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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life is Good

I'm exhausted! It's a good feeling sometimes. Life is good.

Thanks to all of you for helping us make firewood or just coming along for the ride through the woods. It was fun wasn't it? Life is good.

We are finally getting some rain to wet the ground! We can actually watch the grass turn green, the trees explode into a rainbow of buds and tender green leaves. The birds are busy catching a quick bath before the puddles dissipate into thin air. Maybe if we are lucky, we will get enough rain to finally lift the fire bans in the area. Life is good.

So much visiting and memories were shared while I spent the night and day with Mom. We had so many good laughs. She was told today, that, had he not had proof on the papers in front of him, he would never have believed that she was 80. Her doctor made Mom's day twice. Once with that compliment, again with excellent results to tests he had done. She glowed today. Life is good.

My brother was over for a visit, had brats, beans and American fries with us, topped off with a huge hunk of Chocolate Dump Cake , coffee and a couple of games of cards. Once again, I lost. Hate to put this in the same paragraph, but he also eliminated one of those gophers I've been trying to get., so., life is good.

One of the boys needs glasses. Big surprise. Poor fella takes after his mother with near sightedness. He was so happy to be able to see for 15 minutes during the exam. He sure will enjoy life a little more, now that he can see. Life is good.

The house search continues for my daughter and her family. She has such a positive attitude, saying each time it does not work out that, 'It will happen if it's meant to be.'...so right Little One. The search continues and in the meantime, life is good.

A new bow and arrow shooting range is going up in the neighborhood. It's due to open in a couple months. I wish them luck at their new venture, as two of our boys are enthusiastic to get this under way. More details will follow upon opening. For now, even with anxious moments, life is good.

I got an invitation in the mail today, to the Calendar of Events of a local greenhouse called Rock Creek Gardens. They will be featuring different workshops/classes each month. My interest has been peeked. Life is good.

Luelich Implement, where Bill bought his New Holland tractor, his baby, is having an Appreciation Week. Bill's interest has been peeked. Life is good.

Spring HAS sprung.
Life IS Good.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I love reading posts like yours, Dar.... Life IS good.... I am glad I could chop and stack all of that firewood for you... Thanks for helping me 'power wash' our deck and deck furniture... Okay???? ha

Glad your Mom is doing so well... My mother lived to be 91.. Daddy died at 79 (but he was a smoker and died of Emphysema)...

Hope your daughter and family find a new home...

Great post!!!!! Hope tomorrow is as wonderful... Thank God for the RAIN.

The White Farmhouse said...

I am so glad that your mother got a great bill of health. Must be all that clean living! Oh to be up in the woods during spring. Hopefully we will be going to our property in Houghton Lake in the next couple of weeks. Now, I can't wait to go!

jack69 said...

Bill has got a New Holland Tractor, lucky dog. I enjoyed the wood splitting and didn't even get tired, yep Life is good!

Well, that is if you will go back and delete the statement about 'Chocolate Dump Cake' before Sherry gets here. (But then you or Mel will put the recipe on probably) LOL

Oh yes, and a super report about your MOM.

Love a positve entry, because you are right! life is good!

Love ya!
Sherry & Jack

jack69 said...

Really, honest, I was not hinting for the recipe!

Paula said...

Life is good. I'm not even tired from the wood work. Happy to hear your Mom is doing well.

Paula said...

Oh forgot to say hope you post the recipe here for Jack so I can copy it. I have made Dump cake for years but never heard of a chocolate one but I bet it is good.