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Friday, November 20, 2009

Crazy Beautiful Hannah

Our Lovely Hannah
Hannah giving Grandpa affection
Lurking out the barndoor
A Cat in the Grass
Just Creepy
Look Mom, No Body
Spending the day with one of my BabyGrands was quite fun. We watched one of her favorite reality shows, Strictest Parents., ordered Chinese from a vending truck in the 'Mida' parking lot, shopped for a birthday gift for her little sister, and as we shopped we found a bin of masks. What a comedian. She pulls out her camera and starts to try on all these masks while snapping pictures of herself in each one. Of course, she had to have one of a clown, knowing her uncle hates clowns. I tossed this clear one in the cart that she had not noticed until we got home. Well, that started an afternoon of craziness from staring through windows at home and the cabin, to practically stopping traffic as she run out from under the trees in the front yard., but all in fun, mind you, as you can see by the pictures. She knows how to have harmless fun and what a wonderful thing to see. We laughed all afternoon. Just had to share my HannahGirl...
Blessings Be Yours


~mel said...

2 funny! I'm sure she'll have a lot of fun with that mask with the hunting crew. Best of luck to all your hunters!

Dee said...

Hannah sounds like a riot. lol I love good harmless fun like this. I know you all had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your good times & smiles! Sweet!

Wishing you a super Saturday!