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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

It has been quite the eventful year for an average family such as mine...most of my time is spent with the loves of my life, my children and our BabyGrands, my siblings and theirs, Mom and my friends. That's what it's all about.
Oh, we had some heart-wrenching losses and some very welcome additions. God really does not close one door before opening another. Like my cousin leaving this earth to now becoming Grandpa again to another grandson. And Grandma T, bless her soul, finally at peace without pain. We relish the wonderful memories of each of these kind souls and Thank God for their peace.
We have had many surgeries and mishaps throughout this past year that left our hearts hurting but only for awhile. We Thank God for taking care of our grandson through his surgery, the brave little soldier.
Mom had cataract surgery that left her with the best sight she has had since she was 8 yrs. old. Bless Her.
We have all been blessed as our little granddaughter, thanks to her mothers fast action, and the warning from her little dog, was quickly treated and is doing well after a seizure.
The love of my life has been given a new lease on life, thanks to 5 stents to give him the chance at an active retirement hopefully sooner than later. He also healed well from a terrible burn. His health is finally on the mend and I thank God once again.
We pray daily and are thankful for my lil sisters health so she can continue to have the strength to care for her loved ones, and for the rest of my siblings as they experience their own challenged throughout their year, big and small.
We were fortunate that our son was not hurt on his way to work one night this summer, when he hit a 400 lb. bear that left the car in ill repair. Thanks to God again, he was spared injury.
We have been blessed with many wonderful family outings over the summer and fall. The kids and their kids are all doing well now, and the fun keeps coming.
We were blessed with a gathering of our Mother's first cousins at her home for the first time all in the same place at the same time. What a lot of memories were made.
We were blessed with a fantastic gardening season filling the canning shelves and the freezers for lots of good eats throughout the next year. We were given the good health to work, gather and harvest all the crops of the year. The freezer has also been filled with plenty of pork, beef, chicken, venison, partridge, even buffalo to keep our bellies full and warm. Surely we will not starve. Nor will our family. All gets shared with all who want or need.
To top things off, this fall we finally had a new deeper well dug so we have been blessed with clean, clear water to feed and cleanse our bodies inside and out. Lucky us, lucky us.
And last but by no means the least, we were blessed with yet another Grandson.
Yes, we are an ordinary family with ordinary goings-on in our days that sometimes are wonderful, sometimes tragic, all just a part of life. But we are still grateful.
When the unforeseen happens, we remember that there is always someone out there that is much worse off than we., and for that, we are thankful.
So, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all, near and far
From My Family to Yours
Blessings Be Yours


Dee said...

Wonderful thoughts you shared here. It's been a busy year of sadness and happiness for your family. I love that you've all stuck together and are so close through it all. It's such a blessing and comfort to see your bonds of heart shining so brightly. :)

Wishing you a great week!

lil sis said...

Love that family photo... what a crew!

Dar said...

Thanks Dee, Thanks Sis