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Thursday, January 14, 2010

in Vest ment

I spent hours making this vest to find that I'm not sure if I like it. Keep in mind that I have not knit any adult sized clothing articles in years. I mean many many years, maybe 25. Anyway, first of all, I never wear horizontal stripes. I'm big enough without pronouncing it. Second, the actual arm openings are tucked under. I followed the pattern to gauge, but it still turned out too big. Now what do I do? I guess I will remove all the crocheted trim on this knit vest and do it right or it will be yet another item unworn in my closet. I love the colors but not thinking, the variegated yarn made the design horizontal, whether it was knit or crocheted. It feels wonderful on, very warm on my back and very lightweight and comes down around my bum nicely disguising my many body flaws.
Am I disappointed? YES
Will I fix it? YES
Will I wear it or give it as a gift? ???
Will I make another one? YES
Will I alter the pattern? ABSOLUTELY
Why? Because I really DO like the vest, just not the way the arms fit or the variegation. I will use a solid color next time.
It actually knit together in less than a week if I kept after it...even quicker than that, if I had kept track of the actual hours I put into it.
Such is life at the end of MY knitting needles.
It has a crocheted trim all around the neck, arms, and bottom with a gusset opening on the sides and neckline. I like it.
So, back to the drawing board.
Until the next item is complete and satisfying...

Blessings Be Yours


Cher' Shots said...

It's very pretty. I'm sure it's just fine but you are the one who has to be happy with it, so alter away. :)

Dar said...

Dilemma solved...
I gifted this vest to Mel for her birthday.
It fits her perfect and she loves it so...I'm so glad you stopped this morning Mel. I know your gift is a week early but...Happy Birthday dear sister. Loveya
Blessings Be Yours

~mel said...

Many thanks! I plan on wearing it for the fisheree ~ I need extra warmth that day; being outside on the ice. Like you ... the stripes do make me look a wee bit pudgy... but guess what? I am pudgy!!! So I really don't care which way the stripes go ... lol. It sure is cozy and warm and I really do appreciate it. Love Ya!!

Dar said...

You're welcome Mel...I'm so happy you can get some use out of it...now I want to make one for me. It gave me great pleasure to gift You...hmmmmmmmmmm what to do with the rest of that same yarn.....I wonder

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you were able to give it to Mel for a birthday gift. It is a very pretty vest. :)

Dee said...

Mel's a lucky lady. That vest looks so comfortable and it's really elegant to, I love the colors. Way to go Dar!

Dar said...

Thanks Jamey and Dee...My sisters all hold a special place in my heart.
Blessings Be Yours

chubskulit said...

Wow, you are pretty creative. That is one thing I would really love to learn. Thanks for your heart warming comments.

Jacquelyn said...

The vest is really beautiful! I can just "feel" the softness of the yarn. I don't have any talent or patience to crochet or knit, so I'm really impressed that you picked up those needles and whipped this out! I totally identify with not doing horizontal stripes. How special that it fit your sister and that she will get good use out of this beautiful vest!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You did a fabulous job with that vest~ the colors are so nice.
It looks like just the thing for that snowy weather!