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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get Ready, Get Set, Go

For years, I have been drinking this little concoction as an antioxidant.
I'm not sure how it actually works, but, it tastes good and apparently, it's good for you.

To a tall glass of water, add:
1 Tblsp. lemon juice to aid in elimination (I always prefer fresh lemons over the processed juice, but didn't have it this morning.)
1 Tblsp. of pure maple syrup, to sweeten and because it tastes wonderful
A dash of cayenne pepper, for your heart
(I use about 1/4 tsp. cause I like the heat)

It gets my heart started in the morning. I don't do this every day but at least a couple of times a week. There is something about the mix that sends you to the bathroom the first few hours, so, unless you're a guy and in the woods, stay close to the facilities.
Now, on with my day.

After a hearty breakfast if I'm going to be over-working, out come the 'Old Faithfuls'. These hikers have been hard at work for over 25 years. I cannot see what kind they are anymore, due to wear and tear, tho, you can bet I never paid over $25 for them. Twenty five years ago, that was a lot of my money, tho, a dollar a year ain't bad, now is it.
To do a man's job this day, we also need to pull out the stops, and throw on my work bibs. These, too, have been around just about as long. They used to be a darker blue, as new, but have since, earned paints, stains, soiled knees in the garden, pockets full of bark from picking and throwing firewood, jelly stains from a GrandLoves hugs, pockets with garden tools, seeds, always a camera and SD cards for changing wildlife cameras. Memories in these bibs are endless, you'd think they were my favorites....they are. I even remember partying in these a time or two, wore them to the folks 50th 13 yrs ago. They warmed my back at many an auction and garage sales. Phew, these babes are old. I appreciate they have faded. It sure makes it easier to see a tick crawling up my pantleg. Who ever thought an old rag like these would be useful.
Each day until the firewood for another years winter has filled the woodsheds, Bill and I will continue to cut, split, load and unload the trailers. It's hard work but it sure provides a warm, even heat. We sure can't afford to burn fuel oil all winter, though we have it for a back-up if we want to leave for a weekend.
Some folks use their 4-wheelers just for play. Ours has been with us as a work vehicle for a long time. It has been on ONE spring run with the boys. It came back in such a state of mud inside and out, that Bill told them, "Don't even ask."
This was last nights load plus what was in the bucket of the tractor. Our intent was to get one more load after supper, but guess what we had?
RAIN!!!!! ...... for about 20 minutes, but it was rain, it was wet, it was needed.
We need lots more to get out of fire danger from the drought. Bring it on.

A glorious day to you all. Now, go and enjoy the great outdoors.


Dee said...

Goodness, your clothes sound like mine. lol All my stuff is decades old. Every year I swear, I'm gonna chuck it all and buy new and every year, when I price shop, I decide not too. lol

Ahhh, wood heat. I love it. I was raised with it and there's something about it that surpasses the central systems. I warm and radiant and it's smells good too. lol

Wishing you a lovely week of sunshine!

Darla said...

Got some old gardening/work clothes myself...this is a lot of work, sure will be nice come winter like you said.

The White Farmhouse said...

I know it is alot of work, but it also sounds so great to me. To get back to nature and fend for yourself. My grandmother used to drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in water every day. It actually tastes pretty good and helps to burn off excess fat. I should drink more of it!

madcobug said...

I used to do things like you do but not anymore with a bad back and age catching up with me no more hard labor like that but I did enjoy it when I was able to do all that. I loved wood fires. Helen

Lucy said...

Everyone of my brothers and dad at times wore those bib overalls. AS you can see I was born on a farm and did not leave it until I WAS 14 AND HAD TO MOVE TO LINCOLN FOR jR. AND high school. I could not wait for the weekend to go home and ride my pony, Tim. I was also raised with wood heat and a wood range. In fact after I was married and moved to a small town where "then hubby" taught school, I pumped and carried my own water and cooked on a wood cook stove.

Paula said...

I used to drink the apple cidar vinegar in water with lemon. My intentions are good and then I fall off the wagon. Now I'm on honey and cinnimon to boost my immune system. I like your clothes. Don't ya just hate to throw comfortable useful clothes away?

Cher' Shots said...

gotta love those bibs ~ mine are old and loved. The neighbor guy (across the fence - oh yeah, you know of whom I speak) always teases me about being a farmer. Oh how I'd love to prove hime right and have chickens and goats wating for his return from Florida this year. Maybe then he'd like that fence! I need to get back to the country, I'm not meant to be within "city limits."

Betsy from Tennessee said...

George and I both have old hiking boots... We need new ones--but neither one of us want to quit wearing the old ones!!!!!

Good for you--getting your firewood all cut and ready for next winter. We 'purchase' our firewood --but they just dump it and we stack it. I don't think I could do without all of those wood-fires in our fireplace.

Have a great day and don't work too hard.

Dianna said...

Hello, Dar,
Thanks for stopping by and visiting for a spell this morning.

It looks as if you've been quite the helper for Bill of late. We also burn firewood in the winter...so my hubby has been doing some of the same.

My morning outside was fun...I was able to weed the one flower bed that I wanted to get done today. Now I'm just waiting for the floors to dry in the mud room, pantry and bathroom so I can put things back and everything on the "to-do" list for today will be marked off.

Take care...and rest those muscles this evening.


imac said...

You pinched my boots,lol.

jack69 said...

Great entry Dar. Loved the clothes and boots. It makes me feel good to know you guys work together to cut, split and store the wood as a team. Also thanks for the comment, and It is very sickening the drugs and families.

In our case, thank goodness, both boys got their children. The twins are grown, and do visit their mom, but know she is on drugs. Thank goodness they seem to be able to put it in prospective.

Anylove you and I did enjoy the photos and the entry.
Jack &Sherry in NC

janet said...

I'm tired just looking at all that cut wood! Your life in the country sounds so very comforting.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful entry...and gee whiz..it took a long time to get those boots and bibs comfy wearing...hope you get another 25 years or so out of them...if not...hope you have a back up pair waiting in the wings to get comfy too LOLOL...and boy your life in the wilderness sounds like a good time...guess it is like "a wonderful place to visit but I wouldn't wanna live there"??? kinda place??? what a wonderful life...God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY

Debbie Egizio said...

Oh, I love that drink as well. I go through times when I drink it more often than others. It's great for clearing up sinuses.
Wow, you are super busy over there. Looks like a beautiful part of the country. Well, take good care, Deb