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Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Decor

It's been a very busy weekend for me. It's the opener for hunting season in WI. so once my house emptied of hunters heading to the cabin for the next week, I started my projects that wait until now. One of those projects is the start of Christmas decorating outside. I do my best to get as much of it done as possible before the snow flies. This has been a fortunate year for doing it due to the warm weather we have been having. Not good for the hunters, but great for me. I don't have to freeze while hanging lights and placing the yard ornaments about.
All the icicle lights that I hang on my deck were tested before hanging. Good, all work fine. After about an hour and a half of untangling and hanging, straightening each strand, I plug them in to see how they look. Dangitall...they all worked 'before' I hung them, so why are half of them unlit now.? Nothing spoils my Christmas spirit faster than '.lights.out.' , when they should be shining. I got so frustrated, I went to town, bought the new LED lights this time, (expensive, I might add) , yanked the icicles down, and threw them directly into the trash. What a waste, but I have had it with faulty lights.
Turns out, the new ones are beautiful in their 'blue' glory. I love them and they went up in about 10 minutes and I was done. Goes to show how little I decorated this year. I also placed my reindeer on each side of Frosty, fixed the timers so there is no need to go outside to plug anything in, just wait for 4:30 p.m. to roll around and enjoy the show.
The entry has a beautiful arrangement to greet you as well as the railing is decorated with boughs of pine, cedar, balsam and winter holly berries. I had some berries and boughs left over so poked some in the ground around the birdfeeder post for the birds to enjoy. Hopefully the deer will not pull up all the cedar, but if they do, then they will have been well fed a sweet snack.
As I worked outside today, especially around the feeders, the birds sang the entire time, and were flitting around my head and shoulders. I'm sure they must have been enjoying the decorating too or they may have even liked the Christmas carols I was humming or singing for them.
My sled greets visitors as they come to my door. I hope all approve of the signs I put up. The sled has one saying 'Let It Snow'...by the rail one reads, 'Home for the Holidays' as well as another saying 'Welcome to Grandma and Grandpa's, Grandkids Spoiled While You Wait'....
Oh, I suppose, I should spill the beans and admit that I do Love the Christmas season and the decorating...I really have only just begun. Lights, lots of lights, still need to be hung by the doors...And of course, Bells.
I will have the entire crew here for Christmas this year so, forgive me for jumping the gun on the outside decorating. Lights get turned on Friday, the night after Thanksgiving at my house...and it marks the beginning of lots of jolly goings-ons from baking, decorating, planning menus, games, sledding once the snows come, snowshoeing and snowforts. I cannot wait.
Besides some early decorating and visiting the hunters each evening, I did a little shopping. I'm not in the mood for it yet, and I'm afraid Black Friday will have to succeed without me this week.
Who needs that craziness anyway....
So, Get out there and deck the halls....and
Blessings Be Yours


lil sis said...

Sounds like you've got an awesome start to making Thanksgiving
and Christmas rememberable as usual... I love lots of lights too...
I'm surprised my tree hasn't started on fire! I think I'll be doing the
same thing this year with some of my light strands, chunking
them out if they even one doesn't work. I might be putting my tree
up over this weekend, that's when I usually do.
I'm ready for Christmas music and hot cocoa!
Love ya, later, me

Cher' Shots said...

Everyones sounds like they're getting into the Chirstmas groove ~ me, well I just yanked the scarecrows off the lawn this morning! Maybe I'll get inspired post Thanksgiving.

~mel said...

I was expecting a ton of photos at the end of the post showing us all your decorations. Glad you had nice weather though to get the job done.

Dar said...

Mel, Nope, no photos til after Thanksgiving and Then, not til I'm done....you'll have to come see