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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Finds

Dried Milkweed Seeds spilling from the pod like Angels Wings
Rose stems at Sunset
Violet-Toothed Polypore
Grilled Reflections
Cabin Logs reflecting in the grill cover
I know I've shown this before, but it is one of my favorite pictures of the year-
Wormwood, sought after by craftsmen for making cabinets and shelves
Looking Up the beautiful Hemlock Tree
The rusty old Dump Rake at the fork of the trails
Decaying Yellow Birch
Paper Birch of which a lot of paper is made of at our mill in town
White Birch- also a paper making product
Red-Belted Polypore
A beautiful specimen Mossed Rock that I will soon have moved to my garden
Northern White Cedar Cones- I use these in my winter decorating outside and inside- they smell wonderful like an old cedar chest
A mysterious Hollow Tree
INSIDE the Mystery Tree-I'm sure it must be home to a squirrel or chipmunks, maybe even chickadees, or at least a winter storage bin for their seeds
A Decaying Old Log Bridge much in need of repair
Hemlock Varnish Shelves that are as velvety and beautiful as a queen's robe
The Tattered Old Wagon Wheel behind the Old Barn- I plan to roll it out and use her in my winter decor
A 75 yr. old Birdhouse built by our Ol' Bachelor Neighbor Gene's Dad
A Birds Nest in the woods, built by one of God's Sparrows
Decayed Rings of an old stump- a freshly cut tree can be aged by counting the rings of growth-each ring representing a years growth-and any blackened area may represent a lightening strike or a burn from a fire and the distance between each ring represents whether or not the growth year suffered from drought or not-
Now I need to find a fresh cut piece to better show what this all means. This picture is too badly decayed, tho it still shows good and bad growth years.
A Rusty Barbed Wire Wreath-another place to hang a bow for Christmas
Barberry Seed Pods
Alder Brush Cones- yet another cool medium for making and/or decorating a wreath

It's getting cooler in our northwoods, but our November has been particularly mild. I have been taking more walks in the woods and discovering a few things that have always been there but never took the time to really 'see.' So, these are a few of the pleasures of my past few weeks...enjoy the walk with me.


Dee said...

~~applause of awesome~~ You sure know how to capture mystic and magic of nature and heart. Your photos should be in an art book. I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful scenes of beauty.

I totally agree, it's a great pleasure, Strolling in the outdoors and taking the time to really 'see' the world (and document some of it with our cameras).

Wishing you a relaxing day of discovery!

~mel said...

Looks like someones gone camera happy. I was hoping to come on here this morning to see a picture of you with your new hairdo.(maybe tomorrow?) Sorry I couldn't make it last night to the chit chat festival at Connies.

Cher' Shots said...

great pics (as usual)

lil sis said...

Lovin' the tour, wish I was walking beside ya!

Can you eat some of those 'rooms, or are they the
nasty ones? I love mushrooms... on steak, on salad,
on chicken, on everything.... except maybe ice cream.

love ya, will catch up later - me