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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spent Time

I don't know what to share tonight., so I will share parts of my day.
It's always 'early-up' at my house. For 30 yrs. I have gotten up at 5:15 a.m. with my dear husband, packed him a lunch pail while making him a hearty breakfast. We sit and have coffee together and watch the early local news and weather, sometimes letting the weather determine our outdoor plans. We do not mind a good warm rain or the heat. The cold we have had to endure lately tho, has been another story. It just may mean we pull out the longjohns yet again and change into heavier woolen socks.
This morning was no different except I had to take him into work this morning because I needed the truck. Of course that meant I had to put the woolies on cause tho the temperature was more agreeable this morning, the wind was not. One thing I no longer can tolerate, are cold feet. Another story, another time.
I still had an hour to kill before hitting the road, so I slammed another cup of coffee with toast and homemade apple butter while knitting a few more rows on my vest. It sure is going to be a nice warm vest, something else I appreciate now that my joints and body is aging and desiring 'heat'.
Mom rode along with me this morning, a 45 min. drive to the east for yet another appointment. We always have the nicest visits on our travels, no matter how long or short they be. Today we talked about Grandma B. and how life was different in her time, how she was a tough-love lady, and how different it would be today if she were rearing her family now versus then. Another story, another time.
Time enough before my appointment meant a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few things for Bill, and bananas. LOL
I laugh because one thing Grandma B. always did whenever she got to town, was buy 3 things, white bread, white thread and bananas. Lo and behold,?, here's my Mom, buying the bananas. She had white bread in her hand but put it back, too expensive, she said. And we just did not have time to look for white thread. I couldn't help but tease just a little of Mom's resemblance to her Mother.
After my responsibilities with the Doc. was over, we stopped at Tula's Restaurant for lunch and another nice visit over meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The conversation was about a comment my uncle made to Mom about how she was doing. His concern was because of Dad no longer being with her since his death 2 yrs ago. She said she got the feeling that he thought she would be so lost and lonely, depressed. She said she told him, You go on with your life. Death is a part of it. I guess it must have surprised him that she was managing so well., even tho he knows she is tough and knows God has a plan for her just like he did for Dad. I'm sure he misses his brother very much just like she misses her husband, but she's right, You Go On.
Our ride home was more chit-chat about my family and all the changes and how we deal with each change. Mom said she worried that she would not be able to help each of us when 3 of us kids were going through changes in our lives years ago, at the same time...would she have the heart and energy to help each of us?. She did, and I do, even when we think it is unbearable or impossible. One thing at a time. Tiny steps, one at a time. All things work out.
God has a way of seeing to that, a funny way sometimes, but 'a way'.
Finally home. My brother was sitting at Mom's table reading the paper. He looked up and said, bananas, and we laughed and said, Ya, but no white bread or white thread. A short visit later, a quick round for a few groceries, time enough to put them away before having to pick Bill up at the papermill, and back to town. I'm many times thankful for town being only a 5 minute run.
By time we finally got back home, I needed a power nap, having fallen asleep with my knitting in my lap.
Supper was sesame sauteed' salmon filets, baked Yukon Gold potatoes, fresh tomatoes and cucumber spears with iced tea.
And that's enough of today........the rest of my evening will be spent knitting. I am anxious to finish this vest.....I can feel the warmth on my back already. So until next blog........

Blessings Be Yours


Cher' Shots said...

Oh Dar, I sure enjoyed the ride with you and Mom. It was like being along and hearing the laughter and the sighs and the comofort of just spending time together. Thanks for sharing. :)

Paula said...

Such a nice entry. I feel I know you better now.

Jacquelyn said...

Dar, what a precious time you had with your mom. I love how you live in the moment. Every day is a gift!