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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring, Summer, Bring It On

Just Dreamin' again of warmer days ahead,
Of Beeing in the Delphiniums,
Of Volunteer Poppies in my garden,
Of plentiful Peas to pick.
Patiently awaiting warm sunshine.......til then,

Blessings Be Yours


Cher' Shots said...

I'm having the same dreams. :)

~mel said...

It sounds like my sisters need a good old fashioned snow ball fight! All this wishy wishing for spring and sunshine ... it's too early!! Enjoy the cold and snow ~ in a few months you'll be having hot flashes; and be wishing it was cool again. lol

Dar said...

lol Mel, I'm already having hot flashes worse than ever and I STILL want spring......but plan to take a cold walk tomorrow no matter what the weather brings

janet said...

I agree with Mel...I want to keep winter around a little while longer. I love my sweats, polar fleece and turtlenecks. I love cuddling under my crocheted throws and that warm first sip of coffee on those chilly mornings. As for the hot flashes, I have two words for you.....BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES ;-) they are my wonder drug ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Dar...a few more months and that nice spring weather will be coming.

Jacquelyn said...

Those pictures of really beautiful! No wonder you are longing for spring. I haven't recuperated from the holidays yet, so I need more "down time"... hot chai tea, the afghan, the fireplace! LOL!