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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Hunker-Down Results"

No pictures today, just an update. I have been making gradual changes, not only for myself, but for Bill and anyone else who seats at my table.
We have now, after 10 years, totally eliminated table salts from our diets. We have switched to herbs, most often, basil, oregano, Italian spices, coarse black pepper, cayenne, paprika, garlic granules, and some onion powder. The only thing we salt are our morning egg, on occasion, and when we cook potatoes or noodles and then the salt of choice is Sea Salt which is made of evaporated sea water. Noodles we seldom have., too high in carbs. And tho we love potatoes, the one of choice has become the Red Pontiac which are the lowest in carbs compared to the occasional treat of a Yukon Gold. Hey, we can't give up everything at once.

We now eat red meat no more than twice a week, mainly concentrating on chicken, turkey, salmon and cod. When we are lucky, my brother or the boys will come home with fresh caught catfish or trout., very healthy eating so long as it is not submerged in too much oil.

We always have eaten plenty of fresh, frozen or garden canned veggies and fruits. We have increased those also, being more attentive to the ones with the natural sugars in them like, carrots, beets, sugar snap peas, onion, yes, onions, oranges, etc. and moderate amts. of the high carb ones like potatoes, winter squash. Oh, don't get me wrong, we still eat them but EVERYTHING in Moderation has been the trial for both of us. It's tough. Just try to remember to put 1/3 meat or fish on your plate, and 2/3 veggies, and you will not believe the difference in your numbers.

As for snacks, we used to hoard the chips and frozen treats...not anymore. We still sneak them rarely, I might add, but have now been eating more of the healthy snacks like almonds and pecans. They have the complex carbs rather than the empty ones. Shucks, it just makes ya feel better. Low fat pretzels just don't do it but like I said earlier, we can't give up everything at once.

Bill used to be a 12-pak man, but since his heart attack, he has quit drinking any alcohol of any kind. I used to be a Diet Pepsi or Diet Coke fanatic. I have not had one for the past 4 months, knock on wood. My choice is now water, water with Propel, a flavored water addative that is chucked full of vitamins and nutrients but NO ASPERTAME, a sugar substitute, weight addative that is found in the Crystal Lite that we USED TO drink by the gallons. It is also a big NO NO for you diabetics out there. We still have a cup of coffee or two in the morning, but no more at night. Bill isn't crazy about it, but tea is soothing to me, especially if I forget to eat when I take my handful of vitamins, minerals, and prescription meds in the morning. One will soon be eliminated under my doctors supervision.

Why am I bothering you with all these healthy, new way of living We have been doing for the past several years, and more so, this past year?...well, because
Yesterday was my 6 month check-up, follow-up on my BP and Triglycerides.
My BP went from out of control, highs a year ago, to 120/72.
My triglycerides went from 488 a year ago to 220. Still a bit high but doc said to keep on doing what I'm doing. I was just tickled and couldn't help but to pat myself on my back for the life change that I am already getting accustomed to.
Changing our eating, drinking, habits has helped tremendously.
We still load our plates a bit too much but even that is improving.
Eating out is still the hardest for me, but that's when I will let myself have a treat.

I found it's not the end of the world,
It's a life change, but a good one.
What a great Birthday Present to hear all the good numbers.

Make some changes, GRADUALLY, if you're feeling a bit 'punky', and you will be amazed how great you will feel. Who knows, maybe I've added another dozen years to my life.
Life is So Good, thanks to God guiding us toward better choices.

Oh, I also lost 9 lbs. in the past 6 months., not much but a little at a time is easier to maintain., so they tell me. I'm pleased as An Ant On A Log! That would be a healthy snack of a celery stick with peanut butter and raisins. LOL I can't stop smiling.



Lucy said...

I changed to that plan after Joe had heart failure and nearly died. Once in a while I fry something but try to stay away from the. He is skinny but the doctors want him that way, since everything has just got better since his 3 bypasses and a pacemaker-defrib. I use "no salt' occasionally, but Mrs. dash table blend is for us. I throw a little garlic, paprika,lots of onion, garlic powder, and I don't use salt either.

Dee said...

Congratulations on the successes of your changing diet, it isn't easy to do that. It's such a blessing that you all are doing everything you can to be as healthy as you can.
I applaud you two! ~applause~

jack69 said...

Changing eating habits is a rough thing to do, but we too have done some. My problem is the 'full plate' and seconds.
Yesterday I added olive oil to my daily input. Sherry cooks in olive oil anyway, but alittle more can't hurt. (I hope)

Growing up I thought olive oil was only for priests and ministers to anoint folks with! I wasn't crazy about the smell, but if those monks make it it had to be full of blessings. hahahahaha!

Glad for you about the numbers.

The Cod sounds great! But I thought you drove a Red Pontiac, not eat it. I will have to look for them next time we shop.

Love and thanks for the report and the advice.

Love from the edge of the Smokies.
Sherry & Jack

imac said...

Congrats my friend.

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

Kudos to you Dar ... Al and I made similiar life style changes a number of years ago and have found that the world did not end when we cut out the heavy fried food that was considered comfort. What a wonderful way to honor your family by taking care of the most important person in their life - you. And nice job on paying respect to yourself.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats, Dar.... Losing weight slowly is the way to do it... I have lost and gained SO much weight through the years --but didn't do it the right way. NOW--finally, I am learning to eat healthy --just like you--and not worry about those pounds so much.

We are doing things very similar to what you are doing. We try to eat fish at least once a week... AND we stay away from the red meat much more than we used to. We eat veggies and fruits --and stay away from the snacks and fast-foods. The fast-foods are what used to kill me...

We drink coffee in the mornings --and have green tea at night. Our biggest downfall is CHEESE... We both LOVE cheese. I always eat the 2% --but cannot stand the fat-free cheese. Yuk!

I've drunk alot of water this summer. It quenches my thirst more than anything else. We also take alot of Vitamins and minerals. Neither of us have ever eaten much salt--so that has never been an issue. I have to have salt on my watermellon and on eggs though.

Again, congrats... You all are doing GREAT.

Anonymous said...

I think in now a lot of people are thinking that eating and drinking healthier just might help prolong things if you know what I mean.

I can say I smoked for 33 years and now I am almost 3 years smoke free. I have cut way back on caffeine and I do try to eat better so your post is no surprise and I agree you all are doing good and thanks for sharing.

Sunny said...

Dar, thanks for posting this. It echoes alot of what we are doing. Did you know that eating celery also is supposed to help flush extra salt and water from your body? Just came across that bit of info recently. Keep up the good work girl! You are an inspiration to us! Also I'll just take a moment to say I love your blog and all the different things you post about.
Be blessed!

Suz said...

wow...nine pounds....wonderful
and we really don't need all that salt
you inspire

Paula said...

Good for you! I'm trying.

Dogwood said...

Sounds like great changes in your diet. With my mom and dad and two brothers having heart issues, I am trying to be real careful.

This time of year the veggie and fruits are so yummy.

Fred Alton said...

WoW! Now that's a great blog. Congratulations on the great numbers. We're constantly monitoring those things here due to Frances' health problems. I'm so grateful for the good health I continue to enjoy - and I really don't think about it that much. Maybe it's because I just eat whatever Frances puts on the table? Anyway Congratulations again. You have a right to be proud as a peacock!!!

Kellie said...

Hello Dar~

Wonderful news!

Better give yourself an extra pat on the back!!

As for your menus, is there any particular cookbook you used for recipes? Or did you just modify recipes you already used?

And 9 pounds is great!! Better it comes off slow anyhow..

Happy belated Bday also.

lil sis said...

Getting healthier is the best birthday present
a person can give to themselves - glad all your
test results are improving so much - that's great!
Keep up the good work girlie.
Glad I actually remembered to call you on your
birthday, even tho it was a short conversation as far
as ours go. I can't wait for September/October when
you'll actually be sitting on my porch watching the
leaves fall off the oaks.... hurry up already!
Talk to ya soon - love ya, me

April said...

You are an inspiration. Congratulations!

crochet lady said...

A few better choices can make a big difference...good for you.

Porch Days said...

Sounds like you are doing all the right things. We are making similar changes and just eating less. We have given up pasta, rice, white potatoes and bread. Mr. B has to watch his blood sugar and says he can't eat only a little of these things so better to give them up entirely. We know a body needs some carbs but there are plenty of places to get them.