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Friday, May 21, 2010

4:46 a.m., Invention

Good Morning!!!
This was my morning sky at 4:46 this morning...I just had to share.
One of my die-hard hunters is up to inventing time savers again. This time it is a sprayer system for the food plots that the guys have dispersed about our acres for the fall bow and rifle hunts. The all are avid hunters and are always fiddling with something new. If it isn't out there the way they like it, they build it better or cheaper than what's on the market.
This time it's a sprayer for weed killer, fertilizing , watering, or whatever else they can think up. You know the old measure twice, cut once phrase?, well, this is measure once, calculate, know your coverage before purchase of weed killer and fertilizer, phrase.
He has already taped out the area he will be driving. He drives the first loop so he can see how far the water spreads and how wide. Notice he is measuring the water exactly, so he can calculate accurately.
He tapes again to see the width, then calculates the width times the distance times the number of times he has to go the distance first measured, and he knows how far his tank of water will go.
This is the sprayer set-up he has engineered. It works pretty efficient, but, of course, being the engineer he is, he says he still has lots of ' tweaking' to do.
For one, he is not happy with his spray. The system is right, but the angle still needs some adjustment. Anyone else would probably be quite satisfied, but not my perfectionist.
Apparently, because the spray is too high on one side, and too low on the other, the dissipation of the water is not consistent, so it must be adjusted. He also considers the wind direction and the heat of the day.
No wonder, for myself, who measures nothing, goes crazy with these boys of mine sometimes. Ya Gotta Loveum. Bless their hearts that they are so meticulous.
Now, if only they could apply that same theory to their personal lives...hmmmm.
Life is so full of 'curves in the road'. This way, that way, no this way!

Have a Simply Lovely Weekend
From Up by Us in WI


The White Farmhouse said...

This is a guy after my husband's heart! He tried planting food plots last year but you really need to be there to make sure they are tended. I don't know if they really worked. I do know that he bought lots of stuff to make them work though. I refuse to show him this though. I can just see my Husqvarna equipped like this!

Anonymous said...

That was some good ingenuity right there and it looks like it will save time and money.

Fred Alton said...

WoW! If I keep reading your blog I will get a good education! I might become a killer instead of a hunter. That's quite an ingenious method of spraying and I may suggest it to some buddies here.

chubskulit said...

Wow, that is pretty creative! I am sure your boys will have so much fun about it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love the sunrise, Dar... AND--your engineers are very creative... I love that idea!!!! I'm sure they will get it perfected soon...

Funny when you mentioned perfection, my hubby is a perfectionist also... I was saying something to him recently, and told him to put something almost to the bottom. He couldn't do ALMOST... He wanted to know how many inches. Duh!!!!

Have a great day.

Dee said...

So what you're basically saying is that your married to MacGyver with an engineering degree in perfection. lol Gotta love the logic! :)

Your morning sky is beautiful. Very majestic and breathtaking. Ahhh, it's speaks to the soul. :)

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

jack69 said...

Somefolk have the ability to see,think then produce. This is a little too involved for me. I can sure see where it will work and I am amazed at how much planning and prep went into it. Good job!
jack & Sherry, sending Love from NC

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Dar: Love your morning sky, just beautiful. They is some neat engineering on the watering equipment.

imac said...

Now that - is a wonderful sunrise.

Rebecca said...

An inventor in the family! How exciting! We lived next door to one of those...he is now an engineer for the Navy. He was supposed to rake the leaves one day while mom was at work, he was busy all day, but when she came home no leaves were raked. He had spent the day inventing some work saving way to rake leaves.

T and S said...

The sunrise is simply gorgeous...Thomas

Dianna said...

This post makes me think of my hubby and how he likes to engineer things himself. Thanks for sharing.