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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Clean-Up

It's amazing, all that has to be done in the fall to prepare for 5-6 months of winter weather. We had a couple of productive days doing just that. While listening to the flocks of geese fly south to warmer climes, we loaded the 4-wheeler trailer with deck furniture, emptied and cleaned the planters to be stored, lifted everything into the haymow for storage, put the last of the covers for the last of the ripened crops away and cleaned the tools.
Next we will pull the last of the debris from the gardens and get them plowed and tilled once before winter freezes the ground. It always gives such a nice start to spring. It dries faster in the spring so I can plant early crops without waiting for the mud to clear.
Finally, I will put up my Christmas lights up at least around the decks. I know this is early for that but it sure beats doing it in the bitter wind and cold like the last couple years.
Oh, we also put up another trail camera to watch the deer activity for the grandkids that will be hunting this fall. It is exciting for 2 of them that are doing this for the first time. We will see if this is something they will want to follow up on in the coming seasons.
So much for what has gone down in my past couple of days...
God Bless your day


Cher said...

Christmas lights early ~ Good plan :)
have a wonderful rest of the week

lil sis said...

So - I take it you're feeling better... that's good news.
I never seem to get as much done as the rest
of you sisters. I'm looking forward to doing my
Christmas decorations this year... it was nice
the time you helped me...wish you were here
again - we'd do it all over again...right down to
the Christmas music.
later - me

Dar said...

lil sis, yes, I'm feeling better tho the cough still creeps in and yes, we will do it all over again...I loved that year we did all the holiday stuff at once...Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and of course, hunting season...still remember the Salty Dog Steps, the food, exploring YOUR Christmas ornaments, the food....the music,...the food, the shopping, the food........all such wonderful memories that we will make more of for sure....loveya, missya, hugya, kissya....ya think we like to eat????

lil sis said...

Tell Willy to get you here by halloween - we'll either
trick or treat him...depends on what he comes dressed as.lol