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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quadruplets, Reds, Just a Swingin'

Who ever would have thought that we would have Quadruplets in our family.
It's true. Born sometime Fri. the 28th, there were babies born. Tiny, wiggly, 1/8 inch babies were born to the mommy in the above picture. She is the orange gal with the black tail in the left side of the fish tank, as her human family looks on., my son and his 3 sons.
They are resting in the glass of fish water while the tank is being cleaned. After the baby fish show, we had another kind of baby show going on. Having gone to a few graduation parties within the family, it seems we have quite a string of Red Heads running 'round.
Whatcha talkin' bout?
Who? Me?
This young man donated his red hair this weekend. He wanted a haircut at the picnic table so the birds could have his hair for their nest. What a Sweet fella. So, I cut his hair, he held it up in the air and let the wind take it away for the birds to find. He checked this morning to see, and, sure enough, some of it was gone and surely lining a birds nest.
And, of course there was some swingin' going on too.
I AM being careful Grandma!
Just a glimpse of our Memorial Weekend, so far. There will be much more to follow. Until then, have a wonderful weekend yourselves and remember to honor our troops, then, now, and in the future.

God Bless America & God Bless You


madcobug said...

Congrats on the new babies. How sweet of your Grandson to want the birds to have his hair for their nest. Have a great Memorial Day. Helen

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Happy Memorial Day. Looks like you and your big family will have a wonderful time tomorrow...

Congrats on the new fishies... Quads, huh???? Wow--how neat!!!

Neat also that your little red-headed grandlove donated his hair to the birds for their nests. How special is that...

Looks like everyone had a great time a 'swangin'...... ha


Paula said...

Glad your Memorial Day week-end is a memorial one.

jack69 said...

Love the entry as usual. Homey and family.
There is nothing like a swing. There is probably a big psycological reason, but fact is kids just love a swing.
We always love how you teach (without teaching) the kids about nature. The hair and birds nests we have heard the whole time we traveled with my sister. She always cut her husbands hair outside in the campgrounds, it is for the birds, she would say.
Congrats on the babies. More teaching.
Love you guys up there,
From North CArolina, LOVE!!!!

Fred Alton said...

Great entry, showing your care for your children and "grandloves" as you show them how to live. One of life's greatest joys is passing along what we have learned to those following behind. You do that so noticeably well. Memorial Day here is rainy and weather is going to cause my cabin project to be delayed as I don't want to lie down on the wet ground to fix those plumbing leaks - but will now have an excuse for just relaxing, making burgers and dogs and loving on the family.

Kellie said...

Good day Dar - I like the quads! Personally I've not had good luck with fish, so we don't even think about getting them anymore.

We've got a few redheads in our family too. Fair skin with freckles to got with their curly red.

Got a good rain last night. Hope you did in your area as well.

Lucy said...

Looks like a lot of fun and redheads. Hope today goes well for you.

~mel said...

Love the pic of Syrus on the tire swing!

April said...

Enjoyed reading some of your recent posts and seeing the pictures. Hope your foot is better.

Suz said...

Oh you got me going with that one
but the red heads...all of them are so cute
and I love that swing

Ann said...

It's amazing how much an old tire can give to children. We had tires here in New Zealand and in Singapore. In Singapore, we were probably the only family with a tire swing, and the kids loved it.

I love visiting your site too.

Did you hear about Love a Ginga Friday last week here in New Zealand. A radio station promoted this "hug a red head" and that sparked a lot of debates.

I personally didn't like it. It would give any dirty old man the opportunity to go and hug young girls or women.

What do you think? Are you ginger yourself? Where did the boys get their red hair?