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Thursday, September 17, 2009

R & R Time

The fall colors are coming into play....but not all today
The crabapples need to be juiced and jelled of their brilliance...but not today...
The temperature drops at least 10 degrees as we enter the cover of the trees....
A fallen sugar maple leaf waits to be picked up, pressed between the pages of the Bible and sent onto Texas for my sister to enjoy...but not today
The umbrella the maples create, dapples bits of blue sky that embraces them
The woodshed needs to be filled for the cold nights to come....but not today
The Eisenstein Dump reminds me that all of R & R is not pleasant....we need to be humored....but not today
The low waters of the creek needs to be replenished with much needed rains....but not today
The cabin needs to be filled with lots of family giggles and grins....
But not today....

Who does not savor a little R & R time.....We need to take our turn....So we will....Hope you enjoyed the ride to Our rest and relaxation....God Bless you all with Your R & R....


Dee said...

What a lovely ride of R&R. Thanks so much for taking us along! God bless you too, my friend! :)

lil sis said...

Loving the pictures Dar, makes me feel like I'm riding through
the woods with you. Glad you're finally taking a little time for
yourself, helps to get away for awhile, even if it's only 1/2 mile
down the road to the cabin! I'd LOVE to have that kind of a
set-up.... you are fortunate for the close escape to the wilderness!
Enjoy it for me too! ;)
Catch ya later, love ya, me

Cher said...

I'd love to take that ride for real ~ but not today! lol

~mel said...

R&R ~ isn't that the last part of Shake? (Rattle & Roll) ... no time for R&R for me today ... it's clean the carpet day!! Woohoo!! P.S. thanks for borrowing me your steam cleaner ~ it'll make my job go a lot faster than using my cleaner; plus it'll do the job 1000 times better. I forgot to ask... Bill is on vacation... so ask him if he wants to come and do my carpets? lol