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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunter Hannah

Bringing home meat for the family, Way to go Hannah
The proud and envious hunting crew,Uncles, Dad and Grandpa
Grandpa proud of her Granddaughter learning the tradition of feeding the family

Our Hannah got her doe tag filled and they already have it processed because of the warm weather we have been having. I will be showing Hannah and her Dad how to can venison tomarrow morning. Yeah for you Hannah, for putting meat on your table and making such a huge contribution to your family. That's what it's all about when you come right down to it. The stay at the cabin for the week is just the tip of the iceberg. Feeding the family is major. Good for anyone who can do that for themselves instead of relying on groceries from the store. It all comes from somewhere, and when it comes from your own garden, farm, woods or fields, well, there is a certain amount of pride in the process., isn't there.
This has been a way of survival for my family for as long as I can remember. I recall many game put on the table by my folks, Mom still hunting at 80 yrs. young. We grew up a family of 11, including the folks, and money for the grocery store was for staples like flour, sugar, and the leavening needed to make 10 loaves of bread 3 times a week, and an occasional box of dry milk that was added to the cows milk straight from the cow. Kids, these days, do not begin to realize how different life was for even my generation and their own parents. Don't get me started....anyway, killing deer, moose, elk, caribou, bear, partridge, ducks, geese, turkeys, any wild game available during any given season, it was not out of cruelty, it was out of necessity. Even today still, with the economy so tough, it is a great thing to bring food to the table for your family. So, we thank Hannah, for doing just that. She is learning that she can take care of herself and her family by learning a lifelong tradition handed down from many a generation, and she is proud to learn. So, I post a few pictures of her with her uncles and her Grandpa who guided her on this particular hunt. Way to go young lady.
Happy Thanksgiving....the cabin crew had venison loins smothered in mushrooms and onions with all the trimmings in celebration and thanks for a good hunt.
Blessings Be Yours
Blessings Be Yours

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Dee said...

Congratulations Hannah! Way to go girl!!!

Wild game was a part of my raising too. Raising our own life stock and Hunting was a necessity and the Lord did provide well for us.

It's a special feeling to see the family traditions shared from generation to generation. I believe carrying on traditions gives an extra bond of love.

God Bless you and your family.
Wishing you all a very pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving.