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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clouds go Bump in the Night, Flat Friends, Award

Tues. morning sunrise at 4:45 was a sight to behold! Glorious, magnificent, fantastico!!!!...............but then
rains came sporadically throughout the day, the temperature kept rising and rising and rising well into the hot, humid, still 90's until it peaked at 95. The day stayed so still until ... we knew something was about to happen somewhere, looking like the north of us was surely in danger. By 8:30 p.m. when it normally is still very light out, just having our summer solstice, the sky was quickly darkening, the clouds looking more ominous than ever. They looked as though they would go bump in the night. The storm was to hit our town by 9:40 when just prior, the tornado warning whistle blew, screaming in everyones ears to take cover.
My son, Andy, is a certified storm watcher, so, making me doubly nervous, he goes ' outside ' to ' watch ' the storm roll in. A funnel was spotted 8 miles north of us but never did touch down, to all of the towns gratitude, remembering the storm that tore them apart more than a dozen years ago. By 9:35, the weather stations announced that the storm was quickly dissipating and that all the warnings had been lifted.
Breathe, we could take a deep breath and relax. I'm afraid Andy's oldest son of 7, is going to be a storm watchman too. He loves the storms as much as his Daddy, for scientific reasons, of course.
The first thing Sy did, was to go and put on his safety glasses, just in case, he says.
He tells us, Safety first!
Being it was such a wet day, the kids needed a 'project', so we made Flat Alex, a distant cousin to Flat Stanley, who just happens to have the same color hair as Sy and wears only camo pants and shorts.
Ben wanted a flat girl so he called her Flat Girly. They shared a sleepover at Amas and Papas. We will have to see where else their Flat Friends go with them.
Suz, from Begin Again, awarded me, of all people, with a Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Suz, for thinking I am worthy. She wants me for a neighbor...brave soul, but I loveya for it, Suz. We could share all kinds of gardening ideas and even gardens and chase GrandLoves out of them. Along with this award, Suz wants me to reveal 7 things about myself that you might find interesting. So, lets give it a go. Be forewarned, I hate these revelations, admitting more about ' myself.'
#1. I do Not think I am creative enough to be recognized...I ' borrow ' when I create.
#2. I once had a mink for a pet named Little Joe, ya know, that cute Bonanza kid.
#3. You all know I'm a twin, but did you know that I had to clear the way for my brother? We have the same receding hairline...argh
#4. I have been ralfed...
#5. I never finished college...twice........that makes me a ' quitter '
#6. I have no teeth......lol......gotcha....but I do have metal in my back
#7. I am an excellent marksman.......even my sisters didn't know that, but I no longer like to shoot anything larger than a BB gun or a camera ...another story that 'still' terrifies me to this day.

Well, there you have it. Another bit of DarVille
Have a Great Day


Darla said...

Storms are scary, can't imagine one of my kids being a storm watcher/chaser. Cute flat people. Interesting things about you too!

Suz said...

Wow...marksman! who knew...I may have to rethink the neighbor thing....
Hey I follow a blog called WORDS...He is a storm chaser sort of...but most of all a photographer who chases storms and the sky...you should go over and see his blog...he's short on words...lets his photos speak
Do you mean rolfed? as in massaged? or is ralfed something I don't know?
Bonanaza...you that old?
college what's that..and do you need it?
teeth you need...glad you have some

Leedra said...

Beautiful sky. I am also a shooter, with my camera. Sometimes I say I shot a bluebird (for instance) and get some real weird looks, until I explain.

Still wishing you would change your comments to half or full page so I could comment more often.

~mel said...

I LOVE Syrus' glasses ~ what a smarty to go and grab them. That was quite the storm that rolled in last night. I'm glad it dissipated as fast as it started; but it did knock our power out for about 7 hours overnight. We didn't have power until 8:00 a.m. It also took down that little birch tree by the end of my flowerbed in the back yard... bummer. I guess we should all be thankful that was all the damage we did get.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My----glad the bad storm missed you... Those things are SO scary... Looks like you entertained the grands with their 'flat people'....

We are still hot and humid here --with NO rain.... Yuk!!!!!

Congrats on the award... I enjoyed reading your 7 things.

Lucy said...

We have not had them right here where we live but 3 or 4 bridges are out and 3 people have drowned. Flash floods!! It just rains and rains. It was last night and the night before and so forth. Much better today. Some of the humidity moved out.

Paula said...

So glad a tornado didn't sit down on you. The top picture is so pretty and interesting tidbits about you.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Very neat story about the grandkids, I love sleepovers. Neat of you to play the game.

Ann said...

what were you doing at 4.45 am, you also chasing the storm. No wonder you sin is interested.

Last night, I was watching a storm chaser UK junkie. Incredible how some one can be so passionate about their work.

The Sibau fruit. the wild ones is oval like a big spiky egg. Have you had lychee? The fresh is similar, the seed large like an olive is discarded. The taste is sweet with a sour taste.

The bamboo leaves are discarded, They basically are used to wrap the rice.

In the old days, when my mum made lots of veg pickles, she used the bamboo leaves to force the veg to be submerged in the brine. She didn't use air tight jars.


Ann said...

sorry typo error.

The first paragraph should be: No wonder your son is interested.

Kellie said...

Those were some storms weren't they!

What a fun idea to make flatalex's. My daughter did the stanley version in school and really had fun seeing where he traveled.

Congrats on your blogger award! Who knew you were a sharpshooter!

jack69 said...

Close call for the storms. I love storms, but not the tornado types. Sy is a guy after my own heart!!!

So, a marksman, I will keep that in mind!!!!!
Good entry, just had to stop by and see what had happened whilist we were gone!