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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

R&R Precedes Inevitable

Knowing the 1st of June was going to be a long day for us, Bill and I decided to spend some of the day prior, just relaxing, reflecting, and simply enjoy what we see before us. That, of course, meant a drive to the cabin. As we come into the wooded part of our driveway, we couldn't help but notice how green everything has gotten in just the past few days.

Before our eyes were some of our woodland friends, including this Fritillary, and
a nice big doe distracting and guiding us away from her fawn that she had laying somewhere close by the road.
Dickie, our iron turtle who hangs out around the creek, just happened to be sunning himself on the rickety old bridge in need of repair this year.
We see we have damage control to tend to. The borers that have become a problem in WI, have been boring holes in our logs . I suppose, this cabin does not have a chance of standing 100 years if we can't become the dominant owners again, and soon.
A few weeks back, I showed you that we had Eastern Phoebes nesting on the ridge pole in the peek. It seems, they now have neighbors, as there are two Robin families living around the corner under the eaves.
The empty parking lot is the result of our long day. By time we got out of there, we had spent half of our day at
the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin. Bill was referred here by his optometrist.
Please, if you are a diabetic, please, PLEASE, beware the symptoms that can cause blindness. Bill, hopefully, is one of the lucky ones. Though he neglected to mention to anyone for the past several months, that his vision was so blurred that he could no longer trust sight out of his right eye, we pray that the procedure done on him today will be successful enough to restore his vision.
Because of his glucose (blood sugar) being so out of control with drastic changes from highs to lows, his eyes began to suffer the consequences.
He had developed what is called hard exudates, or diabetic aneurysm crystals outside and going within the macular or the back of his eyeball. The leaking and swelling of blood vessels caused them., which in turn, cause blurring, distortion and then complete blindness, if not taken care of. He was just short of the blindness.
To make a long story short, a dye is injected so the retinalogist can see exactly where and what the problem is. He then can see exactly where to do the laser treatment to correct or at least stop the leaking.
They had a couple of cancellations, so the Dr. asked Bill if he had 10 minutes. He could do it right away rather than rescheduling and driving 2 hours again.
All went well, but the empty parking lot in the above picture explains we were the last to leave the building. He will have the blurring for awhile yet. We will see., hopefully, if this was a complete success within the next 3 months.
All in all, he is a lucky man. Though it was not caught immediately, at least this type of retinapathy has a chance of at least stopping further damage with treatment.
Bill has been warned, now he needs to heed the warning. It was stressed over and over again, to pay attention to all the warning signs to keep your sight.
On the way home, he says, "I guess I better take better care of my shootin' eye."

So, how was your day?


Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

Good Morning Dar,

What lovely photographs - and to echo the sentiments of your post on my blog - I can close my eyes and hear the sound of the leaves and the call of the Phoebe (we have had one nesting "on" our cabin for the past few years. Waking up to her call is one of the pleasures of my week-end life!) Our youngest son Ben, who is now 31, was diagnosed with glaucoma when he was 16. Because it went undetected he lost 90% of the vision in his right eye but like everything else about Ben, he was adjusted to this with grace and acceptance that I am amazed by. His surgery was performed at the Mayo Clinic (he has been going there since he was 6 months old for treatment of congenital hydrocephalus) and we were delighted when we discovered that one of the doctors treating him had relocated to the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin. So much for my rambling but you certainly did strike a chord in my life this morning (sorry for the pun)


jack69 said...

Oh yes Dar,another knock-em-down entry. I loved the drive to the cabin. Amazing the ability of animals to protect their young, and distract folk that interrupt their lives.

Nice of you guys to provide a place for the birds to live, rent free. However it would be nice if they ate the borers.

I know my hearing is gone, but I cannot imagine living without my sight. It is so important. We had dinner with Bill Irwin, the only blind guy who amazingly hiked the AT. He lost his sight in his early 50's. He said he would rather lose his sight than his hearing. I do not share that feeling.

I hope Bill can take the warnings to heart and do what ever he must do to save/help his sight. I love it though when things happen like that, 'I can do it now, if you have time'.

I like the idea of the g-loves having their own rows to take care of, what a wonderful grandma and teacher you are.

Love from Down South in 'North' CArolina. LOVE!

Darla said...

Nice scenery at your cabin...prayerfully Bill will be able to enjoy it fully!

janet said...

Good Morning Dar,
First off, I want to wish your man a speedy recovery from his procedure and I hope he keeps himself well for the future. Secondly, I want to say lovely photos of your cabin surroundings. I found a fawn in my perenial garden once...mom had placed her there while she grazed in a nearby field. Too sweet! Thanks for stopping by to say hello, it made my day...now you go have your self a good one :-)
your friend,

Fred Alton said...

Thanks Dar, for this beautiful entry. Of course you know by now that I love the out-of-doors pictures and nature talk. I do trust that Bill's eye procedure works and his sight can be restored. That's so important. Frances has recently had cataracts removed and her vision improved significantly - but the diabetes keeps making the readings fluctuate - so no glasses yet. Some kind of bird has started to build a nest on my cabin porch. I'll need to find out the name of the bird soon.

Suz said...

his shooting eye....that gave me a chuckle
but he is not alone in denial
glad you found this doctor and got it worked on
Your path to your cabin reminds me of the path into the Clearing in Ellison Bay...love the gentle winding road...a true delight
get the old guy to check that blood sugar!
My birdbath was from Walmart in Galena Il.
you didn't think I actually made that?
love you for thinking I could!

~mel said...

I hope all goes well for Bill and he gets to keep his vision ~ I'd hate to have him shooting without it!!! I'd offer him the services of my dog as a seeing eye pooch; but she's in the same state as Bill. Bummer... Talk with ya later.

Rebecca said...

Oh my, so much going on. Glad you had a little time to relax before all of this. And hopefully Bill will take care of the shootin' eye.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby and his Diabetes. That disease is a KILLER.... Does he take medication to control the blood sugar? If not, he needs it. He has to get the blood sugar controlled. Losing his eyesight is one of many things which can happen. Why are men so darn stubborn?????

Sorry also about the problems at your cabin. How do you get rid of the borers???? I hope you can save the cabin. The drive to the cabin is so pretty---and things really are green up there....

Please keep me posted about your Sweetheart... I'll keep him in my prayers. Hope they can save his eyesight.


Kellie said...

Hello Dar~

I hope with treatment your Bill will regain clear vision.

Your cabin is great! Hope you are able to roust out those borers.

Cher' Shots said...

Wow, what are we going to do with that Bill ~ he sure keeps us praying! Thanks for sharing the warning! love you guys