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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy, Busy, Rush, Rush

Thank Goodness for strong coffee. We had the busiest GrandLove Weekend. We witnessed a Dance Recital, a Birthday Party, a Roller Blade Demo, a Wrestling Match and lots of hugs and giggles.
It was a blast to see everyone. This entry might be a bore for some of you, but as I entered my first day on blog land, I'm all about family so, here we go again.
Like I said, Thank Goodness for strong coffee. Austin was fascinated with each drip the coffee made to fill the pot. Grandpa was explaining just how it worked when lil Austin says, "I love you til we die."...pretty profound statement for a four year old.
Our Granddaughter Ryele (Rye), had her Danz Kraze Spring Show which featured 50 performances from pre-K to High School age gals that entertained us for 2 1/2 hrs. It was great to see the progress the kids make in a couple of years. I still think the littlest ones are the cutest. This was Ryele's 2nd year of dance. Her team consists of 7 little 6-7 yr. old darlings. She is on the far right getting ready for a kick. Sorry for the unclear picture, as we sat way high on the bleachers.
The stars are lavished with roses at the end of their performances from their admirers. We are so proud of the sweet young lady Rye is becoming.
Her big brother was more than happy to support his little sister. Afterall, she has gone to every hockey, football, softball, and soccer game that he has played and been his greatest cheerleader. He is so excitedly looking forward to high school here at the Huskys, and more excited to enter the Doghouse Gym.
A special young lady turned 7 on her Danz Kraze Day...Happy Birthday Ryele.
Her Mom said it was Birthday Cakes for Ryele this year. Her favorite flavors of Cho. Peanut Butter and Strawberry Cream Cheese. She told her Mom she didn't want a regular birthday cake. And they were delicious. It seems her Mommy has to be on crutches for 6 weeks due to a stress injury and torn ligament......ouch.
Mr.-Mr. has a new exercise run. Ryele got him when she finally mastered her bicycle this spring while Daddy was on a business trip. He promised she could get a hamster if she learned while he was gone. She learned in an afternoon, with such great incentive. The exercise run was a birthday gift from her brother.
We also went to a Roller Derby Demo, compliments the Birthday Girl! I couldn't believe she took right off on those skates. Her Daddy said she had a lot of practice with her balance on the ice, playing hockey. Another future athlete is in the family. You go girl!
Christopher sure loves his dog, Bandit. He is getting old and arthritic, but sure tries to continue to please his family. Bandit has been a faithful friend for 14 yrs. already.
Christopher's brother Austin, well, he's just a goofus. He loves to entertain us with his funny tricks and faces. So much energy comes out of these two boys, that Grams and Gramps are exhausted after a visit just watching them.
We also witnessed a Wrestling Match by Christopher Giggles and Awesome Austin. Given the opportunity, these little guys will make great competitive wrestlers someday. Lil Austin already has some of the holds down. Boy, would their Uncle Stacy love to coach them.
This was the only driving that Bill did. We followed our daughter back to her home after the birthday party . He has not been wanting to drive much this weekend.
We passed this pretty place along the way. That is one big farmhouse. If walls could talk, I wonder what it would say. Darcie said it was built in the late 1800's. It was nice of her to drive us past it. She knows how I love the old places with a history.
I hope I didn't bore or exhaust any of you. It was a great weekend for a couple of GrandFolks who don't get away very often. When we got home, it was back to the grindstone. We restocked the cabinets and the freezer, Bill and the boys put a fishing floor that rests on the seats in the bow of Stacy's boat, he and Andy took it for a test run hoping to land some walleyes. Bill mowed the lawn, I potted more plants, made lunch and supper, did laundry, put one of the window air conditioners in, and planted some potatoes in tires for a trial. I'm pooped out, plum tuckered, tired, exhausted, ready for bed.

Hope you all had a happy but productive weekend.
BlessYourHearts for way up north.......


The White Farmhouse said...

Wow! It does sound like you had a very busy week! Rye is just too cute! I'll bet you she was the best one in her group. How nice to have Grandma and Grandpa there cheering her on! I have to say that what you do in one day poops me out much less a weekend! Enjoy your week!

jack69 said...


But ain't they wonderful and bring such joy into our lives. A great way to wrap up a weekend, remembering and telling the wonders of grandparenting!!!! Loved the entry and not a single chocolate recipe! but you can't top the statement by Austin, awesome!
(he wipes tears as he laughs)
Love ya!
take care of your self.
Sherry & Jack

Anonymous said...

Never a bore, family and the activities you all do together is always a joy to read. I know for myself I love posting about what we do here at home.
The more time you spend with your kids I think the better off they will grow up and pass along what you have shown them.

~mel said...

Oh... so that's where you were ~ over by Darcie and Dustin. I forgot you told me you were heading out of town. Glad to hear all is well over that direction. Sorry to hear that Steph is on crutches again though.

Prairiemaid said...

Dar, you have lovely grandkids! Little Miss Rye is going to turn a lot of heads when she gets older! She is precious.

I got to reading, and almost forgot what you asked me. But...Robbers Cave is two miles outside of Wilburton. It is an awesome place to take the kids. Here is a link, but the pictures don't do it justice.


Thanks for coming by!

imac said...

Great grand-kids.
glad all went well.

Cher' Shots said...

Wow, it sounds like you had your own little whirlwind mini family reunion. Cool. Thanks for sharing.

Dee said...

Charming and fun! It's always a pleasure to visit with your family here. Awesome and busy busy busy. Love it!

Ann said...

Were you eyes glued on one person Young lady Rye?

That's what I do when my kids were performing. Now, I encourage my students, I will be watching and routing just for you, especially when they are reluctant to perform.

Fred Alton said...

This is a wonderful post! Always love to read about a family such as this and to see your kindnesses towards each other. Beautiful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Dar, Enjoy those Grandloves NOW--because they will all be grown and gone before long. I cannot believe how fast they do grow. My oldest grand is 16 and the youngest is 12..... Yipes!!!!!

Love hearing about your precious grands!!!

Dianna said...

Awwww, Dar, what a precious post! I LOVE hearing about how other families celebrate life! I've said it before and I'll say it again, I enjoy yours and Mel's blogs because you have such a unique family! Your Grands are precious! Thanks so much for sharing with us!