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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dreamin', BRRRRRR and Busy

It's Soooo Cooold out that I cannot help but Dream of Waterslides
and Wild Raspberries

Brrrrrrrrr...Baby, It's Cold Outside
It is so nasty cold outside and no way to start a new year. We had 15 below this morning with a windchill of nearly minus 30 degrees F. That's bitter, nasty, stay inside, cold.
None the less, if you live in WI, you soon learn to deal with what Mother Nature has dealt you.
I actually bit my upper lip, bundled up enough to shovel a path to the bird feeders to keep our feathered friends fed and warm. The little peepers did not even want to come out. I could hear the chickadees that snuggle together in the birdhouses by the corral. They were thanking me for the meal but it was even too cold for them to flit by and eat. The sun was shining but not enough to warm the air.

As long as I was out in the elements, freezing my nostrils at every breathe, I decided to burn the paper garbage from yesterdays project. After all was said and done, my organizing turned into an all day affair. Ya see, while putting Christmas decor away and undoing the tree, I decided to take a run to town first., buy half a dozen totes of different sizes and do the storage room up right.
Well, knowing how one thing leads to another, it also meant going through the Grandkids toy corners and giving them the 'once over'...which led to 'thinking', notice I said, 'thinking' about starting the craft corners, counters, cubbies, shelves, Room......thank goodness I was just 'thinking' about it. That will surely take weeks to accomplish.

Back to the bitter cold. Somewhere within my busy yesterday, I did two large loads of laundry, paid the bills, kept the fire going (hubby still is under the weather), baked marinated chicken and squash for a late supper, cleaned up the kitchen and washed all dozen of my gas lanterns (Again) before returning them to their resting places on the fireplace mantel, vacuumed and swept up the trail of tree needles from its trip out the door, finally got around to eating supper with a hot cup of tea,.........at nearly midnight.

Somewhere in there I think I took a look at cyberspace, can't remember tho....so forgive me if I commented and did not make any sense....a might tired by then.
I was still up at half past midnight when my son came in from ice fishing in all that bitter cold.
Thank God he and his buddies fish out of the comfort of a heated ice shack.
Did they get any fish, you ask?...of course not, too cold for the fish to even bite. They 'hunker down' just like we do and grab a blanket of mud as deep as they can go.

Anyway, long day, cold day, much done yesterday, not much done today.
A girl's gotta get some rest sometime...

Have a great New Year everyone
Blessings Be Yours


Cher' Shots said...

Busy busy, but nice of you to think of the birds. Our tree is coming down today. The thought of it almost scares me because - like you; I will be sorting and reorganizing and as we all know one thing leads to another!

Dee said...

Okay, I'm exhausted now. Whew, ma Lady what a busy time you had. I'd be hunkered down in blankets and beseaching all to be at my beck & call. lol
I'd admire you bunches for battling the cold to feed our fine feathered friends.(I am sincere about this) You must really have a good heart, Dar.
God Bless you for being so kind hearted!
Wishing you a week of warmth and happiness.

Dar said...

Thanks Dee and Cher...it was a bitter day and I hate to see our wee birds suffer the cold and freeze. It's 8 above this morning so the feeders have been busy since 6:30 a.m. in appreciation. They seemed to have faired quite well....the woodpeckers and the nuthatches sure are hitting the suet feeder hard....fat to keep them warm.
Have a warm day and
Blessings Be Yours

Pat's Addition said...

Bet you're cold up there. Can't believe I pick the last few raspberries Dec 2! I have a huge patch.

Mona said...

What a beautiful sharing of you and yours. Bless and keep you all safe (and warm). You have and are doing a wonderful job of journaling, keep up the good work. Loved it.... all the pictures, the words are all well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dar...just stopping by to see how you are doing. I hope you are keeping warm. We are getting a lot of snow here. I hope you have a peaceful evening!