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Saturday, June 26, 2010

More of Yesterdays Treasures

More treasures beholdin' to me. I have surely been blessed. Yesterday was spent washing and polishing antiquated items given to me by our neighbor who wants to clean out the pole barn. The afternoon was spent scrubbing buggies, sleighs, surreys, wagons, buckboards and cutters. Pictures of them will follow when we are done sprucing them up.
In the meantime, some of you have been wanting to see more. Here we go.
The view out my kitchen window now includes these brilliant turquoise and clear glass insulators. Note the one on the far right still has the liner in it and is a bit larger than the rest. I love how the light catches them. In the background outside, you will see the small Adorandack chair. I will explain in a bit.
This may interest you fellas, as it is a piece of ancient history of the loggers. This is a 2-man Mercury Disston KB7-AY Chainsaw that weighs over 100 lbs. and has a 32" cutting bar on it. After the tree is cut down, the bar can be turned sideways to then cut the log into lumber. Amazing piece of history. It came from a Boyd's Resort, down the road from the farm and Mels, where myself, Mel and Cher all worked as kids.
This tiny adorandack chair was custom made for my neighbors Mother. Eva was a tiny little thing no taller or larger in frame as my grandson. I told Teddy to take it home and repaint it for his lady who is also tiny. I had told him that his Dad had given me the chair made for him, years before he passed away, and it is the one that now sits on the cabin deck. An hour later he calls me to come and get the chair. I am so honored to have it and will fix it up to sit right next to his Dads.
He also gave me several trinkets...this tin box that says 'The Musicians by Frans Hats',
this ceramic cookie jar decorated with fruit,
these, too cool, celluloid farm animals that were on his junk pile,
this beauty of a tulip vase, I love this one,
and a cute little nut bowl with a pesky squirrel on it.
American Pickers would love this bike that I am in the process of research to find it's value...does anyone out there know?
I have had so much fun poking through the shed and now am blessed with some of the treasures that Ted's Dad had saved all those years ago. I hope you also enjoyed the tour. There will be one more of all of the carriages, etc. for your enjoyment. Until then,
I have a wedding shower, a baptism, and some goodbyes to tend to.
BlessYourHearts and
Have a Wonderful Weekend


Suz said...

yeah, I saw a witch riding on one in a movie some time back
Great treasures
I love the nut dish and those cows!!!
you are a born rescuer
hav a fun weekend...laugh a little

imac said...

Come and clear our loft out please.lol

Paula said...

You have your own personal herd of cattle now. Everything is outstanding.

jack69 said...

Hey skip that wedding shower, get back to the shed!!!! LOL This is great. It is also amazing. Love the saw. Can a man have the many treasures you list and allow it to leave?

Yes, he is going to make many folks happy. Many folks will carry away treasures they never thought possible. A litle advertising and your neck of the woods would be over run.
Of course to me, it is the saw and the bicycle. That looks like a unique design for a girl's bike. the shape of the box, many bikes has the horn in it, but I don't remember that shape. Keep digging. We are looking for more pictures of treasures.

I hope he gets rid of it all before we get in that neck of the woods. (if we ever should).
LOve from the Mts of NC

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You surely got a big bunch of new treasures, Dar... That bike looks like one that I had as a teen.. Mine was so fancy --and even had a HORN on it... Bet it is worth something!!!

I think that my mother had a cookie jar which looked similar to that one... NEAT..

Love the insulators.... They look great in your window...

Congrats... You did GREAT.

Have a wonderful weekend.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Those were some cool captures from the barn.

Rebecca said...

Oh, you have me drooling at your treasures. Love them all but especially the cutie in the little chair. :)

imac said...

June is the month for Birthdays,lol= Happy belated birthday to you.

quiltmom said...

I love the glass in the window- My mother in law had glass bottles in her windows at one time when she lived in Newfoundland. She always loved glass. I do too...
What nice treasures for you Dar- It is always nice when older things are given to someone who will love and value them.
Thanks for sharing.

Fred Alton said...

Love looking at all of your pictures of history! They each express parts of people's lives on the frontier. That chain saw is a real prize but I don't want to work with it since it weighs 100 lbs! My goodness. That would KILL!!!