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Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Fall Weekend

Most sought after-- 'Pumpkin Pie'Looks like rain, no, looks like snow, no, looks like a cold day in the neighborhood
The illusive Whitetail that the hunters crave...this is what they look like boys...taken last year by my oldest son
Harvesting boughs for the wreaths and the last of the squash for the pies and other eats
One of my little helpers who loves crunching on 'papples'

And a busy one it was. I love this time of year when the air starts to crisp up, the sky is either clear blue or deep, dark and cloudy with the look of heavy rains or snow. The sun occasionally shows its pretty face to warm the frost from the ground, and the winds go from warm to icy.
During this time, this weekend, we finished preparing for the deer rifle hunt that starts this coming Sat. morning. Ground blinds were fitted with the 'squeakless' chairs and concealed from vision, the tree stands were steadied for a safe entry and departure. And the last couple trail cameras were placed throughout the woods on prime runways that are centuries old.
The rut is on with many scrapes, rubs and broken branches as the bucks mark their territory. Hopefully all the wolf sign we also found such as tracks, scat full of deer hair, turkey feathers, does not spoil the hunt for our youth that will hunt for the first time this year. Their fathers have wonderful blinds for them that they will sit in with them, and the hope is they will bag their first deer to enliven the taste for further hunts so they can put food on the table for their families someday.
Even a camper was parked at the cabin for extra sleeping quarters for the many hunters that will be at the cabin this season. Beds have already been claimed. The firewood has been made and taken into the cabin. The hunt is nearly ready, except for the grocery shopping that the boys do the few days prior. It's part of the hunt and the excitement.
And for the wives, the cedar, pine, balsam boughs and the winterberries, have been cut and taken home for their holiday decorating. The Christmas lists have been made so the moms can shop Black Friday, when an all night shopping extravaganza goes on to mark the beginning of the Christmas rush...Some of the hubbies have even done some of the grocery shopping with or for them for their baking that needs to be done for all the holiday parties and school events.
Yes, it is an exciting time of year for many reasons for our family. It's in the air. One of the boys even said, 'Mom, can you smell it?, The air is ready for the hunt and I can already smell the Thanksgiving turkey.' It IS exciting, all these simple pleasures and the fact that my son recognizes this. I guess some of what I have taught has gotten through. Take time to appreciate the little things in life.
May your aim be true if you are a sportsman hunter of the mighty illusive whitetail that rarely shows himself except during the rut. At that time, he is like any other guy chasing a gal, Stupid, and he steps out of his domain just long enough to get caught.
Have a great and safe hunt and
Blessings Be Yours


Dee said...

Oh look at them beautiful pies. Yep, it's that time of year again for holidays and hunting season. I hope your holidays are the happiest ever and I hope all the hunters bring home a bunch of game for their families to enjoy.

That's a stunning sky photo. I love a busy unpredictable sky. It seems there's such emotion in the clouds as they dance in all their splendor. Thanks for sharing this lovely view! Beautiful!

Your little helper is sooo cute. Adorable! :) Thanks for sharing these sweet moments.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

guild-rez said...

thank you for visiting my blog in Guildwood Canada.
There is information about the Emerald ash borer
available for your state as well.
It is sad to see our trees cut down because of the infestation.

Cher' Shots said...

Great pics and blog. :)

~mel said...

I'm even going to join in on the hunt this year. I figured if Mom can get out there at 80 years young so can I. I'm going tomorrow to buy my hunting license.

Naturegirl said...

The pies are yummy and looking at all that prep with the harvest of pine and cedar boughs I'm sure makes for a festive happy time.
Now about the "deer rifle hunt" oh NO! I'm the ultimate amimal lover and tree hugger!!

I was touched by your encouraging words to me as I walk my healing journey. Thank for taking the time to stop by and for becoming a follower of my blog! blessings to you and your family!