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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Angel Wing, Deer, What is it?

Yes, I messed up my foot again. I don't know when or how, but once again I'm getting zingers around my ankle and up my leg...so....
A little birdie told me to...
Get under the Angels Wing and...
Find a place to rest...(this doe just laid her fawn down for the morning), maybe I can lay down too???
Have a 'Ginger'snap and warm tea...
In the Valley of the Lily...
And don't get stung!
Does anyone know what this fella is? He is about an 1 1/2 inches long with a hard tail...just please tell me he is NOT a tree borer...we cannot loose anymore trees due to drought and insects.

I spent the morning at my Mothers walking around her yard, peeking at the growth of her flowers and fruit trees. I had told her of all the dying trees I noticed on the way to the farm. So many thirsty trees. She, too, is worried about the damage the drought has already done, and what will this year bring. On the local news just this morning, they spoke of the water table being down so low. They said that according to records kept, it has not been this dry in northern Wisconsin for 125 years. We agreed that we were so fortunate to have had new wells dug last fall. We can only imagine how busy the drillers will be again this year, if this keeps up.
I helped her water and feed her treasured chicks. I noticed that they gather around her legs just like the chickens gathered around Dad when he would come near. It's funny how something so silly brings back such fond memories of him. She dug up a Cinnamon Fern for me that had taken root in the edge of her lawn where she did not want it. As I reached for the fork to dig it myself, she refused to let go of the handle...Your foot, she says., still taking care of me. I should be taking care of her.
I asked about the old wringer washer she had when I was just a kid. I wondered if she still had it somewhere. I told her I could remember like yesterday, as she helped me lift those heavy, wet jeans and guide them through the wringer. She said it must have ended up on the rockpile like all things years ago, that no longer served purpose. She was a good one tho, Mom remembered, a good heavy duty Maytag, just like Ma's, she said. How she laughed. How I love her laugh. I see her Mother, my Grams, in her, more and more., the way she stands with her hand on her hip, her mischievous grin, falling asleep on her hand to 'rest her eyes'. How I miss Grams.
A visit does not go by when we don't talk about Dad. How I miss him. How she misses him. How we will always love him. I did not mean this to turn into a somber moment, but I guess it has. I guess I am realizing just how short life is. How valuable our memories are, when we can remember. Mom is going to be 81 in a few weeks. Grams lived to be just shy of her 102nd birthday. Dad laughed his way to heaven at 80. And, I'm shamefully regretting another birthday. Longevity runs in my family, both sides, but it does not mean I want to go there. I guess that as we age, have health problems, age, slow down physically and mentally, age, encounter less energy, life gets a different kind of difficult, doesn't it.
Thanks for listening and have a great weekend. I will be going to a few graduation parties, chasing grandkids for working parents, doing a bit more gardening, and sleeping in if I get a chance.
BlessYa, Everyone!


Cher' Shots said...

I loved this. I traveled down memory lane with you about Granny and Dad and then of course it set my mind back to Jeff and others we've lost. Some days the littlest things trigger memories that make it all seem too real again. Other days, not so much. On a happier note - Thom's doc appt. went great. He's cancer free!
Take care of that foot ~ you've got Grandbabies to chase!

Dianna said...

Hello, dear Dar,
I'm sure sorry to hear about that foot of yours. Your pictures are wonderful, Dar!

I always enjoy hearing about your memories of your family...and of the new memories you are making with your mom.

I so understand what you are saying about how as we grow older we view life from a different perspective than we did even a few years ago. When I was in my 40's ten years could go by before I felt the effects. At 60 I am realizing some times it only takes the passing of one or two years to make a difference.

Rest up this weekend!

Hugs to you,

Dianna said...

P.S. I just spent an hour or so catching up on all of your blog posts from since we got back from Maine. Thoroughly enjoyed them all...and wanted to mention that I left you several notes along the way. Love ya.

Sunny said...

Hi Dar, Love your post pictures and comments. The clematis I have is a Jackmani, a deep royale purple. The place here was built in 1997 so I am guessing it is about 12 yr old. I'd like to get a light pink one started.
As for losing loved ones and missing them, I miss my Grandma the most, I guess because we were so alike in many ways. I also miss my older brother who died of lymphoma cancer at age 59. He was a very special person... Have a good Memorial Day weekend.

jack69 said...

Sorry about the foot, but the entry is fantastic. I love your pictures and narritative. You seem to know what bushes, trees, animals and insects are saying.

BUT above all that, I love the re-memories. Yes the things that bring a hidden memory back to me. You have a way of describing MOM and 'Grams', that stir the thoughts up from the bottom of the mind. Brings them right to the top, clear and wonderful.
Just the old wringer machine and wash day! wow, the bluing in the tub. How did that make them more white mama?
Love from NC, hoping the foot is better soon and have a great Memorial day weekend.

Fred Alton said...

DAR, What a wonderful post! Just stirred up real memories of my own grandmother getting her index finger caught in the old Maytag wringer and pulling the first joint off her hand. She wrapped it in a rag and taped it off and let it heal. No doctor for her for over 50 years after a dramatic spiritual experience! Yes, she believed in and practiced "divine healing". I'm also reminded that Frances and I had a Maytag with wringer that we hauled in the trunk of our '36 Pontiac when we moved from N.O., LA to Tennessee. Thanks for the good memories. Oh - that insect looks a little like what we used to call dragon-flies. Somehow a little different though.

Rebecca said...

Oh the things life is made of. Yes, life is short, we have such a brief time to take it all in and cherish it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, You are asking the girl who has TERRIBLE knee pain right now --to comment about getting OLD.... Yipes---I don't like it at all. My family lived long lives also. Dad died shy of his 80th birthday--and since he smoked for 50 years, it was Emphysema which got him. Mom died at the age of 91 in 1991. George's parents are both still alive (Mom is 90 and Dad is almost 98)... SO--longevity is on our side. But--do we want it????? Right now---I'm not sure... ha

Sorry about your foot. I can certainly sympathize. Any kind of PAIN is hard to deal with. Hope your pain goes away quickly. NOW--do what I'm having to do. SIT and RELAX---and let your family 'wait' on you!!!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Paula said...

Whoops I don't think my comment went. lol Nice entry with lots of memories. Got my head scarf end into a wringer one time helping my Mama. Thank goodness I had sense enough to grab it from the back and pull it over my head.

imac said...

Sorry to hear about your foot.
As for getting older with more pains, ah I know it well,lol.
Yet if my memory went, that would be worse,lol.
Ah, enjoy while we can I say lol.

Kellie said...

Hello Dar

I'm glad you found me out in blog land because I really enjoy reading you. It's like picking up a letter from a dear friend :)

Hope your foot gets better. I know how rotten it feels to be laid up or just sore enough that everything you do is a bright reminder of pain.

Your pictures are lovely. Like a tour of your favorite things.

For me a walk down memory lane is always good.
I never want to forget those who are now gone and what better way to honor them than to pass on stories of who they were and what they meant to you.

Hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

quiltmom said...

Lovely photos of a beautiful area .. Loved seeing all the flora and fauna..
Hope your foot is feeling better and not keeping you down.
The weather here is wet and rainy and quite chilly for this time of year( around zero).
I miss my gran too- she lived on a farm until she passed nearly 7 years ago.
Keep making wonderful memories with your family. They will treasure their time with you too.