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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Place in Town

This has been a hectic couple of months. There has been tons of prep work done for the new owners and their devoted team of Stacy, Eric, and us, to do. There's a new place in town. My son Dusty and his business partner, Carl, have taken a break from their ' real ' job, to open an indoor archery shooting range called Northern Archery, right here in north central WI., in the heart of deer and bear country. We wish them great success on their new adventure. They call it their place of R & R from their ' real ' jobs.
Dustin and his support team, Ryele, Josh and Steph,...his family, taking a lunch break in the sun in front of the new project.
Amongst the work needing to be done, was clearing some trees to make room for a parking lot. Future fencing will distinguish the private drive to their rental home. To rent this 3 bdrm. country home, call 1-715-762-8526.
After a thorough cleaning, the painting, shellacing, rewiring, building new walls, putting safety glass windows in, building a bar and waiting counters, tables and stools, redoing the floors, and more and more, work had to be done to prepare for opening the doors to the public. The bar/waiting area turned out beautiful. This is the area the guys and gals can wait for their turn to shoot at the targets with their bow and arrows or just sit and relax with friends over a pizza and beverage while watching the other shooters or the outdoor sports programs.
The first official membership was sold, and the fun begins.
The range is supplied with 3D targets as well as 9-spot targets. You cannot see him, but there is a full sized average black bear target standing between the first two boxes. There will be more targets to come and the finishing touches on the range are still in motion. There are also tree stand shooting areas that will be in place soon so the shooters can shoot from an actual tree stand vantage point.
This is what the Northern Archery shooting range is all about. Practice, practice, practice from different distances until all is perfected. All are welcome. Bring your own bow equipment and have a go at it.
We wish the best for the new place in town, Northern Archery, 715-762-8526. The hours open are:
8 a.m.- 8 p.m.- Mon.-Fri.
9 a.m.- 4 p.m.- Sat.
Closed on Sun.

This has turned out to be a fun project for me and Bill to get a bit involved in too. We are so proud of the beautiful place that Dustin and his partner, Carl, have made for this outdoor sports community to enjoy. So, if you are ever in the north central Wisconsin area, stop in. They are easy to find just 2 1/2 miles East of Park Falls right on State Hwy 182 as you round the first corner. They would love to see you.
This has turned into a bit of free advertising but that's o.k. I am anxious to see how this all materializes on the business end of things. During this time of stressed economy, it is especially difficult to get a new business to thrive. It's scary. The boys are anxious, cautious, excited, all at the same time. They decided when they started this project, that, if all else fails, they will have one heck of a nice cabin. Now, that's the attitude. Dusty has always been the positive one and believes that you will never know until you ' try,' whether or not something will succeed. We Wish them all of our Best. Thanks for listening.



Lucy said...

Oh wow, what a big project buy it looks like you were all up to it. I hope it works out good.

The White Farmhouse said...

Good luck to him! If we lived closer I would know where to find my hubby. He pretty much only shoots with a bow. He uses a custom made long bow and has gotten some pretty impressive mounts with it. Bear, buffalo, zebra, red stag.... and many more. I will have to tell him to stop on his way to Canada in August for bear hunting.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Beautifully presented, now you need to transfer that to a web site. Or a blog for them, or maybe even UTube.

We had bows when I was young, we grew up in a hunting family. In fact, I more or less grew up at the Gun Club.

I wish them much success, they have done a great job, and everything looks nicely laid out. Word of mouth is a great advertiser.

Keep us updated on how it goes.


jack69 said...

Wow, what a place they have built. As they progressed you talked about it, but I never pictured it this elaborate. IT is beautiful. I love the light wood on the inside.
This is great and a great controlled place to sharpen up the archery skills, even if one isn't a hunter. Congratulations to everyone involved. Love it!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Your son and his partner have made a wonderful place for the sportsmen in MI. Best of luck with the project.

imac said...

I wish them all the success they deserve.
A lot of hard work but its paid off it sounds, and looks great.

Paula said...

Good luck to the new place in town. It looks sooo nice.

Fred Alton said...

Oh Wow! Dar - How I would LOVE to be closer to the archery place. We do have a place here that sells bows and has an in-door range, but nothing like what your son and his partner have there. I looked at bows a couple of years back and was shocked to find that prices compare with hand-guns now! I had given away a good compound "Indian River" (or maybe it was called "Indian Archery") when I left for Africa and have not replaced it. Love the bow-hunt because it extends my excuses for being in the forest more. ☺

Kellie said...

Hello Dar~

What a fun place your son and his partner have opened up!
I hope they have lots of business and thrive.
If we get to your neck of the woods this summer we'll have to stop in.

lil sis said...

What a nice place - can't wait to see it in
person. I may even have to try to shoot something
off the wall - lol.
Best of adventures to ya'll, way to go Dusty and Stacy.
You too Carl. Good luck!
Love ya's from afar...me

GardenofDaisies said...

My brother in law was a bow hunter. My sister had dear and elk heads all over the walls of her house.