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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Knock-Out Work

Good Morning!
I could not resist showing you my Knock-Out Rose. I have never been lucky with any of the roses besides your wild roadside variety, so I thought I'd give this one a chance to prove to me that it is worth all it's hype. They say it should grow here, so next spring will tell the truth. In the meantime, let's just enjoy it's charm.
So, since we are knocking out, I thought I'd ' knock- out ' some work yesterday. I spent a good part of the day working on cleaning up the grove beds and planting a few annuals in them. This one has Johnny-Jump-Ups, a few Verbena, and a few perennials like Bee Balm, violets, Bluebells, and another that smells like vanilla, tiny white-flowered, deer loving, press on the side of my nose to remember-plant. Danged if I can remember. Anyway I found it growing in the yard and moved it into the bed so DH wouldn't mistake it for mowable grass.
The other two beds have Verbena, Dianthus, Sweet Williams, a couple variety of Hostas, Lily of the Valley, volunteer Bee Balm and Bluebells., and a few fern.
There was a Dragonfly Birth yesterday. They were flying all over amongst the trees while I worked, getting their ' new wings '. Mom called saying that the deer flies and horseflies are back too. Love the dragonflies but not the other two.
The Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly was getting the last taste of nectar from the end of my lilacs. Due to this drought weather, so far, all of my plants and shrubs are suffering with very minimal sized growth. This lilac blossom is so small.
We sure can grow some pretty rocks around here tho. And interesting like this little ball I found. It's about the size of a large grapefruit and sits in the water rock. A water rock is just a rock that happens to have a few hollows to hold water. The birds think I'm O.K., when I remember to add their ' splish-splash '.
Someday I will show you ALL my favorite rocks. I know, now you think I have a few of them in my head. You may like to collect trinkets, I collect local rocks.
This pink one with all it's jagged spider holes, just happens to be one of my loves. I must have gotten that craze from ' me Pappy ', cause of the love he took in building their split rock fireplace. It's beautifully done. I will show you someday.
How bout this cool granite that the ol' fellar cross the road gave me? Loveit!
Or this petrified wood that we found years ago on a party-barge ride with Mel on the flowage...
I'm easily distracted while I'm supposed to be working. I couldn't resist noticing all of the new growth on the trees around me....like this branch of pine candles sprouting new cones.
Here's a closer look for you. Click on any of the pictures for an even closer look.
The new spruce growth is just as beautiful, all lime tips extending every where.

These are last years spruce cones that will be pushed off by the new growth. Notice the little Asian Beetle tucked in toward the top right of the back cone.
These little fellas were brought in to control the Army Worm infestation we had a few years ago. Now they need to control these guys that are everywhere and Stink to high heaven when squished.
There's the grove I worked on yesterday which is between our horseshoe driveway that surrounds the house. The third tree down is our next project after the rest of the vegetable gardens are planted the next couple of days. We still need to gather more rocks and get that last bed ready for perennial that need dividing. Do you see my headstone? The kids think I'm kidding.
Maybe, just maybe, I can convince Bill that this grove needs flower beds too. We will see.
My day was exhausting in the unusual 90 degree humid weather we have been having in May, of all times., but so satisfying to get another job behind me. Thank God for the breeze or I would have spent the day inside enjoying the air conditioning. Never, have I turned on the air in May. Our normal air time, is mid August and then only for a few days. It makes me wonder, What is Aug. going to be like...in the meantime, we are still praying for some much needed rains.

Have a wonderful day


Anonymous said...

I like the pine cone picture and my son would love the butterfly pic.

Very nice landscaping.

Rebecca said...

I enjoyed the tour around your garden. You must keep very busy with it. We have been blessed with many cool days this spring and sufficient rain to keep things blooming. I think I enjoyed the gardens more this spring than any previous years.

Darla said...

It has been in the mid 90's here and humid! Great tour and yes the Knock Outs will not disappoint! Remember to prune them back mid Feb.

Dar said...

Re: Mid Feb in WI is under lots of snow but thanks for the info. We usually cut back our roses in Apr. and I did not know I had to do that with these. Thanks again.

Leedra said...

Very pretty rose, and of course I like the Swallowtail.

I visit more than I can let you know, because I cannot comment from my other computer, because you are still set to embedded for comments.

Cher' Shots said...

The flower beds look great, cant wait to see them in full bloom. Stay cool.

Pat's Addition said...

Knock out roses rock...the only ones I've kept alive 2 years!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

You've got a great yard, love it! I love rocks too...yes, I grab them from here and there. They just seem to want to come home with me and sit around our pond enjoying the sun.
I am in love with your dragonfly photo!! How amazing to catch them!
Enjoy the day!

The White Farmhouse said...

Boy do I have a yard for you! All my beds are edged in rocks. I have been trying to get rid of them all since I want actual edger stones. Some are HUGE! You can come and take all the rocks you want! Love the garden tour. I could not imagine doing all that. I whine enough about the little gardening that I do manage to do!

Paula said...

Like your tombstone and I believe you. I like rocks but don't have many but I would never pass up an unusual one.

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

We don't have to go far to see the million things nature can show us. BTW the rose is perfect. Anna.

Dar said...

A HUGE storm just came so quick and went just as fast. My son is here and is a certified storm watcher. He jumped on his net to see that another is on its way but not quite as strong. The rains came blowing straight across the field and yard in sheets, then straight out like a flag going northwest. We had some hail, a river in our driveway and the temp dropped 26 degrees. It was 90 degrees out 10 min. before it hit. Now it's 64.
Stay safe out there.

Shelley said...

That knockout rose is gorgeous! Wish I had some of those!

imac said...

All these shots are super Dar.
You worked well.

jack69 said...

What a nice entry and tour. That rose is beautiful. I love roses, but they are so rough to be around, those thorns are sharp!
Never knew ho to handle and how far back to cut.

Those rocks look like Pennsylvania! never saw so many rocks! I thought about that before you mentioned the rocks, just lookng at the photo's said this place is like PA!
Enjoyed the tour.
God Bless!
From NC sending love

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Looks like Spring (or maybe I should say SUMMER) has come to Wisconsin. We've had 2-3 very warm days for us too....

I love your flower beds --and especially those big rocks you are using as 'borders'.... Love your headstone!!!!

Not being able to get outside and work this week is KILLING me. Poor George... The yard is too big for one person to keep up with. The weeds will just have to take over! Oh Well... Hope this knee gets better SOON.


Dianna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those beautiful rocks! I'll look forward to those posts when you share more!

Enjoyed seeing how things are growing in your area!