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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storms Vivid Colors, Insects

It's been nearly 8 years since our area has had substantial rains, enough to nourish the ground and revive life in our forests and fields. Well, storms and over 7 inches of rain, we finally have had, and how the surroundings are showing appreciation.
It's amazing how vivid the colors become before, during and after a summer storm. My deck flowers are beautiful and lush with color, like these southwest planters beam with white allysum, blue lobelia, and corsican mint.
When the sky looks green and yellow, it usually indicates a strong storm is about to pass through. This one missed us by a few miles to the north, but left plenty of rain throughout the past week.
The storm sure left behind a brilliant rose colored double impatienc.
These vines are sneaky, showing up during my storm. As kids, we used to call this the Lipstick Vine. They are from the Amaranth family, but wild. We would sit and paint our fingernails with the bright red blooms that melted onto our nails like real polish. These are growing out of the old elm stump at Mom's, or the Farm, as we all call it, home, the place where we grew to love nature.

The orange Gerbera Daisy is brilliant this year. Even the spent blooms are showing off, dripping with raindrops.This little fella has no life left in him. The storm tangled his wings in the deer fencing, but he still is welcome to rest on the Boxwood Basil. I had to show you his iridescent wings. Click to enlarge and you will be able to appreciate the veins within his fragile but strong wings. God sure does some miraculous work.
Check out this spider, of whom I have not identified yet. He is a master of disguise, and yes, he Did catch that fly for his lunch.
Speaking of spiders, this was my weekend surprise. I had completely forgotten that I had planted these just this spring, so looking out my living room window this morning, I see these pure white Spider Lilies with green throats. On closer inspection, a Squash Bug was enjoying the fragrant petals, as much as I was. I know most bugs are beneficial, but this one, however, was eliminated. He is the cause of damage to my Buttercup squash blossoms. Last year I had very little squash because of his cousins, so, squish, no more problem from this fella.
Mom's Missouri Primrose are brilliant this year. This one just happened to have a tiny, personable Eastern Meadow Fritillary drinking it's nectar. When they open their friendly wings, they are orange with black spots and no more than an inch and a half in size.
Enjoy the tour. Don't let the insects frighten you, and have a very adventurous week. Pick some flowers, jump rope, glide through the air on a swing, or just take a walk around your yard or neighborhood. Enjoy you surroundings. You may be surprised what you discover. Just use your God-given senses and laugh. Don't forget to look everywhere, up, down, under the leaves and in the water. Laugh.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Not fair . . .you have Missouri Primrose and I living here in Mid-Missouri have none. I think I will take a trip to Missouri wildflower Nursery! http://www.mowildflowers.net/

Loved your flowers.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Neat blooms, you do have some great colors. I love the colorful spider, very good camouflage.

Suz said...

Oh I have had that spider in my butterfly bush
he positions himself upside down...to catch butterflies as they land....I hate them
but I love your flowers
I have those daisies too..and yes they are brilliant this year

jack69 said...

I love nature but you, evidently love nature and have taken time to become intimate with it. We admire that so much. I see the insects and plants, adore them, but have no idea of their names so I cannot talk intimately with them.
The dragon fly and the 'spider & Fly on what I would call a daisy. Wonderful pictures.

YOu always amaaze, entertain and teach. I am such a slow learner though!!!!
Another great entry, pictures fit for a nature collection.
Love from the edge of the Smoky mountains.
Sherry & Jack

Betsy from Tennessee said...

There's nothing better to bring new life to flowers, plants and even insects than some good RAINS... I'm so glad that your drought is over. We are in 'sorta' a drought here now--with much-needed rain... Hopefully, we'll get some soon.

Love your flowers especially the colorful Impatiens. Gorgeous...

imac said...

We have hot days here at the mo, guess it will end up having a storm.
Love your shots.

Lucy said...

Well I am a lot like Jack, I don't know the names of a lot of things but if I like it and feel If I can grow it and it is pretty I plant it.

Paula said...

You have such a wonderful attitude. Love the entry.

Dar said...

I have identified the white spider on the daisy. It is a Crab Spider, so named because of it's resemblance to a crab in that it moves foreward, backward and sideways, and has double pairs of legs longer in the front. He also is known to change to the color of flower he is waiting on for his prey. He does not build a web around his prey, but, instead injects with his venom, then stays with his prey until he is sucked dry. Gruesome. Such is the life of a Crab Spider, known throughout the USA except in the far west coast.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

He is a gorgeous spider. I think I've seen one before. This was certainly a very lovely tour through your garden. Beautiful flowers. Love the dragonfly pic...of course ;) Thanks!
too bad the storm had it's was whith him tho.

Have a great week!

Ann said...

The rain certainly did the plants a lot of good. Talking about insects, i was watch, the swarm, and they talk about the 17 year cicada in USA. Have you heard of them? I was very surprised because in Borneo, we have them all the time, and in New Zealand, they occur in Spring,

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That certainly is a inspiring post, I love to see what you have growing there. What a beautiful spider, and that's coming from someone who is well...not really thrilled with them.

The sweet peas that you asked about are annuals. But no problem, I saved seeds, and they are growing up this year again.

Hugs to you.


Naturegirl said...

Dar: I just love your attention to the small insects living around your blooms!That white Crab spider is awesome to see!We also recieved several much needed rain and the colors in the garden just seem to pop!The Lipstick vine is interesting!Love your choice of plants in your pots!

Fred Alton said...

Loved all the brilliant colors, Dar. Always enjoy you blogs and your understanding of nature comes through vividly too.