the fellow wouldn't let you all help him sort and sell things. He may have made quite a bit extra money.
You have a good eye for the most interesting objects and things. Ah, nostalgia, gotta love it!
Stopping by to say howdy and wish you a lovely weekend!

Fred Alton said...

Dar - What treasures you have un-covered! More valuable than money - but would bring some good money if brought to the attention of the right person. I love what your grandson told the man about saving the world from waste. That's a value you've communicated to your family that's largely missing where in many places I've been here in America. I suppose my living and working 20 years in Africa has influenced my thinking some. I know you'll have great fun restoring things.

Dianna said...

WOW, Dar! Treasures is definitely the word I would use, too! Love the trunk and the wooden ice chest! Absolutely amazing that this dear man wouldn't have an auction...he could surely make a good bit of money on it all. Oh...and loved the insulators you mentioned. We have a very small collection..ceramic ones (both brown and white)seem to be the most prevalent in this part of the country but would love to find some of the glass ones.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what treasures. I love antiques and vintage items. What fun that must have been!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Yo are right, just call the American Pickers and they will come running.

Rebecca said...

Heaven...that's what this is to me, just heaven. Enjoy!