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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ya Never Know What You Will See On A Country Drive
I love the trees shadows across his body

Mama holding Wuss

It's been a very busy day. After breakfast with my love, I spent the morning with my Mom harvesting chickens and one mean rooster named Wuss. Mom says he was more of a chicken than the hens were...but he had a mean streak this morning. I think he might have sensed the happenings of farmlife...it too must end. By noon we were ready for a sandwich, cup of coffee and a nap.
I still had plenty to fill my day. I first made a potato salad and a cucumber salad to go with supper. This way, my evening will be free to go with my love when he gets home from work, to bait his deer stand. I always take the camera, cause ya never know.
It was still so nice outside, and being these days can change in a heartbeat, I decided to do a little decorating by the door with pine, cedar, and winterberries nicely arranged in an empty planter. It turned out pretty cute...by the end of Thanksgiving, the orange berries will have been snacks for the birds so I will then add the red ones for Christmas with a bow and of course, an empty birds nest.
There was just not enough color with the scattered berries so hubby asked if I wanted to take a drive to find more. We meandered the back roads for about three quarters of an hour and only found a handful more. Unbelievable because last year they were so bountiful, but due to the drought we have been having, the swamps were dry and fruitless.
After supper, there still was more to attend to. I made homemade venison pork breakfast sausage for the cabin dwellers along with a big jar of pickled eggs. (This is part of the reason I no longer spend the nights at the cabin---pickled eggs and venison have quite the effect, if ya git 'their' drift...)
We were ready for a snack so I made a quick dessert that I have been wanting to try. It took 5 min. to mix up, put it in a mug, microwaved it for 3 min. and waula, why have I not tried this before. It was a 5 Min. Cho. Cake in a Mug....delish...I called my daughter to wish her a Happy Birthday, but not tell her that Dad and I ate the cake...LOL...
Blessings Be Yours


Anonymous said...

No Worries. :) Dale brought home cupcakes. ;)


lil sis said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Birthday Girlie! What kind of
cupcakes? Chocolate?? What a man.
Hello to you too Darla Sue - fiqured I better check in
now before we get hopping again at work.
So , hello, glad you took a pic of Mom with Wuss, love it.
Will try to catch up more later - gotta go work for a living...
gets in the way of my real life! lol

Cher' Shots said...

Great post again Dar. Thanks for sharing the pic of Mom. I've yet to try the micro cake but it sounds wonderful.

Dee said...

Happy Brithday to your daughter! Cup cakes sound yummy.

I enjoyed your post as always, and once again you talk of all those foodies made me hungry. I'm glad it's gittin' nigh' on supper time in my part of the south... lol

I meant to thank you for your wonderful compliments on my website. You made me so happy. I could give you a big ol' hug. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks so much for being such a sweetie! (((big hugs)))

Wishing you a delicious rest of the week!

Dee said...

oops typo...

I meant to say:

Happy Birthday! to your daughter. lol