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Friday, October 23, 2009

Oct. 23, 09 Snow

Snow and iced spruce boughsSnow-covered rubber boots that are supposed to be drying
Iced lilacs anyone?
Footprints in the snow
Oct. 23, 09- our first snow of the season

The snow has started to fall about an hour ago....already it has covered the field and trees with heavy, wet stuff. The few pictures I took show the ice forming, so, with what we are supposed to get yet tonight, about 4 inches, if the ice continues, the trees could show some damage as well as the roads and the folks traveling them, by morning. It is not that cold out, not quite freezing at 32.4 F. and the wind calmed. We can only hope for the best this first round. Tracking weather, my son says, as he just come in from bow hunting...he says all he got was 'cold'.
So it goes here in God's country....we are getting the double-edged sword with the moisture and the beauty for it IS beautiful to see the first snows of the season.
God Bless your night....just had to share these pics because, in spite of the snows coming early this season, I DO love it.

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