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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Keepers and Not

The day was full of surprises. Some wanted, some not.
My Quince bush is finally showing some promise after having been transplanted twice since it's arrival several years ago. I love the gorgeous blooms tight to the branches. Just as I was about to snap the picture, this lil' bee sneaks in to get his picture taken too. Isn't nature full of surprises. A keeper.
This is also a transplant that is doing great. I had laid an unused 8 ft. satellite dish on its back and filled it with compost and Irises. It's going to be 'showing off' real soon. I love this one. Sadly, I do not remember the variety names of my plants anymore. All I know for sure, is, this one is a keeper.
If my Mother were to see this right now, she would yank this one out. I have such a terrible tendency to 'keep' weeds, like this Mustard plant, just because they are pretty. I won't let it go to seed but, for now, it's a keeper.

My Allium was a gift from Bill's Uncle Bob. I love how stately and proud they are in their orb shapes standing guard on each side of the Bleeding Hearts that I got from my sister Mel. They all are keepers.I had to show off my Cinnamon Fern which is about three quarters unfurled. She already stands 4 ft. tall and will easily grow at least another foot or more under my kitchen window. I included her for you Betsy...I know how you love the ferns.
All ferns are keepers.
This was at 4:20 Wed. morning.
A few seconds later, this beauty of a sunrise, was so much brighter before it was a blue sky just minutes later. I'm grateful all these years, for getting up early with Bill to pack a lunch for him and have coffee with him before he heads off to work.
We would never see such a God-given gift otherwise. The early bird, gets the worm, it's said. Early to rise, also sees most beautiful skies. Definitely a Keeper.
We had an unwanted visitor., one of which has been years since we have seen one. This little rascal is a woodchuck. So, how much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck would chuck wood? He's a rodent. He may get eliminated with the eliminator. He can cause a whole lot of damage to our gardens. It's been another tough year so we need all the produce we can grow for our family. He is NOT a keeper.
We also have a stray Mama cat hanging around the barn a lot lately. Now I know why. I saw a couple of kittens scurrying around behind the phlox and lilies behind her. She is a wonderful mouser, so, She is a keeper.
Mama doe was feeding in the lawn. She never comes this close unless she has laid her fawn close by. I'm waiting to see where she lays him so I can give you a closer look. We have seen her little one feeding at the edge of the field and kicking his heels up after a snack from his Mama. I will remain patient for the pictures. So, in the meantime, She is a keeper.
I hope you all have a glorious day. May you encounter a few wildlife friends and enjoy the sunshine, and, Don't forget to smell the roses.

From my lawn to yours


Lucy said...

You are in a glorious place and it looks peaceful. I love your flowers. Thank you for the encouragement and I am thinking positive that it will stay.

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

Love all your Keepers! Can't wait to see the baby fawn and what a wonderful way to start your day...coffee with Bill and a spectacular sunrise. Nice post and nice way to start the day! Thanks....Sue

jack69 said...

You guys are so blessed to live this close to real nature. I suspect though, that you and Mel have dark green thumbs and fantastic memories, just to remember the names of plants, bushes and weeds. I should have included animals also.

What a shot of the bumble bee on the quince, looks intended, it is an eye catcher for sure.

4:20 in the AM? Do people still get up at that time? LOL, it has been so long. But you are right, you do not see the sunrise and the beauty of it when you get up at 9-10 AM.

Lately I get up around six thirty-seven. (That will shock my sister Shirl. That is early for me.

I remember a 7th grade teacher bringing in a fern like that with a growth under the leaves. Under the microscope it looked like a box of jewels. The extent of my science memories.

Love the entry, the DOE is beautiful.

From NC, Love...Sherry & Jack

imac said...

Hello Dar, what a wonderful post, full of pics and tails-tales,lol.
So pleased you had a smile with the scarecrows.

Fred Alton said...

So many blessings around you! It is good that you are able to see them. So many folks cannot seem to stop long enough to "smell the roses" like this. I see God's handi-work easily when reading your blog. GREAT pictures too!

crochet lady said...

Loved all your wonderful pics on this post.

What a beautiful coral color the sky was and there is just something about the bold yet delicate statement of an iris that makes me smile.

Cindy Bergeron Scherwinski said...

I love, love, postively LOVE your photography and your talent for composing just the right phrase to 'frame' the photos. A gal after my own heart! BTW .. I got such a chuckle out of your question in response to Tombstone Tuesday (is there a Morbid Monday) and the answer is ... no. However, there is Military Monday (or Madness Monday depending on which theme you chose to post about on your blog...), Wordless Wednesday (or Wisdom Wednesday for those of us who just cannot go wordless...), Treasure Chest Thursday, Follow Friday and Surname Saturday and also another opportunity to blog about all things genealogy, SNGF (aka Saturday Night Genealogy Fun hosted by one of the members of the Geneabloggers) and Sentimental Sunday. All blogging prompts to keep people writing and sharing their rich family history :-)

As mentioned on my FB page, I'm off to stalk warblers this afternoon while Al mows to keep ahead of the grass.

Blessings to you this day,

Kellie said...

Great "keepers"!

I get up to see off my hubby in the am also. It's a nice quiet time. Sure love seeing those sunrises too.

Suz said...

oh no
not that
loved the flowers
so pretty and the bee!
do you feed the mama cat throught the winter and her kittens...
so many questions....

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed this little visit. I agree...the woodchuck is not a keeper. That iris is beautiful, I have never see one like it.

madcobug said...

Beautiful nature pictures. I enjoyed looking at them. Helen

vintagesusie & wings said...

Great post my friend!!! I love your blog & look forward to following you on life's many adventures!!
Smiles & Hugs,

Shirl 72 said...

Dar thanks for stopping by. I am Jack's sister
and I don't write all the time. I stay busy
entertaining at assisted living quarters.
I sing and play the drums with the band. I am also not good on the computer. I can turn it on and off. Jack had given me written instructions. I am still learning but sometime my mind leaves and doesn't return. I don't think my mind is can computerize. Your blog is beautiful and very enjoyable. Pictures are wonderful. I replaced the cantelope plant again and Mr. Rabbit enjoyed it last night. This is # 3. Jack said there
was a concealed weapon downstairs and we need
to find it. Thank for the tip I will try
that. He is not bothering the ones with blooms
just the new ones I put out.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, You have alot of "keepers" in this post. I love love love those ferns... I have never seen that kind... Wow--they are fabulous!!!!

And I agree that a woodchuck or groundhog is NOT a "keeper"... We had one several years ago --and he did alot of damage to our plants and flowers. We finally plugged up his living quarters --and he moved on. Haven't had any others --thank goodness.

Love that Iris... Haven't seen that one... What a beauty.

Glad you had a great day... I'm just glad to be home and to have the surgery OVER...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a lot of keepers there for sure. Just stopping in to say thank you for the nice comment in my blog. I'll be back to visit soon. Wonderful pictures you have in your entry today!

Lucy said...

A really great entry. That iris is very pretty.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: I love your flowers and all the wildlife around the house. I have trouble with the groundhogs in my garden.
BTW: Excellent guesses on all the animals, you only missed the Grackle. Drop me an E-mail and I will send you a framed surprise.

holdingmoments said...

I do love your selection of keepers.